Thursday, December 31, 2009


I just found a little thing on facebook...I did some copying and pasting, and here's most of my status updates from 2009. Most of you probably won't want to take the time to read through all of them, but I personally enjoyed the little trip down memory lane! You can tell that I gradually began to use facebook more regularly as the year progressed. (And for those of you who are unfamiliar with facebook, all of these start with "Rachel Spies Wells" and then you fill in the blank with whatever you are doing or thinking at the time.)

To any of you who embark on this journey, good luck! :)

- is enjoying a few minutes to myself while the boys are Mario Kart-ing it up!
- is thrilled she got to see Dad's quail eggs hatch this evening!
- is looking forward to that steak Bret is grilling!
- is thinking Joey won that diaper change battle -- if smearing poop all over yourself and your mother can be considered victory...
- knows it's ice, but the kids are gonna think it's snow...and I don't think I'm gonna correct them!

- is wondering just how big I'll let that pile of dirty dishes get...
- is up doing all the things I should have done last night...because I was asleep at 8:30pm!!
- is putting up groceries. Gotta love those late night grocery trips -- without the kiddos!
- is making jumbalya and king cake for dinner tonight. I'm kinda wishing there was a parade to go to, too...
- is enjoying birthday goodies -- a pink ball from Micah, a huge breakfast mess from Joey, and a surprise soon from Conner that starts with "c" and ends with "e"
- is a little overwhelmed with all the wonderful birthday wishes. Thank you, everyone. If being 30 means you're treated like this, bring it on!

- is wishing I was in bed...
- is missing my Micah. (He's at Gammie's this week, and I don't think he's missing me!)
- is thankful for our FW zoo pass. We had a great morning with our three monkeys!
- woke up this morning with two extra little people in my wonder I wasn't sleeping so well!
- is cooking dinner, passing out snacks, playing school, and entertaining the baby -- all at the same time. Argh!
- is wrapping presents for Tiff's shower tomorrow while waiting for the mac and cheese to cook.
- didn't survive the horrors of the Ft Worth Zoo parking today.
- 's kids are going to BooBoo and Yogi's house for the weekend. Woo hoo!
- is trying not to worry that the bears in Arkansas may be hungry.
- just opened a fresh, cold diet coke. Mmmm...
- It's been over 24 hours since I heard from my man...I"m trying really hard not to worry that the bears on the Buffalo River are snoozing with full tummies...
- has so many friends and family coming to the rescue that this week is gonna be over before I know it! Thank you, everyone.
- He called, he called! They're all safe, ahead of schedule, and very wet -- but having fun...
- at Gammie's...hoping to see Baby Kaleb in the morning. Can't wait to be an aunt!
- is FINALLY an aunt! Kaleb was born (to Tiffany and Kevin, Bret's sister and brother-in-law) early this morning!
- watching the boys "help" Bret work on the truck. Cool.
- wishes those budding molars weren't so cruel to my baby. (And me!)
- is wishing all three of them would nap this afternoon. Yeah, right!

