Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

When the boys woke up this morning around 7am (which was much later than we were expecting, since they were all asleep last night by 6:30pm!), and walked into the living room, all of the lights were off. They had their hands in front of them, batting at some unknown things which had filled the air and were tickling their faces. "Mom, what is all this stuff? What's going on?" Obviously, it had not clicked to them that it was Christmas morning yet! :)

So I turned on the lights, they saw the balloons, and it clicked. Squeals of delight replaced the confusion. Santa had left them all just what they had asked for.Conner had gotten his Moshi Membership.Micah had gotten his Hot Wheels Color Shifters and the Bumblebee Transformer.Joey had not only gotten twelve helium balloons (the strings causing the morning's initial confusion) -- but he had an entire helium tank to blow up more balloons for days to come!(I heard later that Santa's busy little elves had set an alarm for 4am to blow up those balloons, to make sure that they were still floating nice and high for him when he woke up!)

We played with all the things Santa brought, went through the stockings, ate our breakfast, and then read about the birth of Christ. We're doing our best to keep Christ in the middle of our Christmas here at home, to remember that it's actually a very special birthday that we are celebrating.
And finally, it was time to open the presents. Let me just tell you how proud I am of these kids. Conner immediately jumped up, wanting to be the one to read the names and pass the presents out. The first one he picked up happened to be for Micah. So he handed it him...and then just sat down to watch him open it. All three were so sweet to watch each other open the presents, and then take time to play with everything for a few minutes instead of just tossing it aside to open the next one. They were excited to give the things that had gotten for each other, and really seemed to be enjoying the "giving" part of Christmas. That was one of the best parts of the entire day for me.

Some of the highlights were shoes for all three boys -- with lights! (A big deal around here, no one has ever had tennis shoes with lights.) Plus, these shoes have those elastic laces, so the shoestrings don't need to be tied. Conner has definitely learned how to tie his own shoes, but tying them tight enough for them to stay tied for very long is still very hard for him. His teacher has declared that she won't be helping anyone tie their shoes after Christmas, and the shoestrings on his other tennis shoes are already pretty much toast. He was very excited. But honestly, I think it may be me who was the most excited about these shoes! And then there was the Hot Wheels Trick Tracks launcher. They had seen it at the store, fallen in love with it, and then I saw it on sale later. As exciting as the shoes were, this was definitely even more exciting! "Thanks, Mom!" Then there was Joey, who insisted on wearing both his new Superman pjs and Micah's new shoes over his own footie pajamas. Too cute! When the excitement finally started to die down, we opened the windows. And there, peacefully waiting for some little boys to come mess it up, was a beautiful blanket of about 2 1/2 to 3 inches of snow. We had played in the snow a little bit the night before, but the wind was just so sharp and cold that it wasn't very fun. But now the wind and blizzard conditions (no really, there was an actual blizzard in North Texas on Christmas Eve!) from the night before had moved on, and it was now just about as perfect weather as possible to go play in the snow. (I'll be posting those pictures soon.)

It was a wonderful Christmas morning, living up to everything we had hoped for...except for the fighting. To have done so well with so much of the gifts-and-new-toys part of Christmas, thre was still plenty of fighting in between. I actually called my parents to apologize for all of the Christmases that we surely must have driven them crazy with our fighting when we were kids! :) Merry Christmas, everyone!

Now it's off to Gammie's to celebrate with Bret's family...

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