Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Tea

Tonight was Mother's Tea at Micah's preschool. He's really been looking forward to singing his "Mother's Tea songs" for me, and I've really been looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with my favorite little four-year-old!

Bless his heart, as it got closer and closer to time to go, he kept telling me that he had some really cool songs to sing for me. But he couldn't sing them for me yet, they were a surprise. But then a few minutes later he'd come to me saying, "Well...I'm not gonna sing the whole song for you Mom 'cause it's a surprise. But I just want to sing this one kinda funny part for you." And then a few minutes later he would sing another funny part for me. If you ever want to keep a secret, don't tell Micah! Poor thing has never been able to keep a secret. :)

We used the excuse to get dressed up a little. I wore the bracelet and earrings that Micah picked out for me for Christmas, and he didn't even argue or complain about wearing a shirt with a collar, shorts with a button and zipper, or shoes that weren't tennis or crocs. And then as we were leaving to take Conner and Joey to stay with Aunt Jodi, I even got some flowers!!

When we got there, we quickly found the beautiful little placemat that Micah had made for me. He had colored a little teacup, and the tea tag hanging out of it was a sweet little picture of my Moo. I love it! And with that, there was a rose-shaped sucker that he was very proud of.

Then the kids sang their songs for us. Micah started out so proud and excited that he was actually posing for the camera! He hardly ever does that.It didn't take him long though, to remember that he's "not supposed" to smile for the camera. Then after every song he'd proudly look at me for approval, and then quickly hide from the camera. :)
(And by the way - Bret thank you again for my new camera! I've never had a camera that took pictures this good in a big room from far away like that! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!)

After our musical "surprise," Mrs. Belinda read us a book, and then it was time for refreshments. Micah had been hoping for a chocolate fountain like the one that had been at Conner's Mother's Tea last year. But the chocolate covered strawberries were an easy and yummy replacement. :)

When we finished eating, our time together was just about over. We had our picture made for Micah's yearbook, and I let him eat my rose-shaped sucker. Our friend Ryan joined us for a few minutes.While we were doing that he found a little window that was the perfect size for him to sit in. That crazy little window might have actually been Micah's favorite part of the whole evening. :)
Then we were off to pick up Conner and Joey from their pizza party at Aunt Jodi's. (Thanks Aunt Jodi!!!)

Oh my Micah Moo. Thank you so much for such a lovely evening. You throw a pretty good little party! :) Your songs were beautiful, you are so handsome, and I loved getting to spend some time with you, just Micah and Mommy. I can't believe next year is your last year at home with me before kindergarten. Little man, you're just growing too fast. I love you!

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Bonnie said...

What beautiful pictures! I know you treasure that one with just you and Micah (with him looking at the camera AND smiling)! --by the way, who took it?--
Glad you had a lovely eveing. You are both deserving!

Lee and Michelle said...

How precious! Thanks for sharing, YES awsome pic of the two of you! Special times!

Lydia said...

Those are all great pictures!! What a cute, special little guy!