Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas!

There was a blizzard in North Texas on Christmas Eve. No really, we were at the zoo the day before, with temps in the 70's, wishing we had on shorts...and this was a for real, white-out, close down the interstates, wind gusts over 50 mph, over a foot of snow in some places, blizzard. I've never in my life seen it snow like that, and likely never will again. We tried to play in it for a few minutes last night, but the wind was so strong and bitterly cold that it just wasn't worth it.

So, for the first time in my memory, we woke up to snow on Christmas morning!

After did our Christmas morning thing, we bundled everyone up to go out and play in it. And man oh man did we have fun!Well...most of us did anyway. Joey wouldn't put on his gloves, so his hands got very cold very quickly. He mostly just wanted to play with the balloons that he had just gotten from Santa. And then after about ten minutes he was ready to go back inside and watch Baby Einsteins while he warmed up. :)

What Conner and Micah have been talking about wanting to do if it ever snowed enough is to "play snowball fight." But this snow was so dry and powdery, that it was very hard to get it to stick together good enough to even make a snowball. But, they were persistent and determined, and did manage to make a few!

That kept Conner and Bret busy for quite awhile, but Micah got frustrated pretty quickly. He decided he would rather make a snow angel,

and then just roll around in it. Even after Conner was done with the snowballs and decided to come in, Micah stayed out with Bret, rolling around in the snow until he was pretty much soaked.

We weren't able to get the snow to stick good enough to make a snowman, but the boys definitely got to see snow and play in it! What wonderfully fun "Christmas magic" and memories!

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Gammie said...

the rosie red cheeks and smiles say it all...

Bonnie said...

It's been a long and hard Christmas break for you...but wow! some really great things, too!