- Hmmm...skip Joey's morning nap and go to WalMart while Conner's at preschool but with a cranky baby? Or take the nap and go to WalMart later with three kids? What great options I have this morning...
- Why is it that, though it would never be acceptable for my children, I find that a lunch of cheetoes, chocolate icing, and diet coke works just fine for me?
- Playhouse Disney is rockin' my world this morning. Hooray for the much-anticipated premiere of Special Agent Oso!!
- Quiet time in the morning with my Bible before the kids wake up is so nice.
- Big boys playing outside, baby boy taking a nap, Bret cooking dinner tonight..what to do with myself? :)
- Hallelujah, the "good attitude" sandwiches (pb&j with smiley faces) seemed to have worked!
- Bret at work, Conner at preschool, Micah and Joey with a sweet friend...I just had a wonderful and much needed morning to myself! Thanks, Hollie!
- something in my house STINKS! I'm beginning to wonder if one of the crazy oppossums up and died under my house. day ahead...
- It's crazy to me how my children would much rather pick up the Easter eggs with candy in them than the ones with the dollar bills in them!
- is thinking that my house must smell about the way Mary expected the tomb to smell. Yuck! Something about a leaking shower pan and wet insulation/sub flooring? I don't know...but it's being worked on as I type...
- is sitting on the couch cuddlin' with my Micah.
- is feeding Joey spaghettios straight out of the can...yuck!
- is cleaning up the aftermath of dinner, wondering why I ever thought rice was a good idea...
- Rainy day = blanket tent in the living room! :)
- is cleaning the thin layer of residue that is now covering EVERYTHING in my kitchen -- thanks to the need to employ a fire distinguisher earlier this morning...
- now has a fire extinguisher in my kitchen.
- loves Sunday afternoons with not much going on.
- is afraid I'd be rather embarrassed to admit just how often I let my kids watch TV so that I can get dinner done..
- is at Mom's and Dad's watching the turkeys and guineas hatch!
- just discovered that a pull-up was in that load of clothes I put in the wash a little while ago. I think I might cry...except I can't because everyone else is crying for me to fix their dinner...

- is paying the brothers one penny for every ragweed they pull. 53 so far...
- is listening to my boys play together nicely. At the moment, I can't think of any sound more beautfiul.
- I'm totally excited about the recent addition of "day-doo" to Joey's vocabulary. It serves as "please" more than "thank you" at this point, but it sure beats the ear-splitting scream that he was using to ask for things a few days ago!!
- just realized that I've used an entire bottle of Shout this week. with four boys...
- I LOVE that Joey is now calling all books "by-boo" (Bible). The mommy-heart is melting.
- tried on swimsuits today. Whoever decided that men's swimsuits should consist of knee-length shorts and women's should not must have been a male. He should be shot. Uggh.
- Bret's stuck in traffic, dinner's getting cold, two kids in the corner, two kids throwing temper tantrums. Lovely.
- Just turned Conner loose with the dust-buster. This carpet may have never been cleaner! :)
- Mmmm...that roast chicken that I put in the crockpot this morning is beginning to smell yummmmy!
- Mmmm...creamer, with a little coffee.
- is drawing Pokemon with Conner. This, my friends, is true love in action. Pokemon are SO not my favorite!
- After six years of preschool: one year as an "office baby," five years in class, four different schools, and a total of eleven teachers, today is Conner's last day of preschool. Bless his sweet heart, he is SO ready for kindergarten.
- is kind of excited about teaching Jonah and the Big Fish in Bible class this morning.
- just loved my overtired 14-month-old through an exhausting temper tantrum. I think he's asleep now...

- just got pick-pocketed by a fifteen-month-old.
- just killed a snake. With a shovel. Oh yeah.
- just caught Josiah eating a june bug. Yuck.
- After reading about 2000 pages and writing about 25,000 words BEFORE the classes started, Bret left for the first two classes of his doctorate degree. He'll be gone for three weeks (but home working on the weekends), reading and writing more.
- rash over his whole body, sores in his mouth, blisters on his hands, super-cranky, no appetite...I've decided to accept the fact that Joey is sick. :( No fever yet, though...
- Leftovers -- and families that eat them happily -- make life SO much easier!!
- Time for an afternoon pick-me-up: Diet Coke and m&m's. Shhh! Don't tell the boys I have an m&m stash!
- Ahhh...Showers are nice. I remember back when I thought I HAD to have one everyday...
- Mom and Dad treated us to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose this morning. We ran from the meat-eaters, marveled at the plant-eaters, dug for fossils, played on the playground, and had tons of fun. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

