Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A couple of days this week, and a couple of days last week, we had some sweet friends over to play. Ian is just a few weeks younger than Micah, and Hudson is just a few weeks younger than Josiah. So...for a little while in the morning it was me and the five boys, then we took Conner to school and it was me with the two three-year-olds and the two one-year-olds. Then I would load everyone up, pick up Conner, and finish the afternoon off one-on-five again.

I know, sounds crazy, right?!

But really, it was fun. Ian and Hudson were so sweet and incredibly good. And having friends around all day kept my own kids unusually occupied and entertained. Plus, Ian and Hudson are really good sleepers, and my kids followed their lead!

Here's a few pictures from our time:

Nap buddies Spiderman buddies
That's a van full o' boys!!

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Bonnie said...

It's strange how more people doesn't necessarily mean more confusion! You had five little cuties, that's for sure! (That Hudson does have a headful of curly hair!)