Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Memories

I think I take too many pictures. How in the world do I have so many that I haven't shared yet, when I share some nearly everyday? I guess that, as incredibly hard as this phase of my life is...I love it. I never want to forget it, messes and all. I just don't know how else to help jog my memory better than with pictures and nearly-daily-stories of the goings-ons. Thanks for sharing in my insanity. Here's some of my favs from April.

Joey was totally into watching the turkeys and guineas hatch the other day at Mom's and Dad's. He would just lay there watching, with his face pressed up against the glass.
There were new kittens at BooBoo and Yogi's. Everyone thought they were pretty cool. Here's Conner and that goofy ham-it-up-snaggletooth smile. And if you know Conner well at all, you probably know this expression when he's being silly. Here he's being "bird-brained."
The boys didn't actually get to go under the house to help with all the work that was done down there over the past few weeks, but they did get to hold the flashlight for Mr. Ron once or twice.
Babies in sunglasses -- always cute!
A Sunday afternoon spent in one of my very favorite ways.
Micah is totally into this Spiderman shirt these days. He wears it all the time. Hand-me-downs from friends are awesome!
Shop 'til you drop!
We played in the mud the other day. Somehow I find that mud and snot all over my kid's face is cute.
Lunch with Grace. Now that's a kitchen full of kiddos!
Conner was so proud of his line of cars that day.
Joey has discovered Ranch dressing. This is apparently a requirement to be a Wells brother.
We went to the zoo several times, but only once with everyone. Micah got to take Grace one day while Conner and Joey were at BooBoo and Yogi's. It was sweet that he was so excited.And Conner spent some of the money he found in his Easter eggs on Dippin' Dots at the zoo. What a rare treat! Lately it seems that Joey looks like this nearly every night after dinner. Why do babies love to rub their food in their hair?!
Caught a whopper!
We went to Aunt Stephy and Uncle Bubba's to take pictures in the bluebonnets. This is one of my favs. If you missed the others, they're worth seeing! Click here.
I don't really know what to call this expression, but it's one that we see from Micah a lot. :)
Micah got some new socks at Gammie's. One pair of Cars and one pair of Monsters, Inc. But he will only wear one of each. He has just loved those silly socks! This is when he was talking to me on the phone, trying to show them to me.
We also had a family photo shoot in Glen Rose with Carol Moody. There were so many good pictures. This is one of my favorites. For more of them (I think they're worth seeing, too!), click here.

The boys had a great time helping Yogi feed all of his quail and chickens. How does he make that hot dog look so good?!
Feeding the chickens some june bugs.
Babies in the bathtub are always cute, too.

And my favorite quotes from April:
Conner: "Mom, please can we watch a movie when we get home? Pretty please? With sugar on top? And a cherry? And strawberries and ice cream? And gravy?"

Micah: "I have a boss. His name is Mr. Stinkypants."

And I'm so happy to introduce to the end-of-month quotes: JOEY!!
Joey, as he runs off with the remote control, "Dunt-dun-na-na!"

And...Well, I'm sorry to disappoint. That's all I have recorded for April. With about of week of kids being at grandparents' houses, The Stink and the resulting drama, nearly burning down the house, and several little out-of-town trips, I just didn't do a very good job of recording or remembering. I'm glad that I did get these three down (and that there was one quote for each brother!), because as I'm thinking back, racking my brain for more, all I'm hearing is, "He hit me!" "Stop it!" "Mooooom-myyyyyy!" Crying. Yes, we've had one of those kinds of months around here. Maybe May will be better...


So here's how today went for me:
  • Joey woke up with wet sheets. His diaper had leaked.
  • Conner woke up with wet sheets. Apparently he should have been wearing a diaper, too.
  • In order to get the shower that I so badly needed, I let Micah take a bubble bath. The kind of bubble bath where you use the whirlpool mat and way too much soap so that the bubbles will be really big and thick. The kind of bubble bath that takes you forever to get all of the bubbles out when you're done.
  • When I got in the shower I discovered that the bottle of facewash up on the shelf had a very small seemingly insignificant crack near the bottom. There was a thick, sticky line of soap all the way down the wall of the shower that ended in a pool at the bottom. Where the direct stream of water can't reach.
  • We went outside to play because we thought the mud was dry enough. It wasn't. Shout on Joey's clothes, six little shoes to wash, lots of dirt in the bathtub.
  • Tried to get all those sheets washed so that I could put them back on the beds before bedtime, thought I'd wash some other clothes with them, discovered that a pull-up had gone through the washing machine, too. Wet, sticky little gel-beads everywhere.
  • Micah told Conner about his super-duper bubble bath, and Conner wanted one too. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, and because I just get tired of saying no all the time, I dish up super-duper bubble bath #2. And then commence bathtub cleaning #3.
  • Joey has a little cough, and as he was going to bed tonight got to coughing so much that he threw up the milk that he had just drank. All over me.

