Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Luminant Party...and Santa!

A couple of weeks ago, Dad invited us to his company Christmas party. There would be good food, good door prizes, and Santa would be making an appearance! As soon as we found out that Dad would be "Santa's helper," there was no question. Of course we would be coming!

We enjoyed some good bar-be-que, sweet tea, and cake,

and Joey was thrilled with the balloons that were everywhere.

But then we were a little sad because Dad suddenly had to go "take care of some things for work." He said he'd be back in a little while though. The next thing we knew, the crowd started stirring...and who did we see walking down the stairs, but Santa!

The Wellsbrothers immediately jumped out of their seats and ran to see him. Santa was very sweet to give them a candy cane,

but for some reason -- I guess he was just really "busy" and "concerned" that he would have time to see everyone -- he wouldn't really look them in the eye or say much to them. :) So we let the other kids have their turn with Santa, and went back to our seats.

A little while later, Yogi finished up with his things for work and came back to sit at the table with us. Conner and Micah excitedly told him that they had seen Santa. Yogi, of course, wanted to see him too...but Santa was nowhere to be found. The other kids said that he had left just a few minutes ago. The boys were so sad that poor Yogi had missed Santa. ;)

Now it was time for the door prizes. There were a ton of them, and it took awhile to call out all the names. So, since we were in a rodeo arena, the boys decided they would throw some dirt rocks at the wall while they listened for their names.

...and then we figured out that the "dirt rocks" were not really dirt, but another kind of "rock" that can be found in a rodeo arena... Then we decided that we might should wash our hands (really good!) and find another game to play!

Then we heard "Conner Wells" over the PA system. Conner had won a door prize! He took off running, he was so excited. There was a table full of toys, and he got to pick any one of them that he wanted. And no big surprise -- he passed up the trucks and the guns, and went straight for the Wheel of Fortune game. It was actually the perfect game for him though. And kind of sweet for me, since watching the Gameshow Network was something that he used to do with MeeMaw, and that was one of her favorite shows.

At some point in the evening, we managed to get everyone still(-ish, anyway) and Mom tried to take a few family pictures for us. I was so excited that we ended up with several good ones.

There were a few pretty funny bloopers, though! :)

Yogi, thanks for inviting us to your party, and we are so sorry that you missed Santa!post signature

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Bonnie said...

It was a fun evening. Thanks for coming!