Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Christmas Tree

Finally put up the Christmas tree today...

I have really not been looking forward to this. Call me old and cranky, but this is our sixth year in a row of putting up a Christmas tree with a toddler in the house. Those of you who have done it know what I'm taking about...and Joey, well...he's a bigger handful than the other two were at this age...

But for Conner and Micah's sake, we did it. We got it all out and put the tree up. Everyone "helped..." between the karate fights, anyway. (They had chosen to watch Kung Fu Panda during these Christmas festivities.) In fact, Joey "helped" so much that we decided that we will not be putting any ornaments on the tree this year... But we got the tree up -- with lights even! -- and that's what matters when you're three and six.

Then we finished the evening off with some hot chocolate and scotcharoos. Joey, please don't make us sorry... ;)

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