Shower #2 for me? Yeah, right. I think I'll just go to bed. Oh, wait. I've got a lot of stuff to clean up before I can do that...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Turkeys and Guineas

My dad has had 8 turkey eggs and 29 guinea eggs (one of them broke during shipping) in his incubator for several weeks. They were scheduled to begin hatching on Friday morning, and we've had it on our calendar to be there to witness the hatching.

But then yesterday evening, Dad happened to notice that one of the little guinea eggs had already hatched. He wasn't quite ready for that -- it was about 72 hours early -- but he went ahead and pulled the rest of the eggs off the turner (that rotates the eggs just as a mother bird would do) just in case. By this morning there were 6 or 7 little guineas. We were on alert, trying to figure out schedules in case it looked as though we needed to drop everything and go before we missed them all. Micah had already made it quite clear that he would be very upset with me if he missed them all.

Then around 9:30 this morning, Mom called to say that some more guineas had hatched, and there was one turkey out and another one close behind. I had just found out and broken the sad news to the boys that Grace was not going to be able to come play with us today. But it ended up working out -- we were able to pretty much just jump in the car and go to Glen Rose!

When we got there, there were about 11 guineas and still just the one little turkey. Conner and Micah ran right in to the incubator. They were so excited.

Joey got pretty into it, too. Several times he spent a while with his little face pressed up against the glass, just saying "ooooh!" He was so sweet to make sure that MeeMaw got in on the action, too.The second little turkey egg that Mom had told us about when she had called hadn't made much progress. His little egg had a big crack in it, but that was all.(It's the egg just below and to the right of the little guinea.)

Throughout the day, we would check on the "babies." We actually saw three guineas as they were coming out of their eggs, one of them pretty much exploded out. It was cool. That little turkey though...he was working so hard, rocking that egg back and forth! His beak was sticking out and we could hear him cheaping. He was the loudest little guy in there.

In Dad's research, he's learned that you should not help a bird hatch. If they are not strong enough to get out of the egg on their own, there is something wrong and they won't make it anyway. This little bird though, he seemed so strong, just maybe caught on something. Dad gave in and snuck his hand in there to pick part of the shell off for the little guy. He quickly made it the rest of the way out of the egg after that. It was pretty neat. We'll have to see just how hard-and-fast that tidbit of research was...

(It's the egg at the bottom of the picture. The yellowish part at the top of the egg is the turkey coming out.)

We've told the boys, but I don't know if they really understand -- the plan is to eventually eat most of these little guys. Micah kept telling me that the birds had to hatch so that they could eat and grow. When I asked him why they had to grow, he said it was so that we could eat them. "And what are we going to do with the chickens that are in your "playhouse?" "Dip them in white (Ranch dressing)!"

Fun, fun. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


***Caution: If you like broccoli, and are rather squeamish when it comes to TMI about your food (like the way it is prepared or what hot dogs are actually made of), you might want to stop reading here.

We are so incredibly blessed that both of our dads like to garden -- and that they both love to share. It seems we nearly always have access to some kind of fresh fruit or veggies, especially in the spring.

My dad has probably the biggest garden he's ever had this season. The squash and blackberries are blooming, we've been eating lots of asaparagus, and the strawberries are finally slowing down after he spent a couple of weeks of picking 4-5 quarts per day.

The thing that's really in full swing right now though is the broccoli. Yummm-mmmy! I like broccoli because it is so good for you, my kids love it, and it's bright green goes looks so pretty on a plate (especially my blue ones!) next to nearly anything.

Dad brings it in in WalMart bags, and Mom washes it, soaks it, and then breaks it up into usable sized pieces to stick in the fridge, freeze, or give away. We've got a couple of bags of it in our fridge right now. And the cool thing is that Dad just picked it the other day. I don't have to really, really hurry to use it because it will last a little bit longer -- it didn't spend several days in a truck getting to the grocery store.

Most of you know our recent experience with The Stink and the discovery of the dead opposum. I'm a bit paranoid about smells in my kitchen right now. So when we started realizing that something in the kitchen smelled bad -- not too much unlike The Stink we thought we'd gotten rid of -- I began to worry.

