Saturday, December 31, 2011


I used the "Year in Status" app on facebook...and ended up taking a beautiful little trip down memory lane as I re-lived 2011 through my facebook status updates. I don't expect anyone else to read this - but really wanted to preserve it for myself!

January 2011

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about Godiva chocolate that makes a girl feel like a princess.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts – the promise of a new sister-in-law! My brother proposed, she said “Yes!”, we’re looking forward to a spring wedding…and I just couldn’t be any more excited.

Just got a phonecall from the school…how in the world do you tell a sweet and innocent little 7 yr old that one of his friends died this morning?

Is sending the kids to Yogi and BooBoo’s this weekend. Even if I don’t get caught up on everything I’m behind on, I’m hoping to the end the weekend with at least my nose above the rising waters…

Is on a hot date with my sweet hubby!

Is making cupcakes with the kiddos – they should make mixers with three beaters for mommies with three kids!

Roast chicken in the crockpot, butternut squash and homemade rolls in the oven, broccoli steaming – smells delish! Is it dinner time yet?!

The computer system at Starbucks was down this morning – so I got my coffee for free!

Really wishes my kids could understand that they are actually SUPPOSED to be hungry as dinnertime approaches. I know without them even telling me that they’re hungry, it’s a good thing, I’m working on dinner, and there’s really no needs for all the w-h-i-n-i-n-g!

Just pulled up to “Cook Children’s Pediatric Center,” where Conner read the name aloud…and all three kids immediately started screaming in terror. “No Mom! Not here! They cook children here! Nooooooo!!!!!” hahahahahaha!

What a morning! Two toddler potty accidents, stuck in a traffic jam, two Sprites spilled in the van, lost in downtown Fort Worth, and surgery (just a tonsillectomy – still surgery) scheduled for Conner. I sure am hoping this afternoon slows down a little…

The deep freezer is now defrosted, organized, and ready for our family’s upcoming casserole exchange and a shipment of beef from Uncle Bubba Dad. I am blessed!

I am incredibly underqualified for so many of my jobs…

Thoroughly enjoyed being Aunt Rachel today…and am looking forward to hanging out with my nephew, Griffin, on Mondays and Wednesdays!

Tried my hand at meatball subs for dinner tonight…and I think they’re a “do-againer!”

“Lord, wherever we look today, allow us to catch a glimpse of you. And whenever others look at us today, allow them to catch a glimpse of you. Amen.”

Is reeeeeeeeally hoping I find that pair of scissors I just misplaced before Joey does…

Micah: “Mom, WHY is Joey’s name ‘Joey?’ That’s a baby kangaroo’s name. And it sounds like ‘jelly.’”

Is at the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. Let’s see what all the fuss is about!

Took Conner to see a cardiologist on Monday, to have a little heart murmur checked so that he can be cleared to have his tonsils taken out in a few weeks. He was cleared, the doctor says it’s fine…but my mommy fear, anxiety, and worry have yet to let up. I’m just ready for my baby to start feeling better…

Is not sure which was worse – the puke in the van…or the realization that we were all sharing a water bottle just minutes before… Uggh.

Today’s a who-cares-about-cute-I’m-feeling-the-need-to-be-comfy kind of day.

Is on an overnight date w/my hubby – happy 10th anny, Bret! …and goodnight fb!

Went to the dr yesterday, got a double-steroid shot and a handful or prescriptions. Hopefully feeling better is in my very-near future!

February 2011

Yay, my kids actually slept late on this snow day!

Warm homemade cinnamon crumb coffee cake, a movie, and lots of little boy cuddles.

Is trying to get my icing the perfect shade of pink fr a special baby girl’s shower this weekend!

The boys and I have just stayed in our pjs for the past 3 days, and the “snow” outside in NOT good for playing in (so no piles of wet coats, pants, and gloves)…and I am LOVING having considerably less laundry!

Is loving the Xbox Kinect – the boys have been playing for several hours now, and have been stretching, jumping, and exercising up a storm!

My sweet hubby brought me home a Sonic Diet Coke this afternoon. Oh, how I’ve missed running errands so I can stop at Sonic!

Is under a blanket, under a layer of stuffed animals, under a layer of sleeping boys. Escape may be interesting…

Only a Wellsbrother would see the need to upstage the wonderfulness of snow with yet another tooth injury. Good grief…

Stayed up late last night making a cookie cake for a school birthday party that won’t happen today…which means it won’t happen until next week. Looks like we’re having a party at home today AND tomorrow (the actual bday)!!

Has spent way too much time looking through “” today…how weird is it that I’ve thought of tons of our pics that would be right at home on those pages?!

Is helping Conner with a homework project, meticulously covering a cereal box in yellow construction paper. I’m feeling a glimpse into the new stage of life we’re entering…

Is thankful to be wearing my pjs to work today, and that I work at a preschool where we do fun things like celebrate letter P by wearing our pajamas to school.