- Help! The baby thinks he's smarter than me, and I'm afraid he might be right!
- Cinnamon toast on homemade bread, eaten on a picnic on the porch. :)
- In case anyone was wondering...swim diapers go through the washing machine WITHOUT getting messed up. In my book, that makes those expensive things re-usable! :)
- The 4:00 witching hour is definitely upon us. :/
- is watching the kids dance to the Backyardigans. :)
- Micah: "In my nose, there's little guys that shoot out boogers."
- was just awarded a gold medal, by Conner, for making the very, very, very, very best sweet tea ever. :)
- is slicing up a sweet and juicy canteloupe, straitght from Dad's garden. Mmm, mmm, mmm!
- I put only one waffle on his plate, he ends up eating two or three waffles. I put two waffles on his plate, he ends up eating only two or three bites. Grrr...
- continues to be amazed at the durability of a raisin through the entirety of a toddler's digestive tract.
- is cleaning marker off the wall...
- is doing my best to dodge a violent and never-ending storm of bouncy balls while I try to fix breakfast.
- is home from the Chick-fil-A First 100 Promo. I was among the 1st 100 there, but there were 120 at 6am when it began. So there was a raffle, I ended up #108...but I stuck with it, stayed the night, and still got my 52 coupons!!

- Conner: "Mom, you're making me work like pilgrim children."
- thinks that what I just found in the bathroom may be too disgusting for a fb status.
- Ugggh. The baby's diaper and the 3-yr-old both leaked last night.
- just "clicked" all 60 of the little fingernail/toenails around here -- and didn't have to put anyone in a headlock to do it. First time ever!!!
- Please pray for my 81-year-old grandmother, who has stage 4 lung cancer, and then broke her hip just a little while ago...and for my mother whose life has come to a screetching halt during this past year in order to care for her...seeing people I love hurt makes my heart hurt so badly.
- Conner: "We would like scrambled eggs, bread & butter, oranges, and green beans for dinner. Your challenge is: try to make all of that in 5 min and 56 seconds." Then he pushed "start" on the timer. Ahhhh! The pressure!! :)
- spent the day with family yesterday, at MeeMaw's bedside. We laughed and cried and prayed and sang. It was good for all of us, and God has granted a multitude of peace through the gift of family. I think we will all be ready (as we can be, anyway) when the moment comes...
- Praise God! MeeMaw is dancing with her Jesus now, in the company of angels.
- Happy birthday to my Conner today! Six years ago at about this time, I was telling his daddy that my water broke, and that stubborn ol' fart didn't believe me. And now we're here, getting ready for kindergarten to start tomorrow. Good grief, where did the time go?!
- MeeMaw's funeral and the family lunch is over. The leftovers have been put away, most of the flowers and plants have been divied up, the kids are napping. I can't wait to share some very sweet stories about The Candy Lady and about how much my 6-yr-old has taught me about death. It's been a good few days with family...
- took the boys to Target this morning for Conner to spend some birthday money. (Micah and Joey got a little bit of unbirthday money from Gammie, too.) Eveyone got something really cool -- but they're all sitting here fighting over Joey's baby toy. Good grief.
- is sweeping up the remnants of Joey's game of stomp-the-goldfish-all-over-the-kitchen-floor.
- thinks I have the best hubby ever.
- Josiah is running around patting everyone on the head, saying, "duck, duck, duck, duck..." and then he runs off yelling, "Doosh!" (goose) :)

- You simply haven't lived 'til you've tried to pay bills with a squirming toddler in your lap, not wanting to be in your lap but not wanting to not be in your lap.
- eyes...don'
- The requested breakfast this morning: fruit salad and bread & butter...with spaghettios for dessert.
- just ate dinner with Mom and Dad at Whataburger. We spilled 3 drinks while we were there...and then another one in the van on the way home. Good grief, is it bedtime yet?!
- After a MUCH less-than-smooth getting-ready-for-the-day-routine this morning, I just spent the morning with my little guys at the park wading and throwing rocks in the creek. Ahhh...therapeutic! :)
- is really, really missing my Conner today. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but 7:35am to 3:05pm is absolutely forever right now. I'm thankful it's Friday.
- The fam is getting to sleep in a little bit today...and will be waking up to the smells of sausage frying, biscuits baking, and coffe brewing. Oh, and there's gravy, too!
- is groaning while I watch Conner cut out pictures for his school project, Micah cut the scraps into smaller scraps, and Joey sitting under the table eating them.
- It's a litte disconcerting to look out the window and see the creek, which is normally barely a trickly, overflowing it's banks and creeping up into the yard.
- is eating brownies and ice cream. I had ice cream left over, so got more brownies...then I had brownies left over and got more ice's looking as though I'm gonna have ice cream left over now...this could be bad, people!
- Micah (3-yr-old): "Mom, C's are boring. The little ones look just like the big ones."
- is frustrated, but trying to be positive and patient. So far Conner's kindergarten career has consisted of: 3 weeks with his "real" teacher, 2 weeks with a sub, the long-term sub starts tomorrow. :(

