Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Memories

I think I take too many pictures. How in the world do I have so many that I haven't shared yet, when I share some nearly everyday? I guess that, as incredibly hard as this phase of my life is...I love it. I never want to forget it, messes and all. I just don't know how else to help jog my memory better than with pictures and nearly-daily-stories of the goings-ons. Thanks for sharing in my insanity. Here's some of my favs from April.

Joey was totally into watching the turkeys and guineas hatch the other day at Mom's and Dad's. He would just lay there watching, with his face pressed up against the glass.
There were new kittens at BooBoo and Yogi's. Everyone thought they were pretty cool. Here's Conner and that goofy ham-it-up-snaggletooth smile. And if you know Conner well at all, you probably know this expression when he's being silly. Here he's being "bird-brained."
The boys didn't actually get to go under the house to help with all the work that was done down there over the past few weeks, but they did get to hold the flashlight for Mr. Ron once or twice.
Babies in sunglasses -- always cute!
A Sunday afternoon spent in one of my very favorite ways.
Micah is totally into this Spiderman shirt these days. He wears it all the time. Hand-me-downs from friends are awesome!
Shop 'til you drop!
We played in the mud the other day. Somehow I find that mud and snot all over my kid's face is cute.
Lunch with Grace. Now that's a kitchen full of kiddos!
Conner was so proud of his line of cars that day.
Joey has discovered Ranch dressing. This is apparently a requirement to be a Wells brother.
We went to the zoo several times, but only once with everyone. Micah got to take Grace one day while Conner and Joey were at BooBoo and Yogi's. It was sweet that he was so excited.And Conner spent some of the money he found in his Easter eggs on Dippin' Dots at the zoo. What a rare treat! Lately it seems that Joey looks like this nearly every night after dinner. Why do babies love to rub their food in their hair?!
Caught a whopper!
We went to Aunt Stephy and Uncle Bubba's to take pictures in the bluebonnets. This is one of my favs. If you missed the others, they're worth seeing! Click here.
I don't really know what to call this expression, but it's one that we see from Micah a lot. :)
Micah got some new socks at Gammie's. One pair of Cars and one pair of Monsters, Inc. But he will only wear one of each. He has just loved those silly socks! This is when he was talking to me on the phone, trying to show them to me.
We also had a family photo shoot in Glen Rose with Carol Moody. There were so many good pictures. This is one of my favorites. For more of them (I think they're worth seeing, too!), click here.

The boys had a great time helping Yogi feed all of his quail and chickens. How does he make that hot dog look so good?!
Feeding the chickens some june bugs.
Babies in the bathtub are always cute, too.

And my favorite quotes from April:
Conner: "Mom, please can we watch a movie when we get home? Pretty please? With sugar on top? And a cherry? And strawberries and ice cream? And gravy?"

Micah: "I have a boss. His name is Mr. Stinkypants."

And I'm so happy to introduce to the end-of-month quotes: JOEY!!
Joey, as he runs off with the remote control, "Dunt-dun-na-na!"

And...Well, I'm sorry to disappoint. That's all I have recorded for April. With about of week of kids being at grandparents' houses, The Stink and the resulting drama, nearly burning down the house, and several little out-of-town trips, I just didn't do a very good job of recording or remembering. I'm glad that I did get these three down (and that there was one quote for each brother!), because as I'm thinking back, racking my brain for more, all I'm hearing is, "He hit me!" "Stop it!" "Mooooom-myyyyyy!" Crying. Yes, we've had one of those kinds of months around here. Maybe May will be better...


BooBoo said...

It's been a month to remember without all the quotes!! ...and the expressions you captured on those precious little faces are priceless! Thanks for capturing it and sharing it!
Love, MOM

Tiffany said...

I think that the snot and mud are simply enhancing Joey's beautiful eyes!! What great pics!!