The birthday boy wants spaghettios (the kind with hot dogs), macaroni and cheese, mangos, and strawberries for dinner. At least he’s got the (very loosely-defined) food groups covered!

At the surgery center with Conner, waiting for his turn to get his tonsils out. He’s so incredibly brave.

Conner says thanks for the caramel syrup and ice cream, Mr. Ron and Mrs. Debbie! It made a great dinner!

Is playing tooth fairy – the anesthesiologist had to pull one of Conner’s this morning because it was so loose that it was dangerous for him to go under (for fear of him choking on it if they accidentally knocked it out when they were working). That poor kid is missing five of his front teeth – that’s ¼ of them. The dentist swears he’s got permanent teeth in there somewhere…

Pushing fluids on my post-op kiddo has been quite a chore – he’s now walking around with a timer, a cup of Sprite, and orders to take two big drinks when the timer beeps every five minutes. It may be a long day…

Last night in the dark, Joey stuck his finger in my face. Assuming he had hurt his finger, I kissed it. Then he said, “Mom, that was a booger.”

At the end of a rather dramatic time-out I asked, “Do you remember why you were in time-out?” “I remember,” was the indignant reply, “YOU put me here.”

Is looking forward to some carefree girl-time this morning!

Woohoo!!! Found 2 gift cards and a $20 in an old diaper bag!

Is headed to Best Buy to see if the Geek Squad can bring my computer back to life. :/

Joey just got his finger stuck so tight in a toy that I actually had to use butter to get it out.

Saw daffodils blooming yesterday. Yay, spring!

Kind of likes being a big sister.

Bret grilled hot dogs for dinner, we went on a family walk, now we’re finishing up the evening with ice cream and a movie. Nice!

Is SO excited to be getting my hair done!

Wow, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and for making my day even more special! And know that, as my phones has been endlessly dinging at me all day, I’ve said a little prayer for each of you as I’ve read your message. Love you all!

March 2011

Dear Mr. Skunk: I really wish you would have taken your stinky self somewhere else to spray. I do NOT appreciate waking up to a stinky house.

At the rodeo!

All 3 boys did the Mutton Bustin’ (sheep riding) sponsored by…wait for it…Wiley Funeral Home. Yep.

Is looking forward to Kelley Cook’s wedding shower this afternoon!

Conner wouldn’t stop crying – “But Mom, I’m bored!” So now he’s scrubbing the kitchen floor crying, “But I thought ‘bored’ meant I didn’t’ have something FUN to do.”

Is making cinnamon rolls King Cake style for breakfast!

Is feeling good about what I got accomplished this morning. The break from the normal guilt and pressure I put of myself over what I did NOT get done is nice.

All day yesterday I was thinking today would be Friday. But no, it’s Thursday after all – what a disappointment!

Open House and Family Night at the Book Fair!

Good grief. Sometimes it’s like they actually ENJOY whining, throwing fits, and getting in trouble.

Looking forward to meeting a new niece tonight or tomorrow! I LOVE being Aunt Rachel!

Big day for the Spies Fam – I can’t wait!!!!

Has been looking at all the pictures people have posted of the Bosque/Somervell County grassfires…mourning for those dealing with lost and damaged property…rejoicing with those who are safe at home – including my parents – thanks to the hard work of so many people.

Hallelujah, 3 yrs after he lost his 1st two teeth, and after 6 months of missing all 4 front teeth, my sweet 7 yr old baby boy is finally cutting his first permanent tooth! I see corn on the cob and apples in his future once again!

Storytime at the library!

Sometimes it’s so hard to let go and let ‘em grow…

Love and their free super saver shipping!

Grrr…time change. I want my asleep-by-7:30-or-8-kids back.

Is excited along with my boys – a woolly bear caterpillar (or actually we know now, a yellow bear caterpillar) that we caught last fall happened to make a chrysalis before we let it go…and we put it under the porch for the winter…and today it “hatched into a Virginian Tiger Moth. VERY cool.

Mmmmmmmm…grilled asparagus!

Sometimes I impress even myself with my multitasking!

Tonight my kids begged me to read more Bible stories…and now I’m praying for a heart more likes theirs…

Breakfast for dinner – omelets, raspberries, and blueberry crumble bread.

Conner is eating his dinner “Wheel of Fortune style.” He spins his plate and takes a bite of whatever is closest to him, and goes bankrupt if its an empty spot.

Soooooo jealous of my kids’ 7 pm bedtime…

Is not sure which is worse – that when I opened my freezer, a rubber centipede fell out…or that it didn’t’ surprise me.

My three-year-old has this sweet, beautiful smile that is almost impossible to say no to.

Riding horses at Cousin Kaleb’s birthday party!

Hoooooowwwww does my email get so backed up so quickly???

Me: Micah, what did you do in class today? Micah: I tooted.

Dancing to the Backyardigans with Joey and Griffin.

Thankful my sister lives close enough that I can borrow her shoes!

