Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cute Pictures and Funny Quotes from April...

"Look at my pez, mom!" It finally got warm enough to play in the water.

Love that big ol' smile! Okay, I know, it's a little cheesy that we've all got matching outfits, but everyone is actually looking at the camera and not making weird faces. (And we did this with the timer on the camera!!) Bret's mother and sister found the clothes and couldn't resist -- we had to take a picture. Thanks, Gammie and Aggie!
Only Photographer Conner can get Poppy to make this face.
" See my dinosaur, Josiah?" (You can't tell here, but this dinosaur is actually roaring and snapping his jaws at the baby. I got the pic quick and then sent the dinosaur on to prey on something else!)
Yummy popsicles Conner
Silly, silly, silly Micah. (He's got the lid to a water bottle in his mouth. This is a fun new trick that he does with all kinds of little toys and thinks it's hilarious.)
Joey discovered the mobile and loves it.
Yes, he's in the bathroom at a fast food restaurant standing under the hand dryer! We were on our way home from the wedding, I still had the camera in the diaper bag, and he thought this was so funny! Conner cuddles Joey
Mom took us to Dinosaur Valley State Park. The T-Rex is too cool!
When Joey cries, both big brothers come running to see what's wrong and do their best to help. Conner shoves the plug (that's what we call the pacifier -- hey, just being honest here!) into his mouth, and Micah gets in his face and yells "It's okay Jo-siah." Poor baby.
"But I want to wear it this way, Mom!"

Conner, to Bret: "You're not my only daddy, you know."
Bret: "Oh, really? Who's your other daddy?"
Conner: "God."

Micah (he's counting): ""

Bret: "Conner, if someone asked you who God is, what would you say?"
Conner: "He's big and he's awesome and he loves us."
Bret: "Why can't we see him?"
Conner: "Because he lives in heaven and its far, far away."
Bret: "So how can he hear us when we pray?"
Conner: "Because he has REALLY big ears."

Conner, to Rachel: "But Mommy, I want to fly on the airplane, too."
Rachel: "Well, you don't have a ticket." I showed him mine, which I had printed on pink paper. (That's all we had.) "See, it says 'Rachel Wells,' not 'Conner Wells.'
Conner: "Well, let's get some pink paper and write my name on it. Then I can have a ticket and fly on the airplane with you."

When Micah wakes up in the morning and Conner is not up yet, he always says, "Need Conner." Too sweet! Then he says, "Got poopy, Mom. Need new diaper. Need chockit milk. Need watch TV. Need sit on brown couch." He's pretty demanding first thing in the morning!

At 7pm one night:
Conner, to Bret: "Whew, I'm really tired!"
Bret: "Well, do you want to go to sleep?"
Conner: "Naw. How 'bout we get some can have some coffee and I can have some milk and we can just lay here and cuddle."

Conner was watching Joey lay on the bed, kicking his feet and waving his arms. "Daddy, is he trying to make snow angels? There's no snow."

"Yay! Poopy in potty!" --Micah!!!

Micah, pointing at the TV: "Need in there." I was watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the episode about the games the Gosselins Play -- they were playing hide-and-seek and duck-duck-goose. (Have you ever watched the show? It's on TLC. I'm totally into it!)

One day Conner was saying that he was upset at God because he doesn't get EVERY toy he asks for. (A little embarassing...but I'm trying to keep it honest here!) Bret talked to him about all the wonderful things that God has given us -- particularly family that loves us. Conner said, "I know, I know God gives us people. But I want toys." So Bret told Conner that there are children that live in our town who don't have any toys at all and Conner has more than he can play with. Conner got pretty quiet and after a minute looked at Bret and in a beautiful sweet and innocent little voice said, " you think that story makes me less sad about not getting all the toys I want?" Bret said, "I don't know, Conner, does it?" In an immediate, short, quick, and harsh response, eyebrows furrowed in anger, Conner snapped, "NO!"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Kinda Hate to Admit It...

...but I'm a little jealous of my four-year-old.

The other day, Conner was mad at me because even though his TV show was not over, it was time to go to school. I had asked him to turn the TV off and go potty. He had back-talked a little and gotten in trouble on his way there. From the bathroom I heard, "Go away, God! And you too, Jesus! I want to be alone!"

Bret sat down and talked to him about that for a few minutes, about how God and Jesus are always with us, no matter how much we want to be alone. They talked about how wonderful it is that we are never actually alone.

