Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Camera!

Today I got a surprise. Bret has been so excited about the Christmas present that he got for me, that the could hardly stand it. Then, I guess because over the past couple of days, I've been disappointed (as in, in tears even) about some of the things that I've missed because my camera wouldn't work right for me at the moment, he finally sat me down and made me open it.

And then I was in tears again. It was a new camera! A really nice one, as in an I-really-don't-think-I-have-any-business-owning-a-camera-like-this-and-I-don't-know-how-in-the-world-he-managed-to-save-up-for-this-and-I'm-still-a-little-scared-to-hold-it-Canon Rebel EOS XSi with some kind of fancy lens!

I. Am. Soooooooo. Excited!!! Here's the first pictures we took --goofy as they may be, they are still the first ones, and they capture the moment pretty well:

Bret, you're the bestest hubby ever! Thank you!!! I love you!!!

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Bret Wells said...

Not only do these pictures capture the revealing of the new camera, they also happen to document the time the almost 2 year-old stabbed me in the head with a butter knife. (that's what the red mark in the middle of my forehead is)

lucky us.

Gammie said...

Yay for new cameras received early enough to learn by Christmas! Enjoy! love ya

CB said...

Yay Rachel!! We have a Canon Rebel and i LOVE it!! Congrats! I know you will be using it like crazy!! Hooray for special surprises!!

Bonnie said...

I wish you were excited...