April 2011

Oh goodness – April Fool’s Day with a bunch of little boys who don’t quite get it, but are excited about telling/playing April Fool’s “jokes” all day – it may be a looooong day.

After getting in trouble repeatedly over the last 30 minutes for messing up his brothers’ stuff, Joey is now laying on the floor crying, “But I just want something to mess up!” At least he knows what he wants and is honest about it!

I just found half a banana at the bottom of my washing machine, underneath what I thought was a clean load of laundry. I guess you learn something new everyday – banana are much tougher than I would have thought!

Thank you Lord, for the rain!!!

We are making “Easter egg stuffed animals” out of paper, markers, staples, and Kleenex, Those of you who know Micah and his obsession with stuffed animals know just how simultaneously crazy and hilarious this is.

Yay!! Conner “got the part” for his class’s musical program!

I usually get frustrated when the kids wet the bed…but after last night’s sleepwalking episode that included peeing in the fridge…well, I’m thinking wet sheets might be better?

Has a sweet 3 y/o that doesn’t feel good and only wants to sit in my lap. I’m sad he’s sick…but enjoying the cuddles…

I have a 7 y/o whose heart is broken and wants to help the people of Japan, “because God would if he were here.” Stay tuned fr more details on the fudge he is selling to raise funds…

Is sampling the test batch of fudge. It’s a hard job but somebody’s gotta do it!

New development at the fudge factory: peanut butter fudge! Anybody want to buy some and help Conner raise money to send to Japan??

We’re out delivering more fudge…anybody want some while we’re out??

Thank you, everyone for your fudge orders and donations. One little kid with a bid idea and an even bigger heart has raised approximately $600 so far to give to Japan. And he’s brining smiles to some of “the least of these around Burleson with the fudge orders that many of you have donated. Would you join me in an awed hallelujah and amen?!

Mmmmm, honeysuckle.

Decorating cupcakes at Sweet Imaginations with the Cub Scouts!

Is trying to answer a little boy’s puberty-type questions, mostly telling him to ask hi dad when he gets home later…and am incredibly grateful for the wonderful daddy that they have! I feel for those single moms out there who don’t have someone to throw those questions to…

Has the best “Scentsy Lady” – and friend – ever! Thanks for your donation to Japan, Rhiannon! Enjoy your fudge.

Shhhh! Don’t tell my kids that the syrup they’ve been eating is sugar-free. And so is the chocolate milk. I’m doing my best to give them the gift of preparing their palates to deal the with the diabetic genes it looks like they’ve been “blessed” with…

Actually remembered to bring my “green” bag in the grocery store with me!

Is numbering the days on my fridge calendar – let the count-down to summer begin!

Walking through the parking lot as it’s starting to rain, Conner’s yelling, “Ahhhhhh! Cumulonimbus cluds!!!”

Writing lesson plans for the last month of school!

I’ve got a sweet Baby Bonnie at my house.

I should be laying the boys down right now…but they’re actually playing nicely together fr what feels like the first time in months. I just can’t bring myself to make them stop. (YET…I’m sure the fight and/or injury is quickly coming…)

I’m so excited about my brother’s wedding tomorrow! But a little nervous for Kelley’s friend’s garden…at the last wedding I took my kids to, they nearly defaced a display in an art museum and almost caught a historical mansion on fire…

Mmmmmm…fried ice cream!

May 2011

We were getting on a hotel elevator just a few minutes ago when the power went out. Thank you Bret for catching the door and saving us!!

Bags unpacked and put away, van cleaned out and in order for the next week, laundry done and put away, wedding pictures labeled and dated and posted on facebook, clothes for tomorrow laid out, lunches packed, kitchen cleaned…now a cup of coffee, some biscotti, and a little Glee on Netflix.

We caught some tadpoles early last week…and this morning one of them, with four legs now, has crawled up on top of the rock in the fish bowl. He still has a pretty long tail, but he’s completely out of the water and breathing air now. I’ve got some excited little boys!

Somehow over the past couple of weeks at my house, “poopy diaper” has become a noun, verb, and adjective for almost anything.

Aw man! I kinda forgot about baby food sneezer. Thanks, Griffin. ;)

My heart is overflowing. I had a wonderful time tonight reading with my boys about King David and the way he wrote Psalms. And then we thanked God for the gift of music and asked for hearts full of praise like

David’s…and sang “The Lord is My Shepherd” until they were just about asleep.

Sometimes I have a hard time praying bout important things b/c I’m scared of what will happen to my (bruised, scarred, and sometimes much more fragile than I want to admit) faith if I don’t get the answer I want. And then when I get the answer and it’s even better than I had hoped, there are no words to express my gratitude and repentance. Thank you, thank you Lord. “I believe, please forgive my unbelief.”

Just when I sit down to try to actually get some work done today, I hear a crash and find that a ball has been thrown in the bathroom, knocking the light fixture down and smattering glass all over the bathroom floor.

