Monday, December 21, 2009

A Vacation from Joey, Part 2: The Gingerbread Village

We had big plans for the weekend that Joey was gone.

BUT...Conner woke up with fever, and by Saturday afternoon it was up to 104. So we dropped everything to take him to an urgent care clinic, and got him an antibiotic. Later that night, his temperature had gotten up over 105 and we narrowly avoided a trip to the ER. We spent the rest of Saturday night, and all day and night Sunday giving him Tylenol/Motrin every three hours and cough medicine every four.

So much for all of our big weekend plans.

BUT...we DID manage to squeeze a few fun things in. And, I was able just sit and cuddle with my sickos (Micah had been to the doctor on Friday and is on an antibiotic, too) more than I would have been if Joey had been home getting into something every ten minutes.

The biggest thing we did was to make a gingerbread village. We've never really done that before, and I was very thankful that I had just gotten the kits instead of doing the whole thing from scratch. First we made a gingerbread tree:

It was very appropriate -- Conner was all about sorting the stars into star order,

And Micah was all about the candy -- he ate it while Conner put it on the tree.

And the finished product:

Pretty darn cute, don't ya think?!

Then we moved on to the gingerbread house. By this point, Conner was pretty much done with the gingerbread. Bless his heart, he didn't feel like doing much except sitting on the couch watching a movie, just checking on our progress every now and then. Let me just tell you, it's a miracle this thing stayed together. (Thanks to Bret!)

Even with the very droopy icing, it's kind of cute:

By the time we were done with that, Saturday was over, and Conner had completely lost interest. Micah, however, was still begging to decorate the gingerbread people. That is, as long as it was me doing the work and him eating the candy leftover from the gingerbread house! :)

By now Sunday was over. We spent today watching movies, and then went to get Joey. After I got everyone to sleep, I set up all of our gingerbread stuff into a gingerbread village.

And then I left it out for the boys to find in the morning. I figured it was time to start consuming it -- or at least picking the candies off it. It's Christmastime -- gingerbread is okay for breakfast, isn't it? :)

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Bonnie said...

I love, love, love your village! Glad you got to do some "big-boy" things, too.