I just haven't been able to stop thinking about it, though. How cool is it (aside from the fact that he had actually told them to go away) that at four years old, God and Jesus are so real to him, so close, so present, that he asks them to leave when he wants to be alone?

I'm a little jealous! I definitely know God's presence, and I know that He's always there...I just don't know that it's always quite that intimate. I'm really struggling with some trust issues right now. God keeps finding ways to impress upon me that I've got to put my trust in Him -- not family, not friends, not even His church, but Him.

Over the past couple of years, I've been let down by people that I trusted in some pretty big ways. I keep thinking that I've dealt with it and am over it, and then something else happens to make it blatently obvious that I am still carrying this huge burden of resentment and distrust.

Recently I've found myself in a situation in which I am fearful for the safety of my children in a place that should be relatively safe. Bret and I have really struggled with how to best correct this situation, while remaining true to the full extent of our calling as Christians and ministers. While the situation is a really big deal to us, those who are in the best position to help make things better don't seem to think that it's that big of a problem. I struggle with wondering if we're just being nervous, worried, over-protective parents...or if there's really a legitimate concern here. I struggle with finding the line between just trusting God to make everything okay...and using the means He has made available to me -- for just such situations -- to make it okay. I struggle with keeping all of my worry and hurt feelings inside...and confiding in the friends that He has blessed me with for just such situations.

Last night I got the rare privilege of going out to dinner with some girlfriends -- no kids or hubbies allowed. (Except Joey, to whom the rules don't quite apply yet!) Because of my tendency to harbor these feelings I think that I am sometimes kind of hard to get to know really well. But God has blessed me with several friends here who have been able to break past that and know when I'm holding onto something that I really need to let out. They had me in tears in no time, and gosh, it felt good to share. They let me talk, shared my concern, and prayed for me. While it still involves putting trust in people, I could feel that God was giving me this baby step toward putting my trust in Him, too -- He is the one who has given me these friends. I honestly think that one of the reasons that He has put some of them here in this very place at this very time is for me. I am thankful for that.

Yesterday Conner wanted to draw a surprise picture for Daddy -- something that would really make him happy. He decided to draw a picture of Jesus dying on the cross -- that would make Daddy really happy because Jesus died for us. Wow. Oh to have the faith, the innocence, the trust of a child. God teaches us so much through our children.

Oh, and by the way, Conner was right. The picture is sitting on the kitchen countertop underneath Bret's keys so that he can take it with him and hang it up in his office.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bubba and Uncle Chris' Wedding

Okay, I know you're like, wait, what kind of wedding did she go to? Bubba and Uncle Chris?? Well, here's Bubba and Uncle Chris:
Lydia is her other sister's name is Jodi. When Conner was first starting to talk, Lydia decided that she wanted Conner to call her "Bubba" instead of "Aunt Lydia," so that he would be able to say her name before Jodi's. Well, it worked...he said "Bubba" before he said "Jodi" (poor Jodi was "dada" for the longest time!), but now Lydia is stuck with "Bubba!"

My sweet mother got a few prints from the wedding from a friend. She has worked her little tail off to convert them into digital pictures that she could email to me. Here they are:

Conner and Allie, the little flower girl, became instant friends. They held hands (even when we were not asking them to), they ate dinner together, here they are playing a game together. Allie, I don't know what we would have done with him if we didn't have a little girl there to keep him under control! (Aren't the black and white polka dots cute?! Yes, this was the flower girl's dress for the wedding -- Lydia had all the bridesmaids in black and white polka dots. It turned out really cute -- I promise I'll get pictures of that up, too. Mom's got a CD in the mail for me...)

Micah was, of course, too cute in that little tux! He was running around wild half the time, like every two-year-old little boy should at a wedding. I think he might have been playing some version of hide and seek here.

I come from a family of six: dad, mom, three daughters and a son. Until recently, the girls have always outnumbered the boys. But now we now officially have twice as many boys as we do girls! (Of course I alone have added half of them...) Here's, left to right, Conner, Robert (Jodi's husband), Bret, Josiah, Chris (the groom), Ira (my brother), Dad, and Micah:

All three boys fell asleep on the way home from the church Saturday night. They never even woke up as we got them out of the van and into bed. I checked on them before I laid down and here's what I saw. Toooo sweet! Bubba, I think you guys wore them out.

