Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Baaa-aaack!

Back in August I announced that I was planning to take a break from blogging. A lot of things were coming to a head, a lot of new things were beginning -- and in order keep things running as smoothly as possible here on the homefront, I decided that I needed to relieve myself from my self-imposed one-post-a-day standard.

It was ironic that I chose to do this when I did. Little did I know that just days later my grandmother would fall and break her hip, and then pass away a few days after that. And little did I know that then just six weeks after that, my other grandmother would pass away very unexpectedly. And that those two events would leave our family with two entire households to clean out, divy up, and sell.

In addition to all of this, my trusty little camera finally died on me. I got my grandmother's camera, but it's never quite clicked with me. It's pictures are not as clear and sharp, and it's a little quirky -- as in, no matter how many fresh batteries I put in it, there are some days that it just won't turn on.

I've tried to continue to post about the big events while they were fresh on my mind, as well as a few of the smaller ones. But I am sooooo behind on so many other pictures and stories that I want to record and share.

And now, over four months after I announced my break, things have somehow slowed down a little bit. We've found a school day routine, I've completed my two online courses, we've settled into Bret's addition of substitute teaching to his already-full schedule, and a couple of my other "jobs" either didn't pan out and/or my services are no longer needed. One of my sisters (Jodi) moved to Burleson during this time, and she and her husband (Robert) have been wonderfully gracious to watch Joey about once a week for me while Micah and Conner were in school -- giving me some much-needed alone time to get school work done.

We spent nearly all of our week-long Thanksgiving break with family cleaning out grandparents' houses, and have officially closed on one of them. I've gone through and cleaned out and rearranged to make room in our little house for some of the "new" things that we've inherited from my grandparents. The Christmas season and it's busy-ness is upon us -- but because my kids have been so sick over the last week, and because Joey has spent a few days with my mom and dad, I have found myself pretty much stuck in the house and -- are you ready for this?!? -- getting caught up!

I have officially gotten caught up on all the things that I said I was going to do before I let myself dive back into blogging again. I'm so excited, I think I just might explode!

AND, I got the bestest Christmas present ever this year. And part of it's wonderful-ness is that I got it early, so that I could make sure and capture our Christmas festivities with it. Bret managed to squirrel away enough money this year to buy me a new camera! As in professional quality, removable lens (whoa, waaaaaay nicer than I ever thought I'd have), have to read the manual to learn all of the cool features, Canon Rebel EOS XSi kind of nice! I. Am. In. Heaven. And I don't even know how to do all the cool stuff on it yet!

Soooo...I probably won't be posting every single day. At least not yet. I'm going to ease back into this! And, in addition to recording our Christmas and other current activities, I intend to get caught up on some of the things that I've missed. Most of you probably aren't terribly interested in getting caught up on all of that stuff, especially since I have managed to keep up on the big events. But I know the grandmas will be! :) My plan is to date the posts true to the event, so they won't show up on the top of my blog. BUT, I will try to include a link to all of my newest "old" posts at the bottom of each "new" post.

I'm so excited to give this outlet back to myself, and I just can't wait to get caught up again with all my blog-buddies that I've been missing over the past few months!

Catching Up:

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New Camera!

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Bonnie said...

I'm very excited for you, baby girl! Don't quite have time to delve into the "old" stories yet (can't wait to read the "vacation from Joey" one), but will do so REAL soon. Hope you have a lovely day and that everyone is on the mend...

Heidi said...

YAY, you're back! I am excited! btw, LOVE the new camera!! It was delivered to our house and sat here for a week or so and I SOOO wanted to take a peek!! (but mainly just tried to keep Ryan away from the box...hehe!)

Gammie said...

We are soooo excited!
Finally got back on line and the first place I went was the blog! forget the bills...they've waited this long...
It was such a great way to start the day with new post! loveyouallbunchesandwillseeyouin2days!

Chelsie said...

We have that camera and LOVE it- enjoy, you deserve this treat!!!

Lee and Michelle said...

So happy for you getting a new camera! Tell Bret good job, my sis has a Rebel and loves it too! I have missed your posts and anxious to hear your future stories about your family. Loved the Christmas letter and picture - Thanks!