Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at BooBoo's

And last but not least we had Christmas at Yogi and BooBoo's! We spent the night at Mom's and Dad's after Christmas with the Conners last night.

The tradition at Mom's and Dad's is that on Christmas morning, no one gets to see the tree -- not even a peek -- until everyone has gotten up and eaten breakfast. I remember that as a kid, it seemed to take forever. Then, when it's finally time, Mom and Dad cover all the kids with a blanket, spin them around, yank it off, and listened to the excited squeals as they run to the tree.

(Joey wouldn't get under the blanket, so Mom was under there with him.)

There are twelve of us now, so there were people and presents everywhere.

(Lydia, I will spare you from sharing the "gag gift" picture!) To any of you who weren't aware, Lydia is a great actress! :)

Then we ate lunch -- Dad smoked a turkey that we found in GweGwe's freezer as we were going through her house after she passed away. It had pretty obviously been purchased with the intent of sharing it with us during the holiday season -- and she did. And no, those are not my children playing under the table instead of eating during our family Christmas dinner...Not long after lunch, when we looked out the window, we saw snow! Two white Christmases in the same year -- how crazy is that?!

Unlike the snow from a few days before, this snow made great snowballs! And then, as if the day wasn't perfect enough, my sweet Daddy had another little surprise up his sleeve. He offered to babysit the wellsbrothers, and then sent my mother, sisters, and I to get manis and pedis! The weather was kind of bad (snow!), so we ended up being the only ones in the whole shop. It was lots of fun, and we have a couple of funky colors and flowers to show for it. :) Thanks, Dad!

"Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad! This Christmas I'll remember!" (That was for you, Mom. :)

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Bonnie said...

...How it made me feel glad; Merry Christmas....!!