Friday, December 11, 2009

Freaky Friday

At 6:48 AM, I discovered that Joey had found a marker.At 7:21 AM, I discovered that Joey had gotten a Christmas present out from under the tree and was opening it -- with his big brothers excitedly cheering him on.

(Thankfully, the present happened to be for me instead of Conner and Micah. Looking forward to wearing those earrings! ;)

At 7:28 AM, trying to get everyone ready to take Conner to school, (Bret had already gone to work) Joey was no where to be found. When I did finally find him, he was in the time out corner, eating a package of gum.

At this point he was, understandably, getting very frustrated with me. He was extremely angry that I kept taking away all of the fun things he was finding. He hit me and bit me several times before I got him calmed down enough to throw some clothes on him and strap him in the car seat.

Back home from dropping off Conner, I was in the kitchen cleaning up the breakfast dishes, thankful that Joey and Micah were chilling out and watching TV. Then Joey brought me a handful of light bulbs -- that he had unscrewed from their sockets on the Christmas tree lights. Both of us extremely frustrated, Joey angrily hitting and biting, and me desperately needing a break, I carried him into his room to put him in time-out in his crib -- where he couldn't get out, and I knew he'd be safe. I was holding his arms down to his sides to stop the hitting, had him facing away from me to stop the biting...and the kid starts to head butt me! So I (gently -- I'm frustrated and angry, but still in control of myself) turn him over and carry him upside down the rest of the way to his room. If nothing else, it shocked him enough to at least momentarily stop the insanity.

And then I looked at the clock -- only 9 AM. It's gonna be a long day! Thankfully Baby Einsteins, some chocolate milk, and some couch cuddles are doing us some good right signature

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