Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playing Opossum?

I think not. It was the real deal this time:

After 2 weeks, an extravagant plumbing bill, and 4 days under the house, Mr. Ron finally found the source of The Stink! A dead opossum. Well, we think it was a opossum, had apparently been under the house, buried in the insulation for quite awhile... We've certainly known that the opossums have been hanging out under there.

Mr. Ron's own description of the discovery, via his facebook status this afternoon: "VICTORY ! ! ! Been under that house 4 time over the last two weeks. Made a cut in the underseal at the far front corner and it started raining maggots. Knew I was close. Found what was left of a possum, only he wasn't playing dead ! ! Oh yeah, I'm eating my pizza as I type this........grossed out yet ???"

Yes, gross. Really gross. (You're welcome -- I did NOT take a picture!) Sometimes the "sweet smell" of victory is more accurately the "absence of a smell" -- because the opossum is gone, and SO IS THE STINK!!

And the other highlight of the day: My Micah is home! I went to get him from Gammie this afternoon. (Yes, we of course met at a McDonald's playground!)We'll hang out with Grace tomorrow (I'm thinking about a trip to the zoo!), and then we'll head on to BooBoo and Yogi's in the evening to hook up with Conner and Joey. Micah is SO ready to see his Conner. It was a pretty rough few minutes when we got home and he realized that he was going to have to wait another whole day before they would be reunited. It was so sad in a sweet sort of way.

It's been a weird week. Sunday, Monday: just Conner and Joey. Tuesday morning: just Joey. (Conner was at preschool.) Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday morning: no kids. Thursday afternoon: just Micah. Friday: Micah and Grace. It's been fun, but I think I'm kind of ready for "the norm!"


Lydia said...

yippee!!! no more stink... and that is really really gross... looks like your little smeller was right for a while. Way to go!!

side note - let me know when you pick out your pictures!!!

beccadawnruss said...

So, was the plumbing necessary and just not the source of "The Stink"?
Can't even imagine how relieved you must be!!! YEA!!!
Also, YEA for getting back to the norm. I'm with ya on that!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

We had a dead rat in the ceiling of Grant's room last year. The stink was UNBELIEVABLE. I mean, we closed his bedroom door and only went in to get clean clothes. He slept in our room with us. Thank goodness for the pest control man that came and fished him out of the insulation in our attic. I can't imagine how badly an opossum smelled. That sucker had to be much bigger than our rat! Bless your hearts. Glad he's gone!

Bret Wells said...

yeah becca, the plumbing was necessary. In fact, its probably pretty serendipitous for Ron and Debbie that The Stink happened now...otherwise we wouldn't have discovered the problem until it was much worse.