Grrrr. So much for my other job…

Family casserole exchange coming up on Thursday – I’ve done my shopping, I’ve tied my apron, let the cooking begin!

I just bought some delicious cherry limeade from a sweet little boy at a cute little lemonade stand across the street from Bransom Elementary. If you’re in the area and are thirsty, you should help him out.

4 ½ hours, a quick trip to the grocery store, and a huge mess in the kitchen later, I’ve got 2 meals for my family in the freezer.

Baking chocolate-chocolate chip cookies!

What ever happened to simple TVs that actually had useful buttons on them, so that when you couldn’t find the remote you could just stand up an go change the channel?!?? Good grief…

At kindergarten round-up!

I’m proud to say that all of the children under my care took good advantage of this wonderfully dark and rainy nap-type day.

At Mother’s Tea with my Micah and my Josiah and my own mama.

Just got a hug and big thanks for putting a band-aid on a mosquito bite. I love being a mommy.

They’re OATMEAL cookies. That makes them healthy, right?!

Lunch today – corn dogs dipped in jelly. Yuck.

Conner tried to be sweet and bring home hi uneaten veggie bowl from lunch today. But now I’m cleaning Ranch dressing off/out of everything in his backpack. Eeeewwww.

Josiah has figured out that he can use those big blue eyes and ask any random stranger for a quarter and get one.

We’re finally seeing the dinosaur exhibits at the zoo. The boys are SO excited!

Picking up the house, getting ready for my Griffin to come play tomorrow – NOTHING on the floor is safe anymore! But it’s fun, because at the end of the day he goes home with his mama. ;)

Does anyone ever outgrow the love of Cheetos??

My boys went to bed last night begging to have pizza for breakfast. So yes, I AM preheating the oven for frozen pizza at 5:49 am…

Hooray for summer!!!!

My Micah is now a preschool graduate!

1st grade field trip to the zoo!

Is getting some Baby Bonnie cuddles!

I love that Josiah refers to mosquitoes as “spageedo bites.”

My boys have decide that this is “Change Your Name Week” – and have changed their names to Mario, Bowser, and Fire-Breather. Oh my, this may be a long week…

Enjoyed with my family today the everyday, taken-for-granted miracle of wonderfully health and delicious fruit and veggies that God grows from tiny seeds.

June 2011

Has a 7 y/o who is already up. “I just can’t sleep, I’m so excited about school today. We get to read ALL DAY!”

Mmmm, I’m starting to smell that fresh raspberry/blackberry cobbler in the oven!

School. Is. Finally. OVER!!!!

Getting donuts. My kids will be SO surprised.

My boys have decided that sandwiches are even better when you make them yourself. I’m loving the possibilities here!

Wow, I forgot just how much more these kids EAT in the summer when we’re playing outside and swimming most of the day!

Ended the day by reading the creation story with my boys. And now Conner is in tears at the horribly sad story of our broken world, (Josiah is ready to go to the store to buy more apples), and we’re praying perhaps more fervently than ever for God to reconcile all things to Him.

A couple of miles on the elliptical, now swim lessons, then picnic lunch and more swimming!

It’s amazing how taking a little risk, just stepping up and being Christ, in an awkward situation can immediately make everyone more at ease.

Three days of company and busy, busy, busy-ness – and my house, kitchen especially, looks like it’s vomited on itself. Today’s starting off a little slower, I’m hoping it continues that way…

Is being brave and trying something new…

Josiah just roared (yes, like a lion) in his sleep.

Kung Fu Panda 2 at the drive-in…for free???? Yes, please!

Is needing a peaceful and relaxing kind of day today…so I’m on a mission to catch my kids doing good things today.

Is helping Conner research the answer to a very important question – Do germs poop??

Trying my hand at some whole-wheat, strawberry cheesecake pancakes for dinner.

Not sure what exactly the boys are playing this morning, but it seems to involve Pokemon, magic wands, lions, Jedi, light savers…and pie. I’m just glad they’re enjoying a lazy summer morning!

Cars 2!!!!

I love getting compliments from strangers on how good my boys are (and when they are behaving enough to deserve them). Thanks random guy at Discount Tire, you made my day!

7:08 and all my babies are asleep! Praying for some long and refreshing rest for renewed good attitudes tomorrow!

What a treat – the $1 movie reel broke this morning, so we’re seeing Cars 2 for $1!

Love my kindle – the book I’m reading mentions another book that sounds good…so within less than a minute, I download that one and have it ready and waiting!

July 2011

Spaghetti for breakfast this morning! (For the kids anyway. I think Mom is gonna stick with more traditional fare.

The sky sure is picturesque this morning – pretty bright blue with fluffy white clouds.

Is going through closets and boxes of hand-me-downs, making a school uniform shopping list for TWO kids. Uggh.

Popcorn is always better at the movies!

Is wearing goggles while I chop onions. The kids are quite entertained AND my eyes don’t hurt!

Is thankful for antibiotics, steroid packs, and hubbies and grandmas that take care of the kids and other stuff so Mommy can get some rest and get well!