...And a few days later, they're still worn out and BooBoo is, too!

For more wedding pictures, click here: Bubba's Wedding Pictures (round 1) and Bubba's Wedding Pictures (round 2)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Innie, an Outtie, and a Stub (Still!)

The little belly buttons in this house seem to have as distinct personalities as the little boys to which they belong.

Conner is normal and has an innie, but it is not a normal innie. I guess you could say it's really more of a "flattie," because it exactly doesn't go in.

Micah has an outtie. It sticks out enough that you can sometimes tell even when he has a shirt on.

Joey is seven weeks old today and still hasn't lost his umbilical cord. Most babies lose it around 2-3 weeks old, which is when the other two lost theirs. Joey is going at least three times that long! The doctor said, "Oh, he hasn't lost his cord yet," when he went for a checkup last week. But she just cleaned it out and said, "You know what they say, the longer they keep it the more of a mama's baby they'll be!" We'll see...

I actually got some pretty funny ones when I was trying to take this picture and yes, Conner has his undies on backwards (like usual!). Here's one of my favorites:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Micah Eason

I'm feeling like Conner and Joey have both had several posts dedicated nearly entirely to them, and poor Micah is being left out. So here's to Micah, a dozen things that make him special:

1. If his mean ol' mommy and daddy would let him, Micah would live on macaroni and cheese, string cheese, chocolate milk, and fruit snacks.

2. He needs cup of warm milk before he goes to sleep at night.

3. If anyone else in the house has their shoes on, he must have his on, too. I think he's afraid that if someone has their shoes on, they are going somewhere, and if they are going somewhere, he wants to come along!

4. Micah loves outside, balls, hide-and-seek, and Chuck E. Cheese.

5. When we play outiside in the front yard, he always has to ring the front doorbell a few times.

6. I'm a little embarrassed to say that he knows the names of nearly every kiddie show that comes on Playhouse Disney, PBS Kids, and Nick Jr...we've watched way too much TV the past several months, but hey, we're surviving!

7. Micah has a double cow-lick on the top of his head -- just like his Uncle Ira, MeeMaw, and Gammie (I think?). His hair hardly ever lays down, no matter what I do to it. We still call him "Spikah" from time to time.

8. His belly button is an outie.

9. He loves to wake Josiah up.

10. He doesn't like to have his picture taken. If he realizes that the camera is aimed toward him, he puts on his mad face and in his really deep (for a two-year-old, anyway) voice says, "No Mom. No pi-cher."

11. Micah doesn't go anywhere without his blue blanket, named "softie." His teachers at church and the preschool won't take him without Softie! We actually have four of them -- two that live in his closet (so there's always at least one clean and ready to go), one that lives in the van, and one that is always with him.

12. He's a great cuddler -- if you don't mind sharing your cuddles with softie. He will always be one of my babies.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Family Picnic

Today was the 4's Family Picnic at our preschool. Parents, siblings, grandparents, whoever, come and actually set out blankets on the lawn and eat lunch with the kiddos. We were waiting for the guests of honor to come join us, and as his class came out Conner and all of his friends were wearing these ladybug hats. Too cute! :)

Lunch was's hard to beat peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwiches and cheetoes! It was hot, though, muggy with no breeze. Uggh!

It was time for Joey to eat about the time we got there, but he was so sweet to cooperate with us. He slept through the whole thing and I was able to enjoy all the other goings-on.

Eating lasted all of about ten minutes. The next thirty minutes or so were spent with parents visiting and kids running wild. Conner spent a lot of time chasing the girls -- but it was the kind of chasing where they actually wanted him to chase them. Nearly everytime we looked up he was with a bunch of girls. Here they're all waiting their turn for a hug from him!

This is Conner with Emily. I think she is secretly his little heart-throb. Even his teachers talk about how these two are always together, getting in trouble for talking when they aren't supposed to. Conner talks about her all the time at home. She's pretty cute -- he's got pretty good taste, huh?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Sunday afternoon we decided to try something new. I had read about sidewalk paint in a magazine awhile back and had tucked the recipe away to try when the weather warmed up. Sunday turned out to be the day. It was totally easy to make, and really cheap, too. The boys loved it -- it was basically like sidewalk chalk (which we love), only with a paintbrush.As you can see, Bret was the one that got to go out and help them with it. (I was feeding Joey.) Sunday actually ended up being a Daddy kind of day. Micah got to ride home with Bret in the truck, and Conner got to go run some errands with him in the truck. The boys love to ride in the truck -- there's only room for one of them, Daddy listens to "rock and roll" music, and he turns it up much louder than me.