- is getting stuff ready for the wellsbrothers to help me in the kitchen this afternoon. We're making a cake for tomorrow's birthday boy! (Shhhh...don't tell Bret! ;)
- The boys wanted to surprise Bret this morning with cinnamon rolls and strawberries for breakfast. They are soooooo excited about their daddy turning 30, it's really pretty funny! :)
- Gone are the days of simply shutting the door to keep Josiah out of a room... :(
- Just finished discussing 1Thess 2:8 with the kiddos, and talked about how they can be missionaries at school. We had a great little talk, and it turns out that there's a kid in Conner's class who seems to be in need of a friend. Hopefully Conner will be a missionary in his class tomorrow...
- After a bit of a rough day yesterday, Micah and I have declared today a "Good Choice Day!"
- can't keep my "sweet" 18-month-old out of the breaker box. Grrrr!
- We've been talking about being missionaries and letting our lights shine this week. Conner found a kid in his class who needed a friend, was nice to her two days in a row, and by "coincidence" today was the first day that her "clip didn't move." (She didn't get in trouble.) Praise God!!
- has been unloading everyone and walking up to the porch to pick Conner up after school (instead of carline) just so that I can meet some new people. It's working -- relationships are beginning! )
- Please keep my family in your prayers. My GweGwe (Dad's mom) had a massive stoke last night and will be taken off life support shortly after Mom and Dad get to the hospital. My parents have lost all of their parents within 15 months. (Except Dad's dad over 30 years ago.)
- is on the way to eat lunch at school with Conner! Several weeks ago, he asked if we would come on lasagna day...and after days upon days of anticipation...the day is finally here!
- was reading "I See a Monster" to Joey, and discovered that this congestion/drainage induced, raspy, pathetic excuse for a voice that I've had the past few days is GREAT for roars. :)
- just realized that Conner and Micah can wear the same size socks!! It may be silly to some of you that I'm so excited about that...but those of you who understand KNOW how much easier that makes things...
- kinda likes hanging out with just Micah while Conner is at school and Joey is napping. :)
- A Mucinex commercial just came on. Conner: "Mom, those green guys are boogers." Micah: "Ooo! Mom, we should get that since I like to eat boogers!"
- is pulling out the boxes of 5T hand-me-downs for my 3-year-old. Good grief.
- had my first parent/teacher conference this afternoon. I feel better about things than I ever have before. Phew! Now...on to the Stribling Elementary Carnival this evening!
- Done! Just finished a 32 page paper for one of my classes! Phew. Now, on to the 100+ pages of reading that I've fallen behind on while I was writing...
- Joey is SO cute in his little footie pj's...I just don't want to take them off of him! ;)
- is hating severe thunderstorms these days.
- Micah and Joey are begging for grits. How crazy is that?!
- Should I be worried if I can't tell if that smell I'm smelling is plastic melting or new seasoning on the chicken in the crockpot?
- Meatloaf with homegrown beef from PeePaw's pasture and egg from Dad's chickens, fried potatoes from Dad's garden, green beans with onions both from Dad's garden, strawberry cheesecake for dessert with strawberries from Dad's garden. Yummmmmy -- and pretty stinkin' near free!
- just realized that Joey has already colored the inside of his ear with an orange marker this morning...

