Thursday, April 30, 2009


So here's how today went for me:
  • Joey woke up with wet sheets. His diaper had leaked.
  • Conner woke up with wet sheets. Apparently he should have been wearing a diaper, too.
  • In order to get the shower that I so badly needed, I let Micah take a bubble bath. The kind of bubble bath where you use the whirlpool mat and way too much soap so that the bubbles will be really big and thick. The kind of bubble bath that takes you forever to get all of the bubbles out when you're done.
  • When I got in the shower I discovered that the bottle of facewash up on the shelf had a very small seemingly insignificant crack near the bottom. There was a thick, sticky line of soap all the way down the wall of the shower that ended in a pool at the bottom. Where the direct stream of water can't reach.
  • We went outside to play because we thought the mud was dry enough. It wasn't. Shout on Joey's clothes, six little shoes to wash, lots of dirt in the bathtub.
  • Tried to get all those sheets washed so that I could put them back on the beds before bedtime, thought I'd wash some other clothes with them, discovered that a pull-up had gone through the washing machine, too. Wet, sticky little gel-beads everywhere.
  • Micah told Conner about his super-duper bubble bath, and Conner wanted one too. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, and because I just get tired of saying no all the time, I dish up super-duper bubble bath #2. And then commence bathtub cleaning #3.
  • Joey has a little cough, and as he was going to bed tonight got to coughing so much that he threw up the milk that he had just drank. All over me.

Shower #2 for me? Yeah, right. I think I'll just go to bed. Oh, wait. I've got a lot of stuff to clean up before I can do that...


CB said...

Sorry Rachel! I feel your pain! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!

BooBoo said...

I know you're reading this on a brand new day...and hopefully, it's already started out better...Don't really know that I have a lot of wisdom to shed here, but today doesn't have to be very easy to be a lot better than yesterday, does it?
May sun (or maybe I should say the SON) shine in your heart today and may you find room and cause for much laughter...Love you, MOM pfu,wpfy

Lydia said...

wow, rachel... rough day. But in the words of some famous coutry singer who i don't care enough to remember his name (acutally I think I'm about to quote 2 different people) "It won't be like this for long" and "you're gonna miss this"...

Now - I'm sure this means A TON coming from me, the childless little sister with no idea what a day like that is really like. ... And, I'm sure you've already heard that and thought "thanks - that just made all the little gel beads turn into $100 bills..."

I love you, sis. You're awesome.

Amy said...

"Just one of them days..." Hope today is better!!

Lee and Michelle said...

I can relate. Especially about giving in to several requests because I've said, "no" too much for one day! Hang in there. You are one of the great moms out there!

BooBoo said...

hmmm...I think I would like that trick...turning gel beads into $100 bills...might just wash pull-ups on purpose, huh?