Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some of My Favorite Pictures from January...

I love throwing rocks in puddles! Yogi's cattle trailer is so fun!
I think I'm done with this chocolate!
"Driving" PaPaw's (Bret's grandad) tractor
Daddy tickles are the best!
Helping in the kitchen
Mac and cheese
MeeMaw's piano
Does your thumb taste as good as mine, Micah?
I love to watch the bread machine go.
Conner and Chicory
I'm loving this softie!
Mama's boy
Quotes of the month:
  • Conner, during a prayer at my Mom's and Dad's house: "BooBoo is a blessin' and Yogi is a blessin' and Mommy is a blessin' and Daddy is a blessin' and Ira is a blessin' and Micah is a blessin' and Bubba is a blessin' and Robert is a blessin' and Jodi is a blessin' and Conner is a blessin'!"
  • "Mommy, you're my best girl. Thanks for helping me learn stuff." --Conner
  • My brother's room at my parents' house has been transformed to become not much of a bedroom anymore, but the "boy room." It is where the guns and other hunting things, fishing poles and tackle, reloading supplies, tools, etc. are kept. It is absolutely off-limits to the Conner and Micah unless they are with a grown-up. Conner is really beginning to become interested in this room. While we were there, he asked Dad, "Yogi, will you teach me the things in Ira's room?" Yogi's heart, of course, swelled with pride.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Learning to walk definitely comes with its shares of hidden dangers - pulling up, falling down, letting go, toys in the way, brothers throwing random objects at various times, etc... Bumps and bruises are certainly part of babies growing into toddlers and then into kids. But it's so hard the first time your sweet baby looks like he got beat up in a bar fight! With carpet burn on his nose and a wound inflicted by his brother via a toy car, Micah looked pretty rough this week:

He's still smiling that sweet little smile, though!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

All Dressed Up

We're all dressed up for church this morning - with enough time left for Mom to (try, anyway) take some pictures!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Messy Faces

I love pictures of messy faces!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A Trip to Yogi's and BooBoo's House

We got a special treat this month - not only did we get to go to Yogi's and BooBoo's, but we got to stay for about 10 days! We flew to Texas with Mom at the end of December (see "Got Our Wings") and did lots of things, including having a late Christmas with the whole family.
We also got to go visit MeeMaw and PeePaw (my mother's mom and dad). That is always a special treat. I love some of these pictures, because Conner is getting old enough to really start getting into some the things that I remember always doing when we would visit as a kid. Here he is throwing rocks in one of PeePaw's mud puddles.

Micah wasn't real sure what he thought about PeePaw. I'm not sure any of the rest of us do, either! :)

The waterbed is always fun to play on...

...and so is the piano - especially when MeeMaw joins in!

Conner got to make some cookies with BooBoo...

...and leave it to Bubba to make hair gel out of the dough! (Chris, if you're reading this, consider it fair warning of some of the things that Lydia has taught my boys to do...I'm sure they will be teaching your kids some of the same things some day!) We of course ate Hershey's kisses under the table. I don't really remember how it got started, but it has become a thing - Mom always has Hershey's kisses for the boys, and they just can't eat them unless they're sitting under the table.
Once again, Bubba is teaching Conner to shoot the kisses out of his mouth at her...
Yogi had lots of leaves to play in.
And ice cream to eat every night!

And don't forget just plain ol' having fun...
...and cuddling.
We love coming to your house, Yogi and BooBoo. We're sorry it's not as often as we would like anymore, but we certainly make the most of it when we're there!