- just discovered that the commotion coming from Joey's room was over a busted glow stick. Think 80's-type glow in the dark spatter paint EVERYWHERE. Ugggggh.
- Plan the menu, make the list, estimate the cost, check the budget, adjust the menu, adjust the list, do the shopping, put up the groceries...done. Uggh.
- My almost-20-month-old is already beginning to act a bit like a 2-year-old. :/
- Yeah, sooo...Joey just asked to go to the potty...and actually went #2 on it!!!!!!
- For the first time in what seems like forever, I am feeling really good about what I have gotten accomplished so far today -- instead of the usual beating myself up about all the things that I did NOT get done...
- just heard Conner laughing in his sleep...after he prayed for good dreams tonight. :)
- is enjoying a quiet house for just a few more minutes...
- I love little surprise visits from family -- and love that we're close enough to make it possible so often!
- Who cares about the cookies? The cookie DOUGH is what I'm talkin' about!
- Can I get a shout out for all the CJ kids?! They were ALL on their absolute BEST behavior this morning and continue to make us proud! Way to go kiddos!!!
- is thinking about my friends in NOLA, thankful I'm not running from/preparing for a hurricane...
- My husband needs a secretary. Oh, wait. I guess that would be ME. Maybe it would be better to say that my husband's secretary needs a secretary...
- just discovered that Joey squeezed an entire tube of toothpaste into the toilet at some point this afternoon.
- Conner: "Mom, let's have a science day where we ask all kinds of scientific questions. Here's one: How do fireworks explode into colorful lights?" Ummm....
- Joey fell asleep 2 1/2 hours ago on the way to pick up Micah, and slept through unbuckling, going in, buckling, trip home, unbuckling, getting in bed...and now it's almost time to get Conner. Wonder if he'll sleep through it all again? I kind of hope not...
- Conner brought home his first report card today. (K-garteners only get them every 12 weeks.) He received a glowing report, just as anticipated! :)
- is playin' Mr. Potato Head this morning with my friends Micah-Moo and JoJo.
- Joey can screw the lid off the sippy cups. Grrrr!
- is spending the evening with Bret -- on separate couches with separate books and separate computers, but together distracting one another from our homework... :)
- C had the tummy bug Sat, J and M had it last night. Uggh. I'm catching up on laundry and praying the worst of it is over...and am thankful that as far as tummy bugs go, this one was fairly mild.
- Yeast infection diaper rash. :( Dr called in prescription w/out office visit. :) Pharmacy/WalMart run with all three kids at bedtime. :( Sending them all to Gammie's for a week tomorrow. :)
- is packing bags, getting ready to send the wellsbrothers to Gammie's for the week. Then I'll spend Sat & Sun helping to clean out GweGwe's house, Mon & Tues helping to clean out MeeMaw & PeePaw's house, and Wed & Thurs "celebrating" my 1st Thanksgiving with no grandparents. I'm tired already.
- woke up this morning to sounds of Joey mooing like a cow from his crib. :)
- Someday, the thought of putting up a Christmas tree will excite me insetad of send me into disgust at the thought of keeping a toddler out of it. This is the sixth year in a row...
- Lord, please forgive me for being dissatisfied with the ways in which you have chosen to provide.

