Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

We Wellsbrothers have been very good this year. Well, mostly anyway -- about as good as any 6-, 3-1/2-, and 1-1/2-year-old little boys can be. We have done a great job of helping our mother clean out some of the toys we don't play with very much, and have either passed them down to Cousin Kaleb or given them away. Mom and Dad said they were very proud of us as they helped us shop for our Christmas Angels, and we gave away some brand-new, very cool toys with sweet and selfless attitudes.

Sooo...this is what we are asking for you to bring us for Christmas 2009:

Conner: "I want enought mony to be a Moshi Member, a new wii and a new lepster game, and a new moviy. Love, Conner Wells"

Micah: "I would like the yellow transformer, ummmm, the Bumblebee one. And the Hot Wheels color changer thing."

Joey: "Moon." (Balloon.)

We hope to see you again soon! Love, The Wellsbrothers

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Bonnie said...

That's a great picture with Santa!