Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Bret's Granny always has Christmas at her house on Christmas Eve. Some years we are able to make it, others we aren't. This year was a "make it" year.

We got there around eleven, and honestly, basically waited around for the food to be ready so that we could eat and then open presents. :)We watched the game show network (yes, Conner's choice -- it was a riveting episode of Family Feud from 1981...), played under the dessert table, and played with the new stick horses from Granny and Grandad (doing a fairly decent job, believe it or not, of not whacking one another on the head with them!).Finally, it was lunchtime. Yummmmy! Those Easons sure do know how to make some good groceries. Leave it to the Wellsbrothers, though to be so tired that they ate hardly anything. And leave it to the brothers' mother to clean not only her own plate, but the "good stuff" off of their plates as well!

And then, much to Conner and Micah's relief, it was present time!! They, of course, did a fabulous job of passing out the presents and opening not only their own, but helping everyone else with theirs.
Joey and Kaleb though, let their lunches get the best of them and ended up missing out on most of the gift-giving festivities...
Soon after these festivities, though we had to hurry home -- because it had been snowing all this time!! The roads would be getting bad soon, and besides, we had to get home so that we could play in the snow!
Joey, however, did NOT like the sharp and cold wind in his face. He lasted for all of about three minutes and was then ready to come back in. (So, between Joey and the blinding snow, there aren't many snow pictures from tonight. I'm hoping for a few more tomorrow...)
Then we wached a movie, ate dinner, put out reindeer food, filled a plate with gingerbread cookies for Santa...and had all three kids in bed and asleep by 6:30!!
Then we elves set to work wrapping presents, putting together race car tracks, filling stockings, and watching it snow. We ended up with about 2 1/2 inches!
We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings...

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