Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with the Conners

Christmas with the Conners tonight! That's my mom's brother and his family -- Uncle Bubba, Aunt Stephy, Josh, Caleb, Crystal, and Christian.

We met at Uncle Bubba and Aunt Stephy's house, where we shared lots of food, watched the kids open presents, and enjoyed a gift card exchange. (Would you believe that out of 14 gift cards, seven of them were to iTunes?! We all thought we had a cool idea...) I'm so blessed to come from such a close family! We may not see each other as often as we like, but we're always able to just pick up right where we left off. And we always have tons of fun!

Here's just a few pics I thought the fam might want to see...

Dad, Chris, and Uncle Bubba
Vanna Stephy
Denny's gift card -- genius!
The candy table, in honor of MeeMaw. Micah and Christian were in love.

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Bonnie said...

and a tradition that was started last year after Meemaw's bleak diagnosis. May it live on and on forever and ever, Amen!