Monday, April 30, 2007

Some of My Favorite Pictures from April...

I wanna be a diver when I grow up!

The Easter Bunny brought me a yummy sucker!

You found me!

Micah and Mommy


This is fun, Mom!

These eggs are so interesting...

Feed the baby.

Conner was hunting more than just eggs!

The sandbox is so cool!

Conner loves the "bumpy slide playground."

Don't eat the chalk!

Cool dude! Quote of the Month:

"When I grow up and I'm a daddy, I am going to have six kids. Their names will be Raseega, Ragak, Tooga Monster, Seeyerock, Micah, and Heeson." --Conner

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hooray for Warm Weather!

The weather has finally gotten warm enough over the past couple of weeks that we can go outside and play in the water! Gammie got the boys a really cool inflatble swimming pool that we're having lots of fun with in the driveway.

We're also having lots of good old fashioned fun with the waterhose and the mud!

Monday, April 23, 2007

We Love Spaghetti!

We love spaghetti. It's quick, cheap, and easy to make, and everyone likes it. What's not to love?

Well...I suppose the mess does leave something to be desired, but it's so dog-gone cute!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The "Bumpy Slide Playground"

We have recently discovered a new playground that we have just fallen in love with. We affectionately refer to it as the "bumpy slide playground." They have a slide that looks similar to a coveyor belt, made up of a series of little cylinders that turn when you go down them, making for a fun, but bumpy ride. It doesn't look like I've got a picture of it, though! Oh, well...there's tons of other cool things to do here...

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Easter Bunny Came

Well, today wasn't Easter, but we decided to pretend. Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, is supposed to be super cold and rainy. Besides that, we decided that Sundays are full enough without egg hunts! So, we put in a special request for the Easter Bunny to visit us a day early. After spending a considerable amount of time dying and decorating Easter eggs yesterday, Conner was very excited about the possibility of a visit from the Easter Bunny today. Micah was excited, too, but I'm pretty sure that he had no idea why! He was just excited because Conner was excited - that's what little brothers do. Gammie made a special plate for us to leave a snack for the Easter Bunny, so Conner decided to leave some salad and carrots...and then snitched some for himself!
Then, when they woke up this morning, they discovered that all the hype was worth it! They got a lot of stuff. It looks like the Easter Bunny liked his snack, too.

After checking out the goods and eating a good breakfast, we got to go out and see if the Easter Bunny left anything outside for them to find. It was so cold today, though, the boys had to put their jackets on first. Then, once we got out, we were wishing we had bundled them up even more!

We have a lot of crawfish holes in our "yard," and we found that the Easter Bunny used them to his advantage!

Now the boys are in bed, and I am picking the "good stuff" out of their baskets as we speak! :)

Friday, April 6, 2007

Decorating Easter Eggs

Tomorrow is Easter...time to dye some eggs! Conner wasn't too sure at all about this activity, (I don't guess he remembers doing it at BooBoo's house last year) until he dropped the little tablets into the water and watched it start changing colors. Then he got totally into it.

Once the eggs were dyed and dried, we decided the easiest way to decorate them further was to put some Easter stickers on them.

Micah was more interested in the eggs themselves than in actually helping to dye them. Hmmm...they look good...

Do they taste good, too?!

This is what was left of Micah's poor little egg after he tasted it a few times:
Can't wait 'til the Easter Bunny hides them tomorrow!