We always go to church in two vehicles on Sunday morning. Bret, being the preacher/pastor, needs to get there pretty early. I don't get there until just in time for class to start (or a little later!). We usually let one of the boys ride home from church with him, unless he ends up staying late talking with people. Our Sunday morning routine has been thrown off for the past six weeks or so because I haven't been going with the baby. So, last Sunday was really special because we were getting back into the routine of things, and Micah got to be first.

After I got Micah down for a nap, I ended up falling asleep with Joey. Conner and Bret had stayed outside a little longer, and then decided to go run errands while Mommy and the babies were asleep. Conner has finally gotten big enough that he can be pretty fun to take on a few quick errands -- especially if you make it out to be really special. He and Bret seemed to have a really good time.

Both boys kind of became Daddy's boys for the rest of the evening and the next day. I guess it was really good for them both to get to spend some one-on-one time with Bret completely away from everyone else -- things have been pretty crazy around here lately. You could tell that it totally broke Bret's heart! :) He's a really good, proud Daddy.

It made me remember how much fun we used to have riding in the truck with my dad, only we didn't usually run errands. We got to go feed the cows with him, and that usually meant that we got to ride in the back (before it was outlawed). I think I will always fondly look back on checking the cows with my Daddy and my PeePaw.

Then I started thinking about how we have to be so intentional about enjoying our kids at this age. Riding in Daddy's truck won't always be the coolest thing ever, and before long Daddy's music will probably be much less than cool. It made me a little sad to think about leaving from church, Bret offering to let someone ride with him, and no one getting excited that they got to -- or getting really upset because they didn't get to. And then I started getting choked up as I remembered times that, as a teenager, Dad would ask if anyone wanted to ride with him and no one did. Gosh, Dad, I'm so sorry. I would so ride to church with you next time if I could.

Daddies are so special. I am so thankful that I've been blessed to have MY Daddy -- and my PeePaw, too. You taught me what to look for as I chose a mate who would my children's Daddy. Thank you for teaching me so well.

On a side note...everyone wants to see wedding pictures. Sorry! I don't have any yet! I promise I will post them when I get them. The big thing everyone wants to see is the infant in the tux -- sorry, Lydia! :) Here's pictures of us trying the tux on him:

Yes, the pants are folled a few times...
...the jacket swallowed him and the bow-tie was as big as his whole head......but he was still really cute! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tagged Again!

I was tagged again -- this time by Carrie B. I'm supposed to come up with three random things about myself. Let's see...

1. It drives me crazy to serve my family a meal that is all the same color, or even in the same color family. For example, if we have grilled chicken and bread, the vegetable cannot be corn, any kind of baked beans (like pintos or black-eyed peas), potatoes, or anything else that is brown/yellow. This is especially bad if the plate is white or in the same color family, too. The vegetables are where we get most of our color, since most meats and breads are the same color. Therefore, we eat lots of salad, green beans, and broccoli. Frozen mixed veggies are good, too -- they have lots of colors. For a long time, I couldn't figure out why I always had this overwhelming urge to put green beans with everything. Then I heard my mother say that the color thing is why she always puts something green with a meal, and it all clicked. Since then, I have gotten blue plates, and that helps a lot. It always makes me feel like I'm such a good wife/mommy when I have a pretty, colorful meal for my family -- even if the colors are brown chicken nuggets, orange mac & cheese, and green jello! Oh, and by the way, as I'm typing this, I'm realizing that I never notice if the meal that someone else serves me has all the right colors -- it seems to be a standard I apply only to myself. Weird, I know, but at least I come by it honestly...

2. I rarely sort my laundry. I just go through the house, grab stuff that needs to be washed, and wash it. New clothes -- especially red ones -- usually get washed by themselves, but other than that it's a free-for-all. And speaking of laundry, I hate ironing. I don't do it. When shopping, if it looks like it will have to be ironed, I won't even try it on.