I finally narrowed it down to the fridge. At first I thought the milk had gone bad, or maybe some leftovers...but no such luck. Then I decided that maybe it was just full of the old stinky air, and it might just take a few days to air out. I put some fresh baking soda in it, and began to cook dinner. Every time I opened it or even got close to it though, it was bad!

I was planning to make some of my old friend, Ruth Ann's yummy broccoli salad. So I pulled out a bag of broccoli, opened it, and along with the smell I found clarity washing over me. It was the broccoli that stunk!

Now nearly anyone will agree with you that broccoli does have an odor, especially as it cooks. I've never heard anyone talking about fresh broccoli stinking up a kitchen though. But still a little paranoid that the boys had drug in part of the dead opposum and stuck in my fridge, I called Mom. Sure enough, she had just dealt with the same thing, narrowed it down to the broccoli, then got it all blanched and in the freezer...and the smell was gone. It's crazy to think that we love to eat something that smells that bad!

So I started breaking the florets off the heads, picking through it very carefully. Because that's the other thing about fresh fruits and veggies straight from the garden -- sometimes you'll find a little bug that hung on a bit too tightly during the washing. We had eaten broccoli salad at Mom's and Dad's a few days before, and apparently in the rush to get it on the table in time for lunch, it hadn't soaked long enough. We found a few too many worms for my comfort. (I told you, if you're squeamish, stop reading!) Dad had a very valid point, though. "If you think about it, it's just digested broccoli." I guess he's right...fresh broccoli is not ruined for me.

So I continued to carefully pick through my stinky fresh broccoli, and sure enough, there were a couple of little worms. What better time for a bit of a science lesson?! I called the boys in, and they were fascinated -- but not at all grossed out.And Joey, of course didn't care. He sat there in the chair next to me and munched on it (the broccoli, not the worms!) the whole time.Then I turned on the TV for them so that the fighting I had been dealing with would (maybe) stop, and I could finish cooking. (Yes, I'm one of those kinds of moms.)

And then we all sat down for a healthy, home-cooked dinner with fresh, stinky, worm-free broccoli salad. (At least I think it was worm-free...we didn't find any more.) I'd love to say it was one of those rare and wonderful dinners where everyone cleaned their plates and had polite conversation. But I guess wormy science experiments during dinner preparation don't work miracles. No one ate the broccoli salad except for me and Bret, Joey used his dinner for hair gel instead of eating it, and Conner and Micah whined that they had water to drink instead of Coca-Cola. Ahhh...a sit-down family dinner. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Mornings

This morning, Micah got up at about 6am. I was just getting out of the shower, and Bret was just getting up, but somehow we managed to get him to just chill in our bed for an hour or so. During that time, I was able to dry my hair, put on make-up, get dressed, and pack the church bags.

Joey and Conner got up not long after that. Then everyone ate their powdered sugar donuts (a weekly Sunday treat), I got Joey dressed, and not long after that, Joey was down for a nap. It was about 8am at this point.

Bret left for worship (there was some additional set-up to do today and he had to be there earlier than usual), and I began to get Conner amd Micah ready. Joey ended up sleeping for a little over an hour and a half, and during that time I managed to clean the kitchen and unpack some bags from our weekend trip. (And break up numerous brotherly fights.)

After Joey woke up, I got everyone loaded up in the car and we were on our way -- with time to stop and get a latte at Sonic and get to worship early!

There's always a lot to do on Sundays, and it's often much more hectic than today would show. But as I watched Josiah throw several two-year-old type temper tantrums later this afternoon, my mind quickly jumped back to Micah around a year ago -- and I began to think about how Sunday mornings were just a few months back. My mind wandered back to a blog post from about nine months ago, in which I chronicled most of the events of the morning in detail.

Don't get me wrong -- I certainly loved and enjoyed my kids then -- but I'm finding that the combination of ages 5 1/2, 3, and 13 months is much easier (in regards to getting everyone dressed and going in the morning, anyway) than the combination of ages almost 5, barely 2, and 4 months was!!

Indulge me as I reminisce:

Sunday Mornings at the Preacher's House
July 6, 2008

Let me first make two caveats to this title:

1) I don't pretend to think that Sunday mornings at our house are all that different from Sunday mornings at anyone else's house. (If they are planning to go to morning worship, that is.) I just happen to live at the preacher's house.

