Friday, April 17, 2009

A Rainy Day

Today was a rainy day. We've been playing outside a lot lately, and have become dependent upon the dirt and sticks we find there in order to keep boys entertained and use up some energy. But that wasn't an option today -- what to do, what to do?

"Let's make a 'Land of Great Discovery!'" Conner says. That's what he calls it when we drape blankets over furniture in the living room to make a "tent." What a grand idea! Relieved, I whipped one up in a hurry.Grace really wasn't terribly interested. But as much as Conner and Micah always enjoy the Land of Great Discovery, I've got to say that I think it was Josiah who enjoyed it most.Then Micah asked to make a cherry pie. He had been asking to make one for several days now, enough that I had even gotten the stuff to make one at the store. Another grand idea -- we whipped one right up.(No, I did not make a homemade crust. We just had to use a "pie thing," though -- afterall, that's how the Backyardigans do it on Samurai Pie.)Grace was a big help, too. She took care of the oven mitts.Then she treated us all to chicken strips, french fries, and fruit cups for lunch. Yumm-mmy!And what's the most important thing to do on a rainy day? Take a nap, of course! Micah, Joey, and Grace all took naps -- at the same time! Conner got to play Wii for a little while, and I got some enchiladas ready to stick in the oven for dinner.

The day may have been soggy and muddy...but we definitely had a sunshiny kind of day inside!


BooBoo said...

Love, love, love Joey's expression in "The Land of Great Discovery!" and sound like you had plenty of yummy eating going on...that ALWAYS makes for a happy time! Thanks for sharing your "lemonade!"
Love, MOM

Lee and Michelle said...

It's these kind of days that I feel so blessed to be a mom because we get to stay home and play (and clean and do laundry and fix messes and ... and simply enjoy our little ones.)

Heidi said...

Looks like lots of fun! I know it is hard sometimes to have your kiddos so close in age...but how fun to get to have them all home and getting to experience "rainy days" together...making awesome memories!!

Gammie said...

Ahhh! looks like the perfect day! Yay for rainy days and little boys!
have missed a lot a blog post lately. Trying to catch up now. loveyamissyagreatbighugsandkisses,me