3. I am a menu shopper. I try to go "big" grocery shopping only once every two weeks, and then try not to go back to the grocery store unless it is for bread or milk. I sit down and figure out what we will be eating for the next two weeks, make a list of everything I will need, along with anything else we're getting low on, and add it to my standard what-I-get-everytime-I-go-grocery-shopping-list. This usually means that we have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables the first week, and then rely on canned and frozen the second week...but it works for us. It saves us money, too, because it seems that every time I walk into the grocery store I get more than I planned, therefore spending more than I planned.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Texas Bluebonnets

I miss Texas. My sister picked me up at the airport in Dallas the other day, and I was just in awe at how beautiful all the wildflowers were. The bluebonnets were in full bloom, along with the Indian Paintbrushes, Buttercups, and all kinds of other yellow, white, purple, and pink flowers. I hadn't realized it until then, but there just aren't any wildflowers here in southern Louisiana like there are at home. (I made it a point to notice as I was driving home -- there really aren't!) Louisiana is pretty enough with the pine trees and swamps, but there is nothing like the wildflowers, oak trees, pastures, rocks, hills, and sky of home.

Everyone likes to take pictures of their kids in the bluebonnets...I am no different. Mom took us out to the state park one day:

Found a ladybug:

Sorry...the sun was so bright that there was absolutely no way we were going to get them to actually look at the camera!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

24 Glorious Minutes and 1 Prince of Peace

Pheww! We made it back! I know everyone is anxious to hear about the wedding and see the pictures. But, it was way too crazy for me to take any pictures with my camera...I'm waiting to get some from others...

For now the important thing is that we've made our way home. The brothers and I wanted to stay for several days after the wedding so that we could play. Bret had to leave several days before us, though, so that he could get back to work. He is so sweet -- he offered to take one or both of the big brothers with him so that I wouldn't be driving back with all three by myself. I, of course, refused the offer. I wanted everybody to be able to visit with the grandparents as long as possible, and didn't want Bret to have to figure out what to do with the kids while he was at work. So, yesterday morning we left my parents' house and drove to Bret's parents' house. We stayed there last night and got up this morning and drove the rest of the way home.

I've gotta tell you -- I have been dreading the long trip from Bret's parents' house near College Station to home. It really wasn't too bad, though. It took six movies (one of them twice) and two Laurie Berkner CDs, but we made the trip that my father-in-law can make in six hours in about ten. (I was expecting twelve.) I am indebted to Pam and Eddie for their generosity and foresight in giving us a portable DVD player three years ago, to Mom and Dad for a brand new movie (101 Dalmations), as well as to the McDonald's in Cleveland, TX and the Burger King in Crowley, LA for being two of only five fast food resaurants with playlands on my 640 mile trip. And, to anyone aspiring to open a Starbucks, how about one on I-10 or I-12 somewhere in Lafayette or Baton Rouge?! I did not see a single Starbucks during the entire 640 miles! All in all, all three of the Wells brothers did very well. Conner did lots of coloring, Micah did lots of cuddling with Softie, Joey did lots of sleeping -- and for 24 glorious minutes this morning they were all asleep at the same time!

I was pretty proud of myself. I managed to stay calm for the entire trip. I have a tendency to get anxious and frustrated pretty easily during high-stress situations, but not today. I heard a song on a Christian radio station yesterday. It was a new one for me. (It may not actually be that new, I just haven't listened to Christian radio since we lived in Dallas and got KLTY.) I don't know who sings it, or any of the words except for a couple of lines in the chorus: "Hold me, Jesus. I'm shaking like a leaf. You have been my King of Glory, won't you be my Prince of Peace." That tune with those words was stuck in my head all day today, and I just made it my prayer.

Thank you, Jesus, for being my Prince of Peace today. It makes all the difference when I allow You to be in control instead of anxious me!

I'll write about the wedding and post pictures as I get them. It's good to be back!

Friday, April 11, 2008

We'll be right back...

The Wellsbrothers and their caretakers are currently on the road. Lydia's wedding is this weekend in Texas. The wellsbrothers and I are going to take a short cut home - which means we're planning to get there some time around the end of next week!

Please feel free to read through old posts (the wells' network version of re-runs) and we will resume your regularly scheduled programming in a week or so!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Month Old

Josiah is one month old today. Gosh, it's hard to believe! Everyone thinks that he looks just like Micah. Just for funsies, I looked up some pictures of them when they were one month old.

Micah: Conner:
I don't know...I can see them both. Mostly, though, I really think he just looks like Josiah. We'll just have to wait and see!