Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Perfect Day

It was nine years ago today that I married my best friend. Happy anniversary Bret, I love you!

And how, you ask, did we celebrate? Well, we knew when we chose our date, that celebrating anniversaries on the actual date would be hard. And we were right -- especially since we've added kiddos to the mix. So to be honest, we don't really even try. On December 23rd each year, we wish each other happy anniversary, there may be a small gift or card, but mostly it's just Christmas Eve Eve for us just like it is for everyone else. It's filled with travel or last minute shopping, wrapping presents or preparing for company. We just know that one evening in the next week or so, we will get to go out for dinner or something. Any one of our favorite babysitters always sees to it!

So today we hung out with the fam. And it was great! On the spur of the moment, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to the zoo. (PS - Santa, I'm really hoping our zoo membership will be renewed this year!!) And, since Daddy was with us today, we tried something new. We went -- get this -- without a stroller! Instead, we put Joey on a leash. Some people don't like those, but I'm telling you, it was won-der-ful!!! Everyone loved it. Look how cute it was to boot:

And Joey being free from the stroller helped us to realize just what a big helper Conner has become:Really, we just had a great time. We hid from the lions.
We fed the parrots. Bret was particularly amused at the lounging meerkat.Everyone thought it was cool when we got to see the black rhino take a shower.The leash made for a really cute little game of tug-of-war (thankfully no one busted!),
and Bret got a fabulous picture of my Micah Moo.
Then after we got home, we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening playing outside. It was great weather, and I'm so glad that we were able to take advantage of it! A litle while later, as I put JoJo to bed, Bret and the big boys set to work on the biggest plans for the day. They built a campfire for hot dogs and marshmallows, and set up a tent for shadow puppets and bedtime stories. We even had a few friends and family drop in.The boys had been asking to camp, and we'd been looking for a "warm" night. I think 70 at 6pm two days before Christmas qualifies! ...but they won't be sleeping out there, as some really cold stuff -- maybe even snow! -- should be moving in tonight. Nothing like snow on Christmas Eve! :)
I can think of a bunch of different, very appropriate ways to celebrate an anniversary. But honestly, I can't think of any better way to celebrate an anniversary than to spend the day with the family God has blessed us with through this marriage.
Bret, I love you and look forward to manny more years! (And yes, a steak coming up pretty soon... ;)
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Lydia said...

your pictures are so great!! i love the tug o war one, especially. thanks for sharing and glad you had a good anniversary!

A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Your pictures are phenomenal! I can tell that new camera is coming in quite handy. Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas to you guys and your sweet boys!

Bonnie said...

yeah, man! That camera's the ticket--and, of course, the great subjects you have to photograph! Happy Anniversary, my sweet baby (and her hubby)!