Monday, April 13, 2009

The Other Side of Easter

Well, yesterday I wrote about the Jesus part of I'll share some pictures from the fun-sy side of Easter. I know, I know -- those of you following lots of Mommy blogs have seen lots of little kids hunting Easter eggs. You can just add mine to the list. Sorry, but we've gotta keep those grandmas happy!!

We did a little egg hunt at BooBoo and Yogi's on Saturday.
Joey liked crunching on the real eggs. Yuck.And they were all very excited to find dollar bills in some of their eggs...but the candy eggs were still the favorites. Gotta love that sweet innocence!

Of course we had to go in and show MeeMaw what all had fallen out of the Easter Bunny's basket. She was quite impressed.Then that crazy Easter Bunny came hopping through our yard yesterday afternoon and dropped even more eggs. This was the best we could do at a shot of all three brothers together and ready to hunt eggs.Conner did not want to pick any up off of the ground. He only wanted to find the "challenging" ones.Micah had to rattle each one before he put it in his basket.And Joey quickly figured out how to open the eggs all by himself......and found the best seat in the house to enjoy his treasures. "Oooooh," he said as he opened each one. Cute.It was fun, but I've gotta say -- I'm sooooo glad Easter is over! :)


Heidi said...

YAY for lots of Easter fun and lots of Easter egg hunts! Cute pics...

Bonnie said...

Thanks for making this grandma happy...I was just getting around to looking at the pictures I had taken & was going to share with you, but yours are even better than mine! Love you! MOM pfu,wpfy

WV: "incipot"
Ain't it great when they can go put "it" "incipot"!!

beccadawnruss said...

Bret looks like he just might have been ready for Easter to be over too!

Lee and Michelle said...

Too cute! I love the pict's. Joey is so big. He and Allie would make great playmates!