I’m excited! Bret’s doctoral project officially began today. Graduation/ *DR.* Bret Wells – it’s closer than ever!

Family casserole exchange tonight – tons of fun and a well-stocked freezer!

I can’t believe I’m pulling cupcakes out of the over at 10PM. But it’s just too dadgum hot to bake during the day!

As a participant in Bret’s doctoral project, I’m taking a “class” in Missional Imagination. Right now I’m trying to think through how I would define my theological center. Uggh, this is hard! I’m promised it will be worth it though!

Date night with my hubby!

Hanging out with my favorite 9-month-old AND my favorite 4-month-old today. Glad my kids are at BooBoo’s!

After over three years of being without his two front teeth (he knocked them out on a ceramic tile floor), Conner is finally starting to cut one of his permanent teeth. He is SO excited to have front teeth again soon!

At the FW zoo this morning…and got the rare treat of actually seeing the male lion roaring. Three very excited boys here.

In the middle of a project that’s ended up being W-A-Y more involved than originally anticipated. Uggh.

August 2011

Cheetos and popsicles for breakfast. Ain’t summer great?

Seriously, I don’t know how we found anything out before Google.

Cabin. Fever.

I’ve got three little boys that are so excited about the new Phineas and Ferb movie coming on tonight, they can hardly contain themselves.

Phineas and Ferb!

GattiTown with Gammie and Poppy and the crew!

Getting ready to read the first draft of chapter 2 of Bret’s dissertation. I had no idea what I was signing up for 10 ½ years ago! ;)

I’m having an “I-don’t-wanna,” “poor-me,” “I’m-so-freakin’-tired-of-this” kind of day. There. It’s out. I said it. Attitude adjustment beginning now.

A child just came out of my bathroom holding a makeup application sponge, asking me if he wiped his bottom good. Can’t. Stop. This train of thought. Eeeeew, eeeew, eeeew!!!!

There are some days that the thought of having a house full of teenage boys is terrifying.

I just woke up to the sound of rain. It’s even more beautiful than I remembered!

Is enjoying the sounds of my kids playing nicely…even though they’re supposed to be cleaning up right now.

I just found myself digging in the trash for the apple seeds that I forgot to save a little while ago. Yes, preschool must be starting soon…

I love how a new box of markers can inspire creativity.

Attention family and friends who have known Micah since he was a wee tot: Micah has asked that we no longer call him “Micah Moo.” Because, “Moo sounds like a cow, and cow is in the name cow-ard.” He prefers “Micah Man” now. :( and :)

Meet the Teacher is tomorrow…I’m praying fervently, as I have been all summer that my kiddos will get the “best teacher for THEM,” and that they’ll have a great year. I’m having a hard time, but I’m doing my best to rid my heart of anxiety…

Well, we met the teachers tonight and everyone’s excited for school to start on Tuesday!

My newest endeavor, Pocket Secrets only needs 4 more likes in order for me to utilize a custom Facebook URL. Will you help me out?

PHEW! The tooth fairy just barely remembered she was supposed to visit!

Micah just woke up, ready to get dressed for kindergarten! :)

I’ve got the first-day-of-school jitters as thought it were me starting kindergarten today. Lord, I’m thanking you in advance for being faithful, and for the wonderful year of learning and growth I already know both of my kids will experience!

Got the big kids in big school…now it’s time to get my preschool classroom ready!

Homework on the first day of school for my kindergartener. :(

I can’t believe my Conner is 8 today!! (And whose idea was it to have a kid during the first week of school every year, anyway?? Sheesh!)

Eating lunch with my bday boy!

It’s a good thing I know that chicken I just put in the crock pot is gonna make a super-yummy dinner…b/c messing with raw chicken and giblets is just gross.

I’ve been hanging out with a little guy who has REALLY been missing his big brothers this week…

Sooooo ready for this week to be over.

Lord have mercy, we’re dropping like flies around here. Now three of the five of us puking…

I’m hanging out with my washer/dryer and cans of Lysol and Clorox wipes, cleaning up from Friday’s stomach bug x 5. Ugggh. But at least it’s OVER!!!

How do you LOSE a load of laundry?? I know I took the sheets off the bed…and I’m pretty sure I made it to the washing machine with them…but that was several loads ago and I haven’t seen them. Good grief.

Check out new designs at Pocket Secrets! Buy one get one free (Code: 1STDAY) at!

Making Funfetti cookies with my favorite three-year-odl!

My blog ate my blog buddies list.  If you’re one of them (or wanna be) will you send me your blog address?

Sitting with Dad at the hospital while Mom gets her new knees. Nervous and excited, prayers are coveted!

I forgot how many little rules are involved with learning ho to do homework on notebook paper!

Just shipped a ladybug and a couple of dinosaurs to some lucky kiddos. Wouldn’t it make your little darling’s day to get their very own Pocket Secrets in the mail?

