Sunday, April 19, 2009


We drove to Madisonville yesterday for Caroline's bridal shower. (Caroline is Bret's brother, Adam's fiance.) They are getting married the end of May, and we are so excited. Well...actually...I think that if Conner were any older, if he understood things even just a little bit better, I think he might be in mourning. I'm pretty sure he has a legitimate crush on Aunt Caroline!

There were several things about this shower that I wanted to remember:

1. It was raining outside. Like, absolutely pouring, tornado watches and all. (Showers during the shower.)

2. The crazy rain meant that Bret's plans to take the boys somewhere fun during the shower had suddenly become much more difficult, and not nearly as fun. Luckily, there was a huge room adjacent to the one that we were using. It was nearly empty, except for TV/DVD player. Bret set them up with Monsters, Inc and a picnic of shower refreshments, and they were golden.
3. Because the room was so big and nearly empty, it made for lots of fun running around.4. Because it was raining, the ceiling was leaking. (Yes, bummer.) We had two pots catching water on the floor, and two tables whose table cloths ended up dripping wet. Joey thought it was lots of fun to watch the water drip, and he jumped and laughed everytime it splashed.
5) There were baby boys everywhere. My three, brand-new Cousin Kaleb, and our little friend Jax.

6) The cake was really yummy. (And cute!)
7) Caroline was the sweetest little bride-to-be gift opener,
8) Micah thought he'd died and gone to heaven when we let him play with the decorative marbles as we were cleaning up.9) And then, as we were preparing to leave, Micah asked to stay. We of course let him. That kid really loves his Gammie!

It was fun. But I'm glad it's over. And I'm glad the three hour drive in the pouring rain on the way there is over. And I'm glad the three hour drive listening to Joey cry on the way home is over. And I miss that Micah...


Heidi said...

I hope Micah has fun with Gammie...maybe on Tuesday (when Conner is in school) you will have some time to get lots'll only have one little guy!! and maybe he'll nap for ya...and you can really have some free time :)

BooBoo said...

Wow...Heidi is'll have just ONE for a couple of hours...the house will really seem empty! You did a wonderful job of chronicalling the shower(s) event, and what a wonderful way to culminate the posting (for Gammie in particular!) :)
...and Joey just might have something there...finding the hidden delight in what we adults sometimes deem as catastrophic...Oh, for those child-like eyes & heart!
Love you! MOM pfu,wpfy

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Holy cow!! That is one L-O-N-G trip with a baby crying. Rhett used to do that. We finally told the fam that if they wanted to see us, they were going to have to come to our place - we just couldn't take it anymore. Now, he just sings sweetly to himself and notifies the whole car if he sees an airplane. Other than Joey's tears, it sounds like you all had a good time!

Gammie said...

It was a great shower inspite of the storms that were pounding us. You girls did a great job! Having allll my boys together made the day even more special!!! All the boys were sooo good at the shower and Joey was to funny! And having Micah moo stay for the rest of the week has been sooooo fun!!!!!! Just wish it didn't have to end so soon :( Hope Conner and Josiah are having as much fun with BooBoo.
Y'all have lots of fun Wednesday night.