Monday, May 3, 2010


For a couple of weeks now, we've been seeing people catching tadpoles at the park. We keep saying we're going to bring stuff to do it next time...and we keep forgetting.
And honestly, I'm still having a hard time doing really fun and cool stuff like that while Conner's at school. I just don't want him to miss out on anything. I know, I know, he got to do cool stuff before Micah and Joey were around, and he's getting to do cool stuff while he's at school, but choosing to do something while he's gone, knowing he'll be uspet that he missed it when he finds out...well, that's still really hard for me. But, I don't want Micah and Joey to miss out just because Conner will. And the few hours between when Conner gets home from school and bedtime are already so full with just snacks, dinner, baths, and homework. So I'm trying to do better.
And today we got our cups and bowls, put on our rubber boots, and went to catch tadpoles.
I caught several with no problem. Micah tried and tried and tried...and finally caught a "tadee-poe" all by himself. He actually ended up catching five!
Joey mostly just played in the water. Until we were getting ready to go. While I was packing up lunch, he got our bowl with our 25 (!) tadpoles and a few snails...and dumped out all but two. Believe it or not, Micah actually wasn't as upset about it as I was. We caught 8 more to make it an even 10, and brought our catch home to show Conner this afternoon.
The original plan was to let them go in the creek behind the house, but some other moms at the park have had some luck with keeping them so the kids could watch them grow. They just got some more of the creek water every couple of days, changed the water out, and they were fine.
So that's the new plan. We'll keep you updated!
**4:30pm update**
I gave in. We simply "had" to take Conner to catch some tadee-poes, too.
Micah caught two more, Conner caught five,
and Joey was convinced there was a tadee-poe in every cup of water he picked up. :)
We now have a total of 47 tadee-poes, and a mystery creature (maybe a dragonfly larvae?). We'll probably let most of them go later this evening, and then keep a few...
***and...a 5:30pm Update***
Daddy brought home a surprise for the taddy-poes: a fish bowl!post signature


Heidi said... with boys! but they are so much fun!!

Lee and Michelle said...

Fun! Love the southern pronounciation of Tadpoles,very cute.

Bonnie said...

great fun! Great memories!