September 2011

Meet the Teacher at preschool tonight. I’ll stand up in front of a room of kids and talk any day…but add their parents and I’m a nervous mess!

Hamburger Helper and steam-‘em-in-the-microwave frozen veggies to the rescue!

I had a fantastic 1st day of preschool – even with my own kid in my class (which I always said I’d NEVER do)! And then my sweet hubby showed up with flowers and took my out to lunch. And now Joey is napping and I have the house to myself for a little while. And the weather is beautiful, and finally cool enough to have the blinds open and let some sunlight in the house. My cup is overflowing!

After having both knees replaced last Tuesday, Mom is on her way home! Thank you, Lord!!!

Gosh, I am really struggling with learning how to efficiently and frugally navigate this world of two kids with homework and another one or two that still need attention, while processing all the paperwork and notes, cooking dinner, getting kids to bed on time, and still getting myself to bed at a reasonable-ish hour. Uggggh.

And I know I’m only looking forward to days of more to juggle…

Well hello, Friday! Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you all week!

Watching the boys swim…can’t believe we started the summer with two in floaties and now they’re all swimming on their own!

At the BHS football game, where the band is playing Eye of the Tiger. Oh, the memories…

At the dentist…how bad is it that when they called all 3 boys back at once, I breathed a huge sigh of relief, silimar to when I leave them with a babysitter?

Tonight, it looks like encouraging my young artists’ creativity will mean having a little glitter mixed into our dinner. Oh well…who says mozzarella chicken doesn’t need a little bling?!

I’m turning into my mother, making notes to remind myself of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. ;)

The lesson that I *hope* was learned at preschool today: you don’t hit your mom, you don’t hit your teacher, but you sure better NOT hit your mom who is also your teacher!

Jello jigglers.

Micah wrote and illustrated five little books today. Kindergarten is jiving well with him, he’s been challenged and inspired. Many prayers are being answered. Thank you Lord, for your faithfulness!

Bret’s going to Alaska in a few weeks. What should I ask him to bring home for me??

I love that I dump playground pea gravel out of my kids’ shoes every night. Those boys have FUN at recess.

Go away, germs! I’m sick of you! Literally. :/

There are some days that the thought of insisting that the kids pick up their own mess is more exhausting than just doing it myself. Today is one of those days…

Dear annoying and kind of painful tickle in my throat: you can go away now. Really. I’d like to sleep…

Seriously don’t know what I’d do without my deep freezer. It’s one of my bestest friends.

October 2011

The wellsbrothers are hard at work making pin-the-tail-on-the-crocodile and –the-monkey games for the daddy’s birthday tomorrow.

At PetSmart upgrading the brothers’ fish tank with the quarters and tooth fairy dollars they’ve been saving. Lord, help us all (including the fish)!!!

Helping some VERY excited like cooks make their daddy a delicious birthday breakfast in bed. I have the coolest little family!

Folding laundry with Josiah…and fighting my perfectionist streak that wants all the towels in the drawer to be folded uniformly…

What is it with my kids and their teeth? The school nurse just called…Conner hit his mouth on someone’s head and now one of his brand new permanent teeth (that very recently replace the empty spce he had for over 3 years) is loose. Good grief.

It looks like Conner will be representing Stribling’s 2nd grade at the District Reading Bee next week!

Hoping that the “collections” I’m cleaning up have been sitting there long enough that none of the boys will miss them. I know I won’t!

What. A. Day. I’m ready for it to be over! But it’s not yet. There’s an entire evening ahead of us…hopefully the boys will cooperate and make it a low-stress one and turn the day around…

I don’t particularly love the stress or the reason for it…but I AM loving that it’s the kind of stress that drives me to clean and organize instead of just eat like usual!

Look for Pocket Secret s on Etsy tomorrow. We’ll be showcased in the clothing category!
Sent my man off to Anchorage this morning!

The kids are asleep and the day is over…with another day’s worth of work left to do…and as usual I don’t’ feel like doing anything. But tonight I’m giving myself the gift of actually doing nothing.

Kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch this morning!!

School lunch today: jack-o-lantern pizza stix, creepy fries, Halloween ice scream. My boys are SO excited.

November 2011

I never knew just how dirty my kids got a school when they got to wear jeans. Now that we have to wear khakis all the time…my goodness, they’re constantly filthy! On the other hand, after a long brown summer 

I’m thankful for the green we’re getting to enjoy outside…even if it means I’m treating grass stains in November.

It looks like I’ll be spending 6 hours on the road tomorrow…I’m looking for a good book on Kindle that comes in text-to-speech. Something on the lighter side. Suggestions?

One white cake mix + one can of pumpkin + a good-sized handful or two of butterscotch chips, cooked as cupcakes = one yummy fall breakfast!

I love that report card day is so exciting at my house – I’ve got some super sweet and smart kiddos!

