Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some of My Favorite Pictures from October...

Conner played with stickers today... Micah loves to read
Bubble head
I'm not sure what they're doing, but they're cute, aren't they?
Daddy, your shoelaces are delicious!
So handsome!
How can you not love this picture?
Conner had a cute Mr. Incredible costume... ...but he insisted on being a "ghost" when we actually went trick-or-treating!Micah Moo

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Monster Mash and then Trunk-or-Treat

Today we went to a little Halloween carnival thing called Monster Mash with some friends from church. There were all kinds of things to do - game and craft booths, bounce houses, concerts, trick-or-treating, etc... Micah's favorite part, of course, was the hay (so appropriate with his costume!):

Conner got to get his hair painted:

...but he picked a bright green/yellowish color that you couldn't really see.

And, not long into it, Micah showed us that even cows get tired of hay eventually!

We went home from the Monster Mash and had a little while at home this afternoon to recup before the trunk-or-treat at church this evening. There was more fun there, besides the trunk-or-treating! Conner made a cute little magnet at the craft booth.

He got his face painted, too. If you can't tell, he chose a butterfly. His daddy was thrilled.
Micah Moo had some of his first candy, and loved it.
What a busy, but fun fun day! We'll put on the costmes one last time and go trick-or-treating in a couple of days...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


One of my favorite developmental milestones that a baby goes through is the discovery of Cheerios. It is so cool how they can be so excited about something that really doesn't taste all that good -- just because it's new and different and they're so proud of themselves. It's convenient, too, because it usually comes at just the time when you don't know what else you're going to bring to entertain them with at church. Suddenly, you can just stick something in their mouth!
Big Brother Conner has discovered a new love for Cheerios along with Micah!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Bret and Conner made a jack-o-lantern today. Conner was so curious to see what was lurking inside the pumpkin.

It was eewey gooey slimey pumpkin guts!

After several laps around the house with the boys throwing pumpkin guts at one another (yes, that was fun to clean up!), Conner had to try the pumpkin's "hat" on before they could go any further. Bret wanted to make a really cool jack-o-lantern, so they picked out a pattern. Conner helped poke the holes.
And here's our cowboy jack-o-lantern!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

Gosh, I'm missing Dallas today -- specifically the Arboretum. It was so nice to know exactly where to go, whatever the season, to get some good pictures (or at least have a nice background and opportunity for some good pictures) of the boys. I've been looking for a pumpkin patch of some kind around here, and haven't had much luck. I finally stumbled across this one, which kind of doubles as a petting zoo. It turned out to be a bit on the expensive side, but we got the picture ops we were looking for!

Don't you just love pumpkin pictures?!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gammie Gear

Bret's mother, Pam/Gammie, is in the process of starting up her own little business, called Gammie Gear. She has gotten a sewing machine and is making several baby/kid products to sell online. You can check out her website. The link is on my blogroll. She's having us take pictures of our boys to advertise:

Hoodie Gear (A blanket with a built in hood - great to use in place of putting the blanket over the baby's whole head or to just throw on instead of wrestling with coats and carseats) Germie Gear (A shopping cart seat cover)
Germie Gear (A restaurant high chair cover)
Tooga the Laundry Monster (Our three-year-old actually likes to put is dirty laundry away!)
BooBoo Bunnies (Perfect to put ice in and then apply to booboos!)

Look Out, World!

Micah is on the move!

Monday, October 2, 2006

Bret's Birthday

Today was Bret's birthday. He is 28. He doesn't like birthday cake (or any cake with icing, for that matter), so we had cherry cheesecake, instead. And, of course, I couldn't find any cake candles that weren't kiddie candles, so we just used what we had! Happy birthday, babe!