Friday, December 18, 2009

A Vacation from Joey

I took Joey to my Mom's and Dad's tonight. He is going to be spending the weekend with them to give me a much-needed break from chasing after a very-very-very-mischievous-and-busy-toddler. And so that I can do some stuff with my big boys that is really hard to do, if not impossible, with Joey around -- like gingerbread houses and cookie-cutter cookies. Conner and Micah are really looking forward to things like playing board games without the board getting turned upside down, and getting to color in a coloring book with more than one marker/crayon out at a time. :)

Micah has been sick, but we got him to the doctor this morning and got him on an antibiotic. He's already showing signs of feeling better. By tomorrow morning I think he'll be a different kid, and won't skip a beat during this toddler-free weekend!

To begin our festivities, we let the boys play with glow sticks. The last time we played with glow sticks it was a disaster. But this time, with everyone ages 3 1/2 and up, it was a different story! And, while they played, I got to play with my new camera! I know there's some other night-time settings that can be done, but I haven't gotten to that chapter in the manual yet. In the meantime though, this is what my new little gem did for me:

Cool, huh?! Watch for a report on the weekend's toddler-free festivities!

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Bonnie said...

VERY cool pictures!