Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Blue Monster

A few days ago, Micah drew a picture of a little blue monster. He must have really liked his creation, because then he decided to write a book about it. He got another piece of paper and drew a picture of the first page. Then he dictated while I wrote down the words. Then he drew another picture and had me write the words. We did this several times, until he had a pretty cute little six-page book. We stapled it together, he had Conner write the title on the cover, and he was ready for everyone to see:
The Little Blue Monster #1: Meet Little Blue Monster
I'm glad I'm home! But sometimes I'm not because there's this little thingy under my house.
Did that guy just come out of the ground and give me a thumbs-up?! He's supposed to be a bad guy.  Now I am freaked out!
Uh-oh! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!
Errrrrrr? Huh?
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Bleh.
Well, of course we all just threw a fit. His little book was so wonderfully creative and good! So he wrote four more over the course of the weekend. That's right. Our kindergartener wrote a series of five books over the weekend. And a few more after that. The dialogue digresses to mostly grunts and groans and sound effects in the last few, but the storyline is still clear. :) He is extremely proud of himself - as he should be!

Then today he (at the prompting of Conner), decided that he should start selling his Little Blue Monster books for $3 each. (The special-edition holiday ones would be $5 each.) They immediately wanted to call Booboo and Yogi and Gammie and Poppy. But we discouraged it - knowing that they would probably sell a few...and fearing that it would start something...

So they made some signs to hang by the road.

...and the rest of the day proceeded to be pretty long as we learned some lessons about patience in small businesses...

But Micah, I still say that if you want to be an author, and be famous and set a record for being the youngest kid to write a series of books, then you go for it kiddo! Dream big, work hard, be patient, and you never know what will happen!!

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