- is overwhelmed to tears at the thoughtfulness and generosity of an anonymous "Christmas Angel." Whoever you are, please know that you have blessed us greatly, and we pray you are blessed tenfold in return!
- Okay, so yesterday at about this time while I was cooking dinner, Joey drank some craft paint. Today I just caught him drinking some Germ-X. Do you think he's trying to tell me something about my cooking?!
- Found on a piece of paper Conner had been writing on earlier this evening: "Tooday it mite snow. if it starts to snow mom ore dad well wacke mee up." Bless his heart, his hopes are SO high. :)
- SNOW!!!
- Aaaahhhh! Joey has been a great dinner prep "helper" this week - Monday he drank paint, Tuesday he drank Germ-X, today I walked back into the kitchen to find him squishing up the raw ground beef. Yuck!
- is so proud of how well my kids shopped for our Christmas angels!
- just found Joey in the bathroom with an open container of hair gel, rubbing it on his bare tummy and saying, "Lotion!"
- Conner's been reading about Leonardo Davinci for a project he's working on with his GT teacher. We read that Leonardo wrote backwards in his notebooks, like a code. Now Conner's been writing words backwards for about 30 min, & is still going strong. I, however, am going crosseyed.
- The brand new khakis that I bought Conner in September, that fit him just fine, are already too little. They didn't even make it to Christmas! Uggg.
- One cup of coffee, four cups of apple juice, five blankets, two couches, one Baby Einsteins movie, four baby boys and me = peace. :)
- had fun today at Casa Manana with the Stribling kindergartners!
- Christmas tree going up, hot chocolate and homemade cookies, Kung Fu Panda on the TV, Joey running around driving us crazy -- a nice evening at home with the fam. :)
- Looking forward to a fun morning with a good friend that I don't get to see nearly often enough!
- was treated to a wonderful morning by a good friend -- an hour massage, Starbucks, pedi, mani, and lunch. Ahhhhhhh! :) Thank you!
- is reading the instruction manual for my NEW CAMERA!! Bret, I don't know how you did it, you sneak. But THANK YOU!! :)
- has really had a great past couple of days. Things just seem to be going my way, and it's nice. I am so blessed. :)
- is totally excited about my grandmother's sleeper sofa that just came to live at my house! The boys are calling it a "transformer couch." :)
- is totally excited about my grandmother's recliner that came to live with us today! (Yesterday's sleeper sofa was from the other grandmother.) Bless their hearts, they're no longer here, and they've still found a way to give us wonderful Christmas gifts...
- Projectile vomit in the van...and then a 45 minute drive home covered in it...too cold to drive with the windows down...NOT my first choice for Friday evening entertainment...
- Thanks to all our night-owl friends who were up praying, calling and texting last night. We got Conner's 105.2 fever "down" to 102...and after a near-sleepless night of alarm, meds, cold baths, and ice packs, he's sitting on the couch eating a banana now with "only" 101. Thankfully, we narrowly avoided an ER trip! Knowing we weren't alone was a tremendous blessing. Thank you!!
- is wiping down EVERYTHING with Clorox wipes and Lysol...
- I think I'm gonna take some Benadryl, eat a bowl of Blue Bell, and go to bed.
- All three kids in bed and asleep by 6:30pm tonight!! Let the elfing begin...
- Joey wanted a balloon for Christmas. So Santa got him a tank of helium...and now we're up at 4am, blowing up balloons at the VERY last minute to make sure they're still floating nice and good when he wakes up. Now who's idea was this?! ;)
- is getting ready for Christmas, round 2: The Conner/Spies Family!
- A little over halfway into the holidays, and we've been to the Urgent Care Clinic, had a close call with the ER, and called Poison Control twice. Good grief.
- Ravioli-o's, America's Funniest Home Videos, and the fam. Happy New Year!

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Things They Said in December...

During my blog sabbath, I didn't do the greatest job of recording many of the funny things that the Wellsbrothers said, but I did write down a few:

Conner, to Bret as he was coming in late one night: "Dad, I prayed today that Joey would stop hitting me and..."
Joey, interrupting: "Amen!"

Conner, interrupting himself while sitting on the toilet and discussing something "important" with Micah: "But just wait until you see my poop! I'm saving it for a surprise."

And a few pictures that I like that for one reason or another didn't make it into another post:
Micah at the zoo

Joey, having a little too much fun in time-out (as usual) Conner eating a candy cane Joey-dolph Silly glassesMy Conner BugMicah got some of his favorite candy for Christmas. (Thanks Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert!)

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at BooBoo's

And last but not least we had Christmas at Yogi and BooBoo's! We spent the night at Mom's and Dad's after Christmas with the Conners last night.

The tradition at Mom's and Dad's is that on Christmas morning, no one gets to see the tree -- not even a peek -- until everyone has gotten up and eaten breakfast. I remember that as a kid, it seemed to take forever. Then, when it's finally time, Mom and Dad cover all the kids with a blanket, spin them around, yank it off, and listened to the excited squeals as they run to the tree.