At Bath and Body Wroks with Josiah, and he’s calling it “Bathroom Body Homeworks.” Hmmmm…

Trying not to be frustrated wit what a big mess my email is in…so instead I’m trying to be thankful that it’s all in digital form a/nd not in huge stack of paper snail-mail on my table.

Well shoot. The kids have actually started eating their own pizza crust. Now I’m gonna have to order enough pizza for myself too, instead of just eating their scraps. ;)

Hallelujah, first morning since the time change that Josiah has slept past 6 am!!!

Going to the grocery store this time of year, and seeing sweet little grandmas lovingly filling their carts with sweet potatoes and turkeys and pie stuff really, really makes me miss mine…

One unexpected benefit of a tonsillectomy = shopping for smaller jeans!

I’m so incredibly thankful for Betty Crocker and all that she did to make life simpler!

Love, love, love my kids…but I’m really enjoying some productive time without them. It’s been awhile!

Bret just printed out his thesis. Goodness gracious, it’s a big stack of papers! Now I’ve got to, I mean GET to, find the time to read it. Proud of you, babe!

December 2011

Finishing up bowling couple games with the Cub Scouts…I broke 100!

The fact that I was seriously considering making a “no more clothes from the closet, you can only wear clothes from the pile of clean laundry on the couch because we don’t have room for that pile to get any bigger” rule has motivated me. We’ll see if I can get it all put away before I add another load to it tonight…

Arrrrrgggghhh!! Everyone wants a couple bucks this time of year. I’ve raided all my secret stashes, and I’m officially out of $1’s. Sorry, PTO quarter drive – you’re actually getting quarters…

Really enjoyed Andrew Peterson’s “Lamb of God” concert last night. What a blessing to hear so many incredibly talented musicians play together!

Thank you, Pam Eason Wells for all the after-Christmas shopping goodies from last year. It's wonderful to just open the closet and already have it all! And thank you, Bonnie Kay Conner Spies and Bob Spies for wrangling the wellsbrothers this weekend so I can do things like wrap presents!

No homework this week! The kids are excited, but this mama is EcStAtIc!!! Thank you, teachers!

Ugggh. Santa must really love those boys to have ordered something from an "only as seen on TV" commercial. What a nuisance.

Ya gotta love it when the kids bring home folders full of Christmas creations that have been hanging around their classrooms for several weeks...and the things they asked Santa for in the letters they wrote are things you've never heard them mention...

One of the best things about Christmas (at our house, anyway, is empty wrapping paper roll swords. :)

I dropped something I needed behind the washing machine. So I pulled it out and did the necessary acrobatics to get it out...and ended up finding 14 socks in the process. So that's where they all disappear to!

At the Omni Polar Express Pajama Party!

Happy anniversary, Bret Wells! It's been a wonderful, adventurous 11 years. I'm looking forward to all the adventures that are still to come! I think... ;)

The house is a huge post-Christmas mess. But I'm sitting at Starbucks drinking a white chocolate peppermint mocha with my hubby, waiting until it's time to head down the road for a movie. Happy late-anniversary to us!

You never realize just how much you need your nose to do things like eat or swallow, until you're so congested that there is absolutely no airflow in your nasal passages. Uggh.

I think I've managed to throw out / give away just about as much stuff as the boys got for Christmas. Plus, their rooms are clean and their closets are organized. Getting that kind of work done makes a mom feel just plain good.

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Christmas with the Conners

We got to celebrate Christmas with the Conner family last night. I love that, even though MeeMaw and PeePaw are no longer with us, we still manage to all get together. As has become tradition, we went to my Uncle Bubba and Aunt Stephy's house, and just had some plain ol' fun.

We decorated cookies.

We enjoyed new babies. This is Cate, my cousin Caleb's daughter.

And this is Jodi's baby, Bonnie. (And Kelley - who was here last year as Ira's brand-new finace, so she isn't really new...but it was her first year to be "official.") Hmmm...wonder if there will be any new babies next year?? ;)

We tried to get a picture of all the kids - but with seven of them ages 8 and under...well...this was about as good as it got. :) From right to left: Griffin Robey (Lydia's), Micah Wells (mine), Christian Conner (Caleb's), Catherine Conner (Caleb's), Conner Wells (mine), Bonnie Bishop (Jodi's), and Josiah Wells (mine)

The adults played the gift exchange game with gift cards. And the kids, of course, got lots more presents. Josiah put his grabber to good use. "Gotcha, Uncle Bubba!"

And with five little boys running around, of course there was wrestling, "sword" fights,

and lots of noise from and giggling about the whoopie cushions.

And with that, we're finally putting Christmas 2011 in the books. Merry Christmas, sweet family! As always, we hope it won't be another whole year before we see you all again...
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We've Got Some Catching Up To Do

Blog bloggie blog blog bloggerson blog. Oh, how I've missed you! Happy Christmas break to me - I hope to put up a few posts!!

No one know it, but I've actually been keeping up with all the pictures. They're uploaded to the blog here into separate posts, each tagged and dated accordingly. I've just got to write a little something to go with them. The perfectionist in me likes to have things in order and pretty close to the right if anyone is interested in actually seeing what I've done, you can just scroll down. Anything between now and the end of August is actually new!

