Monday, December 14, 2009

Transformer Couch

Since MeeMaw and GweGwe passed away, my family has been pretty busy trying to go through things and clean out their houses. There's all sorts of things that need a new home...which has meant that we've gotten a few "new" items of furniture -- among other things, a recliner, a bedroom suite, a piano (! - not at our house right now, more on that sometime soon), and a couch.

Right now, I'd like to tell you about the couch. We just got it today, and it's not just any couch, it's a sleeper sofa. Bret was not excited about this at first. (Apparently they are very heavy and really annoying to have to move around.) But, our couch was broken (try as we might to stop it, it just had one too many little bodies jumping on it) and we really kind of needed one. Plus, the more we thought about it the more we got excited about all of the possibilities this would bring.

The Wellsbrothers were very excited when we showed them what it could do. They quickly informed us that this was not a "sleeper sofa" or a "couch bed" (as I grew up calling it). No, this was a Transformer Couch. (They're kind of into Transformers right now!) They're not excited about it or anything... :)

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Lee and Michelle said...

Love it - Transformer Couch. Very appropriate!