Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet Ice Cream, Black Skull, and Bufford

When Conner got a little 2.5 gallon aquarium and a couple of fish for his 7th birthday a little over a year ago, he was ecstatic. But it wasn't long before he started asking when he would be able to get a bigger one with more fish. We told him that if he showed some responsibility and did a good job taking care of those fish, we'd consider getting something bigger in a year or so.

It started getting close to a year, and Conner knew he was doing a great job. So he started saving his quarters and his Tooth Fairy dollars. And so did Micah. And so did Josiah. Eventually, with a little bit of help from us, they got enough to get some new stuff...and we took a little trip to PetSmart a couple of days ago!!

Now we have a ten gallon tank and five fish. (Conner already had two (Phineas and Perry), and they each got to pick one more.)

I didn't end up getting good pictures of all of our new friends, but this is Micah's fish, Black Skull. Josiah got a dalmation molly that he named Ice Cream, and Conner got a pretty little blue fish that he named Buford. (Anyone watch Phineas and Ferb? Noticing a theme in Conner's choice of names? :)

We'll see how good these new ones do, and how well they old ones survive the change...

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