Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gotcha, Dad!

So...Joey got ahold of a butter knife today. He got into my silverware drawer, grabbed a knife, and ran off. Bret realized quickly what was happening, and went to take the it away. When he asked for the knife, Joey (of course) took off running. So Bret came up behind him and reached for the hand with the knife. This made Joey mad, immediately causing him to protect the other knife he had in his other hand. He threw this other hand, holding the other knife, into the air, smacking Bret with the handle of it smack dab in the middle of the forehead. I won't go into all the details of Bret's reaction, ;), but let's just say that the possession of an additional knife took him by surprise, as did being stabbed in the head by his one-year-old -- and apparently it hurt. Really bad. Thankfully it didn't hit him in the eye, but it did draw blood, and Bret did have to wear a band-aid on his forehead for the rest of the morning! :)(This picture was taken much later in the day, after the bleeding had stopped and multiple doses of Tylenol had taken the edge off the headache. Bret was not smiling immediately after the event!)

Sooo...while it wasn't intentional, and didn't cause any serious damage, Bret can still definitely say that his one-year-old stabbed him in the head with a knife. Good grief.

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Gammie said...

ok gotta say, I'm a little afraid of making Joey mad now. haha love ya, me

Bret Wells said...

you and me both, lady.