Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Was Running a Little Late at Gammie's

After we finished up with our Christmas and played in the snow, we packed everyone up and headed down to Gammie's to celebrate with Bret's family. We'd really been looking forward to having the whole family together, but the Christmas Eve blizzard had caused I-20 to be shut down, and we were so bummed that Adam and Caroline were stuck in Abilene and unable to make it.

But we had fun anyway. No sooner had we walked in the door, than did Santa follow us in! I get a little confused on the details of the story, but basically, Santa was running a little late, and was just getting there at about 3 in the afternoon!

He came in with a huge bag of gifts, and just started passing them out! Joey was a little scared at first, Cousin Kaleb was a little dazed at first (he had been snatched up from the middle of a nap), and Conner and Micah were so excited they could hardly stand it.

(Look at Micah's face in this picture. Love it!!)

Santa talked a little funny, and didn't seem to be able to see very good (a combination, it turns out, of borrowed glasses, and a hat that wouldn't stay out of his face), but he still gave out some awesome presents! (Thanks for our zoo membership, Santa!!)

Then all too soon, Santa had to leave. He had other boys and girls that he still needed to visit...but not before Joey picked a present up from under the tree to give to Santa. That kid, for all of his almost-two-year-old faults, really does have a sweet little heart. Even he could see that everyone had gotten something except for Santa. :)

Bye, Santa. We love you!

...and then a few minutes after Santa left, Poppy came in. "Poppy, Poppy, you missed it. Santa was here!" Poor Poppy! Crazy how things work, isn't it? The boys saw Santa several times, but both Yogi and Poppy happened to miss him...

Then we set about the hard work of opening presents. Conner started off passing presents out, and then was quickly overwhelmed with his own growing pile, and decided that he might should work on that instead. Some of the highlights were the Hot Wheels Shark Bite Bay, ("Thanks, Gammie! We've been wanting this our whole lives!"),

Nesquik, (That may sound odd, but let me tell you those kids were so excited to have their very own container of their personal favorite flavor of Nesquik! Joey even had to pause his gift opening just to get a cup of chocolate milk.),


Bret's camping stuff, (I'm really not sure what all of it was, but he was really excited about it all!),and a little play station thing for Kaleb. I think he was probably glad when my kids left, so that he could actually have a turn with his own new toy!

There were lots of other presents, too many to mention them all. But I have to tell you about the underwear. Micah and Conner each got some new Hot Wheels underwear, and some new Pokemon underwear. Micah was so excited about that Pokemon underwear! "It's so cool, Mom! I'm just gonna have to make sure and tee tee in all of them so I can get a clean pair and wear them all today!" Cute...but yuck! (We had a quick little talk, and decided that he could change the underwear whenever he wanted to that day, even if they weren't wet!)

Then we all shared a delicious dinner.(No, you can't see Micah. He wouldn't stop hiding from the camera. Guess I've been taking too many pictures lately!)

MeMe and Papaw came by for a visit after that, and we spent the rest of the evening napping and playing with our new toys.

Thanks, Gammie and Poppy, Uncle Adam and Aunt Caroline, Uncle Kevin and Aggie and Kaleb! Merry Christmas!
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