Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I went to pick Conner up from school today. But Conner was nowhere to found. I came home with Rudolph instead! :)

He was so excited about his little red nose, that first thing when we got home he took care of mine and Joey's noses, too. (Micah did not want a Rudolph nose.)

When Bret got home, I was busily cooking dinner, and the boys were in their bedrooms playing. I had totally forgotten that I had been Rudolph-icized, and it took me forever to figure out why he was looking at me so funny. It wasn't until Conner came into the kitchen later that I put it all together. I don't know why Bret didn't just ask me. Seriously, he probably would have let me go out in public that way! Conner-dolph, thanks for having such sweet and innocent fun -- and reminding me to do the same!

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Lee and Michelle said...

How sweet!Cooper was looking at this post with me and said, "He's such a silly boy"

Bonnie said...

very precious!

Bret Wells said...

first: asking ruins the fun.

second: if I asked about every weird thing I saw around here...