Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I think I might have just had the most wonderful Mother's Day ever.

Last night I heard some talk of breakfast in bed, so I selfishly stayed up late making some banana bread. Though breakfast in bed is sweet, the thought of a wrecked kitchen on a Sunday morning was not. :)

So I got up before the boys did and I took my shower. By the time I got out they had all woken up, so I made a big deal about being really hungry but too tired to go in the kitchen to get any food, and went back to bed.

A few minutes later I had a cup of coffee, a plate of banana bread - warm and drenched with butter and homemade cream cheese icing, and three very excited kiddos bouncing all over the bed with me. I think that might have been the first time I've ever had breakfast in bed when I wasn't sick or just home from having a baby. It was great!

Then I got to open a couple of wonderful cards, some wonderful little potholders that the boys and my mom had made together with their own art, some silicone collapsible measuring cups that I had been eyeing...and...the big surprise Bret had been so proudly keeping a secret for the past week...a convection toaster oven!

That sweet man could not have come up with a better gift. The oven heats up our little house so quickly, and when it's hot outside the air conditioner sometimes struggles to keep up cooled off even without the addition of a hot oven. Last summer was full of long nights cooking dinner late at night when it was "cool" outside and then eating it warmed in the microwave the nex day, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, plugging the crock pot up in the bathroom and shutting the door for the day, and countless hours of racking my brain trying to come up with a better solution. My friends, my man seems to have some up with the solution I've been looking for - I can plug this new nifty gadget in outside on the back porch if I want to! I had just about made the difficult decision to forego the next family casserole exchange, ditching the oven for the crock pot for the summer, but hallelujah, I'm back in! :)

Then Conner proceeded to tell me the rest of the plans he had made for the day: 1) breakfast in bed, 2) presents, 3) games (he had made a list of ones he wanted to play with me), 4) at our worship gathering he would sit in my lap the whole time, 5) and when I told him that sounded good, except that I would probably have to get up to tend to Joey several times...he told me that he'd be the "Joey-Chaser" all day today! What a great gift!

And that's pretty much how the day went -- with the addition of many, many nice monster drawings from Micah. Conner told me Happy Mother's day every time I turned around, and Joey was quick to chime in with a "Happy Birthday!" :) Micah kept telling me things like, "It's Mother Day, so I'll make sure and do everything you say today." But I guess Conner did kind of get too busy to be the Joey-Chaser though. :)

I am so very thankful for these three boys and this wonderful man who gave me the gift of being a mother. What a great day!

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