Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things They Said in December...

During my blog sabbath, I didn't do the greatest job of recording many of the funny things that the Wellsbrothers said, but I did write down a few:

Conner, to Bret as he was coming in late one night: "Dad, I prayed today that Joey would stop hitting me and..."
Joey, interrupting: "Amen!"

Conner, interrupting himself while sitting on the toilet and discussing something "important" with Micah: "But just wait until you see my poop! I'm saving it for a surprise."

And a few pictures that I like that for one reason or another didn't make it into another post:
Micah at the zoo

Joey, having a little too much fun in time-out (as usual) Conner eating a candy cane Joey-dolph Silly glassesMy Conner BugMicah got some of his favorite candy for Christmas. (Thanks Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert!)

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