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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Little Monday Afternoon Drive


Kaleb had gotten a little jeep from Santa, but it was too wet and muddy for him to ride it. So on the next day, when it was warmer, drier, and sunnier, he was so incredibly sweet to let Josiah go with him on his first drive.

At 2 and 3 years old they're already best buds. I'm afraid we may be in trouble in a few years...

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas with the Wells

After spending Christmas morning at home opening our own presents, we drove down to Gammie and Poppy's to have Christmas with them. Tiffany and her family were at her in-law's celebrating when we got there, so we patiently waited (or tried to, anyway) for them to get there.

It was a good thing Santa had come to Gammie's house, too. He left stockings and goodies for the boys to eat and play with while they waited:

But, Micah in particular, found the wait rather long. Micah's just like his Gammie that way! :)
When Aggie, Uncle Kevin, Kaleb, and Kallie got there, it wasn't long before we were tearing into the goodies! Bret got lots of goodies for his new hunting bow.

Josiah got some new "laser" guns.

Conner got some new games.

Josiah shot people with his guns.

All the boys got some really cool shirts that made shark mouths with their sleeves.

Josiah and Kaleb shot each other with guns.

Conner and Micah were totally excited about an air hockey game.
Josiah got another new gun - and decided that cap guns are stinky.

We opened lots more presents, played with lots more toys, tried on lots more clothes, had lots more laughs, and just enjoyed being together.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Santa Came!

We put out the reindeer food,

and goodies for Santa,

and went to bed cuddling and smelling new Scentsy buddies while listening to Dad read the real Christmas story,

and dreaming of bikes, "fish pillows", Slushy Magic, and ice cream maker balls.

When Bret and I were growing up, Santa did different things at our houses. At Bret's house, Santa didn't wrap anything. Whenever the kids woke up, be it 7AM or 2AM, they went running into the living room to see what Santa brought, and then went running into their parents' room to tell them.

At my house, Santa's wrapping was always really cute and usually more elaborate than the other things that had been under the tree before. And even though Santa's gifts were wrapped, we were not allowed to even go into the living room until after Mom and Dad were up, and after we had eaten breakfast...which often seemed like f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Santa has made a compromise at our house. He leaves his gifts unwrapped, but often adds bows. Bret always sleeps in the bedroom - he likes for the kids to come running in and wake him up. I sleep on the couch in the living room - I like to see and hear the excitement when they see what Santa has brought.

So at 2AM, Josiah came wandering into the living room and said, "Wow, Santa brought bikes for 'Guys!'" Then, without even looking closer to see what Santa left for him, he crawled up on the couch with me and went back to sleep. :) Then at about 5:45, "Guys" (that's how Josiah often refers to his big brothers collectively) came running in.

And sure enough, there were bikes, (Totally exciting - the one we have only has hand brakes, which they aren't really strong enoug to use.)

Slushy Magics, just like from the infomercials (wow, Santa must really love those kids to have gone through that process),

and Josiah's "fish pillow" - just like he had seen at Cabela's. (Good grief - just what we needed, another huge stuffed animal...

There was also an ice cream maker ball. It's a ball that, after you put ice cream base and ice in, you roll it around to each other, and it makes ice cream. They had seen it in a magazine. We didn't get to try it until the next day at Gammie's, but man oh man, was it a hit!

There were a few other things, too...

Alvin and the Chipmunks had left a special Magic TV story on Conner's iPod,

Scentsy warmers (yes, they really did ask for them!),

New robes (yes, they asked for those, too!)

and bulletin boards. They had been taping all of their beautiful artwork all over the walls in every room of the house, and it wasa obviously time for everyone to have a special place to hang their own stuff. I remember that one year my brother and sisters and I all got bulletin boards, too. I hope we were as excited about those then as my boys are! :)

There was - huge surprise - a new game for the xBox!

...and then there were the Peppermint Village gifts. Each of the boys got a few dollars to do their own shopping and the little store at their school. (And Josiah got to go to the Dollar Store with me.) I love these gifts, because they're always so excited and proud of them - I want them to know how wonderful it is to give!
Then they played a little while I fixed breakfast, and shook up some chocolate milk slushies to go with it,

and went outside and rode their new bikes.

...and then we packed up and headed off to Gammie and Poppy's for another Christmas adventure...

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas with the Easons

After Christmas and lunch at Mom's and Dad's, we headed to Bret's Granny and Grandad's house.

The kids usually get a handful of goodies there, and then the adults play the gift exchange game. It's always fun, and we laughed a lot.

We are all thrilled and incredibly grateful that Grandad - after some scary close calls and several recent stays in the hospital - was able to celebrate Christmas with us this year. We were missing Adam and Caroline, but it was great to have most of the family together. We are thankful for all the time that the Lord gives us with one another!
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