Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Soloist

Tuesday was Conner's big kindergarten musical. He's been singing their little songs for months now - I think I could have gone up there and sung with them!

Several weeks ago he brought home some little cue cards. The note said that he had auditioned for a speaking part, gotten it, and that we needed to make sure that he knew his lines. Wow! It was just a couple of lines between songs, but still that's really cool. What I loved though, was that he had no idea it was a big deal. It was very matter of fact, that's just what his teacher had asked him to do.

So we worked on his lines some, but it was apparent that they worked on them enough in class that he really didn't need any at-home practice. Then he brought home a CD and a paper with the words to one of the songs on it. There was no note or any explanation with it. When I asked, Conner said that it was the hard song. All of the kids were having a really hard time remembering all of the words - except for him. Okay, I said, we'll put it in the car and work on the words while we run errands.

Then he told me that he got to stand in the front to sing verses 2 and 3. What?!? "Yeah," he said, "I go to the front and hold the microphone while we sing this song."

"Oh," I said. "You're singing a solo?!"

"No," he said, as though that were the silliest thing he'd ever heard. "A solo is when you sing all by yourself. All the other kids are still singing with me, I'm just holding the microphone."

So we worked really hard to make sure that he knew all of the words by heart. And I must admit, it was rather pleasant work. That kid has a pretty sweet little singing voice.

As the big day approached, excitement grew in our house. Conner kept warning me, "I have to tell you though Mom. I can't wave to you while we're on the stage. It's bad stage manners. So don't be sad when you wave to me and I can't wave back." Cute. :)

Finally it was Monday night. The big day was almost here. As he was going to bed that night before he said, "Mom, I think I'm going to wear a tie tomorrow. We're supposed to dress nice, and Tanner is going to wear a tie." Inward groan. I was pretty sure we didn't have a tie that would fit him...and after a few minutes of looking my fears were confirmed. No tie for Conner. Then with the best little attitude, he said, "That's okay, Mom." A breathed a sigh of relief. "I'll just wear a suit instead." What?!?

"Baby, I know we don't have a suit that fits you. And we can't just go to the store and buy one. Let's find something that looks nice out of the clothes you already have." And hallelujah, he was fine with that.

But the next morning after I dropped him off at school in a polo and khakis, I found myself shopping for a little tie anyway. I just couldn't get over that sweet attitude, the kindergarten soloist really wanting to dress nicely, but completely satisfied with whatever we had. I had decided that if I could find one for $10 or less I'd do it. And low and behold - I found $12 ties on sale 50% off!

So I made my purchase, picked Micah up from preschool, came home, met Gammie and Kaleb, we fed everyone some lunch, and ran to school for Conner's afternoon performance.

And I've gotta tell ya - even though we knew Conner had a solo, even though I'd heard him sing it a hundred times before - when I saw my sweet baby standing center stage, alone with the mic, singing his sweet little heart out, I was a blubberly mess. It was one of the most beautiful sounds I'd ever heard - right up there with his very first cry. (Yes, I've got a video -- but sorry, I'm not smart enough to upload it...)

After hugs for Gammie, Conner told me that Mrs. Scarpello had even given him a "high-10!" We got snow cones to celebrate, went home for a little while, and then we were off to Rosa's for Taco Tuesday and to meet up with my family.

Conner got to wear his new tie for the evening performace. He was quite proud of it. When I asked him for his "cool pose" so that I could take a picture though, this is what I got:

So that's what cool is, huh? :) I think Bret was a little horrified! But cool pose or not, I thought he looked pretty rockin' awesome.And true to his word, when he got on stage, the kid did not wave. He was beaming from ear to ear with the most proud and excited grin you've ever seen though...and when Yogi gave him a big thumbs-up, you could see it click in his little head. "I'm not supposed to wave...but Mrs. Terry didn't say anything about a thumbs-up!!!!" And then he was all thumbs. It was pretty funny.

When it was time, my little songbird took the microphone at centerstage again. And again, I was a teary mess. He sang his song, he took his bow,
and then when it was over practically flew off the stage to give hugs to everyone.

Oh my ConnerBug. I simply couldn't be more proud of you. This is one of those memories that I will treasure in my heart forever. I love you!

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Lydia said...

Conner - It really was the sweetest, best solo I'ver heard - mayber ever!! We were all SO proud of you!! Love you - Happy for you and Bret, too, Rach!

Bonnie said...

So, so glad we got to come!!
Was better than I could have ever imagined. (And I was right there with you on the blubbery, teary mess!)