2) "Sunday Morning at the Preacher's House" insinuates that the preacher is in control. We all know this is not right! It is not the preacher's wife in control this morning, either -- it is the preacher's kids. Not in a bad way, not in a disrespectful, demanding sort of way -- it's just the way things are. The way the morning goes depends on when they wake up, the mood they wake up in, if they eat breakfast, if their sheets are dry, how many times Micah tries to go poopy, whether or not Josiah needs me holding him every minute, you get the idea...

10:30 pm Saturday - Sunday morning preparations actually begin the night before. Because the preacher leaves the house an hour or so before we do, I have to do some things ahead of time to save my sanity. Normally there are just two bags to pack, but today is the first Sunday of the month, which means there is no Kids Worship for Conner. That means there are three bags to pack. (One for each kid -- crazy, I know, but they're all in different places...) Snacks, juice cups, bottles, formula, wipees, burpees, diapers, pull-ups, markers, stickers, coloring book, workbook, money for the Jesus Jar...

I also must decide on lunch at this point. There are no plans (or money!) to go out for lunch today. We will be eating at home as usual. The timer on the oven does not work, so I cannot make up a casserole and just stick it in before we leave. I am stuck with either the crockpot or a very quick and easy something I can put together as soon as we walk in the door. Let’s see, quesadillas sound there any cooked chicken in the freezer? (I certainly don’t feel like cooking any tonight!) Check. Tortillas? Check. Enough cheese? I think there's enough that we can manage.

4:30 am - I'm up and in the shower. The goal is to be out of the shower, hair dry and fixed, makeup on, and dishwasher unloaded before anyone else wakes up. The preacher’s kids often start waking up around 6:00-6:30. To be dressed for church would be nice, too, but I don't have much to work with in the way of clothes that I would wear in public, in particular to church. To have the church clothes on already only aligns the planets in such a way to ensure massive amounts of spitup, sticky-pancake-syrupy-finger-hugs, spilled apple juice or milk, etc... It is much better to save this part of getting ready until the bitter end!

5:15 am - Josiah is awake and hungry. I am out of the shower with my hair dry, but there is no makeup and the dishwasher is still full. (I got distracted by the laundry I forgot to finish last night...) This is not optimal for two reasons: 1) the longer I wait to finish up my stuff, the better chance there is that it will not get done before the other two wake up, 2) Joey eating at 5:15 means that he will probably be ready to eat again at 8:15 or 8:30. We usually try to be walking out the door by 9:00. Even though we don’t actually need to leave until 9:15, I must leave room for error. I accept the fact that we will probably be late.

6:15 am - Joey is fed and back asleep. I have my hair done, makeup on, church clothes laid out, dishwasher unloaded...and Conner and Micah are still asleep. Phew! I think I'll check my email and paint my toenails!

7:15 am – “Need go potty!” I guess Micah’s awake. Well, that hour was nice. Too bad I spent most of it fighting to keep the internet connected for more than five minutes. It’s over now, though! Hurry, hurry, hurry, get Micah before he wakes Conner up. “Good morning, Micah. It’s Sunday-Churchday!” “I not want go church. Not want Batman. (He has on batman pjs.) Want spiderman.” Great…one of those kinds of mornings…

7:30 am – Potty, batman shirt off, chocolate milk, fruit loops, Gwi-gwee Gweet (Sesame Street)…Micah is better. Time to wake the preacher. As I walk down the hall, woop! Good morning, Conner. “Mom, I think my sheets are wet.” Awesome.

7:40 am – I checked Conner's sheets -- Phew! False alarm. Top bunk sheets are so not my favorite! "Micaaaah! You need to come help Mommy clean up the fruit loops that you scattered across the living room floor."

7:50 am – Joey will probably be waking up soon. Hurry, hurry, try to get Conner and Micah breakfasted, dressed, shoed, teeth brushed, hair combed before Joey needs to eat.

8:15 am – Conner is dressed and ready to go. Time to tackle Micah. I put on the shirt, and here comes the weekly church-shirt-temper-tantrum…shirt on, let’s add fuel to it and go ahead and fix his hair…and more fuel, let’s brush his teeth.

8:30 am – The preacher has left for church (he's runnung a little late, having witnessed the church-shirt-temper-tantrum), Micah has calmed down and is ready except for the shorts and shoes. I save that for the last minute after he goes to the potty. I would only have to undress him to get the undies off and the pull-up on. He’ll probably throw a fit about the shoes, too. Hmmmm…do I go ahead and wake up Joey or see how long he’ll sleep? Do I dare get dressed before I feed him?

