Sunday, December 20, 2009

There's No Stopping Him

Joey has been fascinated with the entertainment center lately. It has doors on the part that hold the DVD player and Dish Network receiver, and the doors have I just rubber band them together in an attempt to keep him out.

But it's not that easy with Joey. He has figured out how to take the rubber band off. And usually, he takes the rubber band off, does whatever it is he's been wanting to do, and even puts the rubber band back!

The other day, I walked into the room to find this:He was hiding. Peekaboo, Joey!Then of course, Micah wanted a turn.

Seeing pinched fingers and other various calamities in my future, when we were done, I wound that rubber band around those knobs almost as tight as I could get it. That worked pretty well.

...for a few days, anyway. Then I walked into the room to find Joey playing in the entertainment center. He had gotten that rubber band off -- because he had screwed the knobs off the doors! How does a one-year-old think of stuff like that?! I'm just pretty sure this 30-year-old wouldn't have been that smart. And this after Freaky Friday...

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