(Joey wouldn't get under the blanket, so Mom was under there with him.)

There are twelve of us now, so there were people and presents everywhere.

(Lydia, I will spare you from sharing the "gag gift" picture!) To any of you who weren't aware, Lydia is a great actress! :)

Then we ate lunch -- Dad smoked a turkey that we found in GweGwe's freezer as we were going through her house after she passed away. It had pretty obviously been purchased with the intent of sharing it with us during the holiday season -- and she did. And no, those are not my children playing under the table instead of eating during our family Christmas dinner...Not long after lunch, when we looked out the window, we saw snow! Two white Christmases in the same year -- how crazy is that?!

Unlike the snow from a few days before, this snow made great snowballs! And then, as if the day wasn't perfect enough, my sweet Daddy had another little surprise up his sleeve. He offered to babysit the wellsbrothers, and then sent my mother, sisters, and I to get manis and pedis! The weather was kind of bad (snow!), so we ended up being the only ones in the whole shop. It was lots of fun, and we have a couple of funky colors and flowers to show for it. :) Thanks, Dad!

"Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad! This Christmas I'll remember!" (That was for you, Mom. :)

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Cowboy Joe

My sister, Lydia got a new camera for Christmas, too. So when Joey -- who loves to play with hats -- got ahold of Dad's earlier today, she went to town and they had their own little mini-photo shoot. She got some pretty cute pics, don't ya think?!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with the Conners

Christmas with the Conners tonight! That's my mom's brother and his family -- Uncle Bubba, Aunt Stephy, Josh, Caleb, Crystal, and Christian.

We met at Uncle Bubba and Aunt Stephy's house, where we shared lots of food, watched the kids open presents, and enjoyed a gift card exchange. (Would you believe that out of 14 gift cards, seven of them were to iTunes?! We all thought we had a cool idea...) I'm so blessed to come from such a close family! We may not see each other as often as we like, but we're always able to just pick up right where we left off. And we always have tons of fun!

Here's just a few pics I thought the fam might want to see...

Dad, Chris, and Uncle Bubba
Vanna Stephy
Denny's gift card -- genius!
The candy table, in honor of MeeMaw. Micah and Christian were in love.

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For several weeks now, Joey has very consistently answered "moon" (balloon) when you ask him what he wants for Christmas. I'm not real sure how he landed on that, since he doesn't really even know what Christmas is, but that's what he says.

Well, a week or two ago he got to stay at my Mom's and Dad's house for the weekend while the big boys and Bret and I enjoyed some Joey-free time. While he was there, he had a little bit of fever, so Mom gave him some grape-flavored chewable Motrin a few times. Joey loved it. Then when he got home, he found that Conner and Micah had been sick and were both on antibiotics, each getting a dose of "medicine" twice a day. He was very upset that even when he asked nicely, he did not get any. So upset, in fact, that a few days later when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he told me, "medicine." He is all about medicine these days...

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, when we realized that Joey was missing, and wherever he was, he was being very quiet. Bret found him pretty quickly -- on the dining room table. He had climbed on top, found the medicine bag in my purse, opened it, found the bottle of children's motrin, opened that, and was eating them.

We did our best little investigation, and decided that it was possible for him to have eaten as many as 8-10. His correct dose is one. So we called Poison Control. They said, that because of his weight, really he could have eaten the entire bottle and it would not have been toxic. He would be fine -- we just needed to make sure he was eating so that all of that medicine wouldn't be on an empty stomach, and drinking a lot so that his body could flush it all out quickly. So we gave him a roll with peanut butter, and some apple juice. We didn't have much luck getting him to eat or drink as much as we wanted though.

But he ended up being fine. And as we continued to process the situation, we decided that really, he probably hadn't eaten more than 2 or 3. He just wasn't in there long enough, and wasn't acting sleepy enough.

