Friday, November 30, 2007

Some of my favorite pictures from November...

Just too cute!

Laundry that never needs to be folded!

Conner's School Family Picnic

The best seat in the house.

We finally found the best way for the boys to help while putting up the Christmas tree!

Micah could listen to Conner read anywhere!

Micah rides on the back of Conner's bike.

We at least look like we like each other here!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Family Picnic

Today was the four-year-old Family Picnic Day at school. Daddy got to come join us, but we let Micah stay in his class, since Mommy was still working and had to be with her own class some, too.

Daddy brought McDonald's!

Everytime we looked up, Conner was surrounded by girls. Bret was quite proud!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Conner brought his class pet, Sal the frog, home this weekend. The kids in his class take turns bringing him home each weekend, record their activities in Sal's journal, and then share the exciting events with their class each Monday. Wells starts with "W"...Conner was the last one in the class to get a turn, so he was VERY excited! Here's some of what we did.

Running errands Saturday morning...

The pet store is one of Conner's "favorite places to go." Here he is showing Sal the fish...

and the birds...

Barnes and Noble is another of the "favorite places." Conner reads to Sal...

and they play Thomas the train.

On Sunday morning, Sal came to church with us. Conner even got to take Sal up on the stage where Daddy preaches!

Any time he's on the stage Conner gets to say a prayer in the microphone.

Playing pool in the teen room is another favorite activity at church.

And, as the weekend drew to a close, we recorded the excitement in Sal's journal.

Now it's Monday morning and Sal must go back to school... Come back soon, Sal!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some of My Favorite Pictures from October...

Micah skunk

This pumpkin is so heavy!

I've got carpet burn on my nose!

Baby Joey's costume

This is just wrong, isn't it?

Micah loves Daddy's caps


Mommy's big helper

Mommy's big helper?!

Micah and Daddy

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Licking the beaters - yum!