8:45 am – I’ve put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, made the bed, gotten juice cups in the bags, dressed myself, Joey is still asleep. I guess he was really tired. It goes against everything in me to wake a sleeping baby, but I guess I’ll have to. I’ll diaper and dress him, potty and finish dressing Micah, and go ahead and leave. Joey may scream in hunger the whole way to church, but he’ll just have to wait.

9:10 am – Micah didn’t throw a fit about the shoes – the first time in two months! Joey's still doing okay, too. We’re headed out the door…

9:15 am – We’re pulling out of the driveway…

9:23 am – We’re at church on time with a smile on everyone’s face!

This was an amazingly smooth Sunday morning, much smoother than I thought it would be when I started this post, very unusual. Don't you just love happy endings?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diaper Heads

Yay! My kids are finally all back together! Now we're still at Mom and Dad's for a little while longer, just missing Bret -- until we get home tonight.

Apparently they invented a new game yesterday while they were waiting for me and Micah to get there. Diaper Head:
My kids come by it honestly, don't they?! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playing Opossum?

I think not. It was the real deal this time:

After 2 weeks, an extravagant plumbing bill, and 4 days under the house, Mr. Ron finally found the source of The Stink! A dead opossum. Well, we think it was a opossum, had apparently been under the house, buried in the insulation for quite awhile... We've certainly known that the opossums have been hanging out under there.

Mr. Ron's own description of the discovery, via his facebook status this afternoon: "VICTORY ! ! ! Been under that house 4 time over the last two weeks. Made a cut in the underseal at the far front corner and it started raining maggots. Knew I was close. Found what was left of a possum, only he wasn't playing dead ! ! Oh yeah, I'm eating my pizza as I type this........grossed out yet ???"

Yes, gross. Really gross. (You're welcome -- I did NOT take a picture!) Sometimes the "sweet smell" of victory is more accurately the "absence of a smell" -- because the opossum is gone, and SO IS THE STINK!!

And the other highlight of the day: My Micah is home! I went to get him from Gammie this afternoon. (Yes, we of course met at a McDonald's playground!)We'll hang out with Grace tomorrow (I'm thinking about a trip to the zoo!), and then we'll head on to BooBoo and Yogi's in the evening to hook up with Conner and Joey. Micah is SO ready to see his Conner. It was a pretty rough few minutes when we got home and he realized that he was going to have to wait another whole day before they would be reunited. It was so sad in a sweet sort of way.

It's been a weird week. Sunday, Monday: just Conner and Joey. Tuesday morning: just Joey. (Conner was at preschool.) Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday morning: no kids. Thursday afternoon: just Micah. Friday: Micah and Grace. It's been fun, but I think I'm kind of ready for "the norm!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chick-fil...Oh, Never Mind.

Well, as I said yesterday, we have shipped our children off so that we could go do a little service project. When Chick-fil-a opens a new restaurant, there is always a big celebration event. The first 100 customers get free Chick-fil-a for a year -- 52 coupons for a free #1 combo.

Bret has gone to several Grand Openings and has had lots of fun. And it's been really nice to have all of those coupons! He's talked it up so much that Jimmy, a friend from Christ Journey, got together a group to go to an opening in Pflugerville (near Austin). Only this time, we were going with the intent of giving over half of our coupons to Harvest House, a food pantry/Christian service center here in Burleson.

The Grand Opening was actually supposed to be last week, but we found out at nearly the last minute that it was postponed until this week. So we (Bret, me, Jimmy, Chris C., and my brother-in-law Robert) left Burleson at 6:30am, just as planned. And when we drove up to the CFA in Plugerville at 9:10am, we discovered that we were about #150-155 in line. (Keep in mind here that the restaurant does not actually open until 6am tomorrow -- we knew to get there early, and we thought that we were...)

We were certainly all bummed, and I won't name any names, but some of us were definantly more visibly angry and frustrated than others! So we loaded up and started the 2 1/2 hour drive home. What could have been a miserable trip home was not, though. We had some good conversation...and then a funny and ironic load on the trailer of an 18-wheeler provided the laugh that we all needed:(Thank you, Chris for taking the risk of hanging your phone out the window to get the pic!) Nothing like a little bitty truck hitching a ride on the back of a great big truck! :)

I can't really speak for the guys, but I definantly ended up using the day to get some stuff done -- without all my little helpers! And then I had dinner with my sweet hubby.