Then, this morning while my kids were staying with my sister, I got a phone call. Joey had, once again, crawled up on top of something, found her purse, opened it, found a bottle of medicine (this time a prescription pain killer), opened it, and appeared to be eating it. She had turned around and discovered this situation when she heard what sounded like a medicine bottle being shaken. (She's good, huh?!) She checked him out, and couldn't tell that he had chewed any up. But they are very small, and even as young as he is he could have just swallowed some. So she had called poison control. Once again, they said that he would be fine. We just needed to make sure he was eating and drinking, and needed to watch for an upset stomach. If he was showing any signs of an upset stomach, we needed to call back. But more than likely, he would be fine.

So, we did the eating and drinking thing again. (Or at least tried to.) He ended up being fine, and we've just about decided that he must not have actually eaten any.

Man oh man, that kid! We're gonna be watching him like a hawk! Or at least doing our best...

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Was Running a Little Late at Gammie's

After we finished up with our Christmas and played in the snow, we packed everyone up and headed down to Gammie's to celebrate with Bret's family. We'd really been looking forward to having the whole family together, but the Christmas Eve blizzard had caused I-20 to be shut down, and we were so bummed that Adam and Caroline were stuck in Abilene and unable to make it.

But we had fun anyway. No sooner had we walked in the door, than did Santa follow us in! I get a little confused on the details of the story, but basically, Santa was running a little late, and was just getting there at about 3 in the afternoon!

He came in with a huge bag of gifts, and just started passing them out! Joey was a little scared at first, Cousin Kaleb was a little dazed at first (he had been snatched up from the middle of a nap), and Conner and Micah were so excited they could hardly stand it.

(Look at Micah's face in this picture. Love it!!)

Santa talked a little funny, and didn't seem to be able to see very good (a combination, it turns out, of borrowed glasses, and a hat that wouldn't stay out of his face), but he still gave out some awesome presents! (Thanks for our zoo membership, Santa!!)

Then all too soon, Santa had to leave. He had other boys and girls that he still needed to visit...but not before Joey picked a present up from under the tree to give to Santa. That kid, for all of his almost-two-year-old faults, really does have a sweet little heart. Even he could see that everyone had gotten something except for Santa. :)

Bye, Santa. We love you!

...and then a few minutes after Santa left, Poppy came in. "Poppy, Poppy, you missed it. Santa was here!" Poor Poppy! Crazy how things work, isn't it? The boys saw Santa several times, but both Yogi and Poppy happened to miss him...

Then we set about the hard work of opening presents. Conner started off passing presents out, and then was quickly overwhelmed with his own growing pile, and decided that he might should work on that instead. Some of the highlights were the Hot Wheels Shark Bite Bay, ("Thanks, Gammie! We've been wanting this our whole lives!"),

Nesquik, (That may sound odd, but let me tell you those kids were so excited to have their very own container of their personal favorite flavor of Nesquik! Joey even had to pause his gift opening just to get a cup of chocolate milk.),


Bret's camping stuff, (I'm really not sure what all of it was, but he was really excited about it all!),and a little play station thing for Kaleb. I think he was probably glad when my kids left, so that he could actually have a turn with his own new toy!

There were lots of other presents, too many to mention them all. But I have to tell you about the underwear. Micah and Conner each got some new Hot Wheels underwear, and some new Pokemon underwear. Micah was so excited about that Pokemon underwear! "It's so cool, Mom! I'm just gonna have to make sure and tee tee in all of them so I can get a clean pair and wear them all today!" Cute...but yuck! (We had a quick little talk, and decided that he could change the underwear whenever he wanted to that day, even if they weren't wet!)

Then we all shared a delicious dinner.(No, you can't see Micah. He wouldn't stop hiding from the camera. Guess I've been taking too many pictures lately!)

MeMe and Papaw came by for a visit after that, and we spent the rest of the evening napping and playing with our new toys.

Thanks, Gammie and Poppy, Uncle Adam and Aunt Caroline, Uncle Kevin and Aggie and Kaleb! Merry Christmas!
Catching Up: Gotcha, Dad!

The Luminant Party...and Santa!

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