And an update on the Wells brothers:

Micah is living it up a Gammie and Poppy's. He's eating popsicles (and sardines, I hear!), picking golf balls out of the garden,
playing with Baby Kaleb,
and I think he got to go to The Bounce today.

At BooBoo and Yogi's, Conner is catching june bugs and feeding them to the chickens.He got to pet the quail (which are getting really big now!)Joey is making yogurt messes,
cuddling with MeeMaw,
and petting the kitties.
Today certainly did not go as planned, but I enjoyed it all the same. And I'm so ready to go get my micah tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today's Purchase

After Caroline's shower on Saturday, Micah asked if he could stay at Gammie's. Like we were gonna say no to that! So he's been there for the last couple of days.

My mom came and got Conner and Joey today, and they will be staying there for the next couple of days so that I can attend the Chick-fil-a grand opening in Pflugerville with a group from Christ Journey. (More on that tomorrow...)

So I had the afternoon to myself. Good thing...after the smokin' hot day I had yesterday, I had plenty of cleaning and shopping to do. The most exciting purchase? Cute curtains. The most important purchase? A fire extinguiser.Do you have a fire extinguisher? I know that we used to, but it apparently got left at a house during a move somewhere along the way, and I simply haven't even thought about getting another one. Let me encourage you to cough up the $20 if you don't have one. I saw a quote from Mark Twain today that struck me. "There is nothing that couldn't happen today." (Or at least went something like that!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

One Hot Mama

Just the other day I was telling Bret that I needed a really good blog post, that nothing extra crazy or Wellsbrother-ish had happened in awhile. Why do I say things like that? Why do I even allow myself to think things like that?!

The day started pretty normal. "The Stink" is still with us -- not nearly as bad or strong -- but we're still opening the doors and windows during the day. After I got all the windows opened, I lit a candle. That's what I've done nearly everday for the past week.

A little later, Bret took Conner out to run a few errands. Micah is at Gammie's for a few days, so I was down to just Joey. He had just woken up from his morning nap, and we were sitting in his room reading a book.

Then I heard something fall. I didn't think much about it. After all, the windows were open. It was probably just a piece of paper blowing around in the kitchen. Then I heard it again. I decided that I might should go check it out...a cat may have wandered in or something. So I put Joey and his book down, walked into the kitchen...and saw the curtain going up in flames. Apparently the breeze blowing through the open window blew the curtains (which hadn't moved any of the other days that I had opened the window!) just enough for them to catch the candle.

I stood there for what seemed like forever, trying to sort through the thoughts racing through my mind, trying to decide what to do. I picked up the phone to call 9-1-1, and then realized that I should call our neighbors, the Myers first. If they had a fire extinguisher, they would certainly get to our house much quicker than the fire department.

Sure enough, Mr. Ron came running. He immediately began spraying the fire, Debbie called the fire department, Mandy (their daughter who happened to be here visiting) grabbed Joey and took him out, and Josh (Mandy's husband) started pulling things away from the flamers. I just stood there like an idiot, frozen in disbelief and shock.

Ron got the fire out before Debbie hung up with 9-1-1, and they did not end up coming out.

The aftermath:

A lot of the stuff there on the counter top is the remains of a bottle of Germ-X that had been in the window sill.Here's what's left of the curtain rods, blinds, and the candle. Yes...yikes! I am so thankful that I actually got up to check out the sound. The smoke detector did start going off pretty quickly after I got into the kitchen. It took a little while because the window was open. I am so thankful that Ron and Debbie were home, that they had a fire extinguisher, and that they were able to come running so quickly. I'm truly afraid that if it had gone even just another minute or two, that the wall and the ceiling would have been in flames.

So Joey and I went to the Myers house to hang out for a little while until Bret and Conner got home. Ron gave me perhaps the best Diet Coke I've ever had, and I finally stopped shaking. Then when Bret got home, I banished all the boys from the house while I started cleaning everything up.

(Yes, we made Joey's pack-and-play into a ball pit.)

Sweet Conner decided that he just had to have some grapes. He needed some patience (like pineapple self control), afterall.

A little while later Bret loaded them up and took them to the zoo while I continued to clean. There was a thin film of dust from the fire extinguisher coating everything. Uggh!

Then Heidi called. They were having spaghetti and cherry pie for dinner. Would we like to come? Umm...yes!

Thank you, Lord for keeping us safe and for giving us such wonderful friends! Who says you need kids around to make a little excitement?!