Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Ice Cream Day

When Yogi found out that Fridays are ice cream days at Conner's school (they can buy a popsicle for dessert), he immediately took it upon himself to make sure that Conner always had enough money in his lunch account to have ice cream on Fridays.

And since then, Micah and Joey have figured out that if we go eat lunch with Conner at school, they want to make sure it's on a Friday!

Today was the last Friday-ice-cream-day of the school year. Next Friday is actually the last Friday, but it's Splash Day and the kids will be having a picnic outside instead of going into the lunch room. So naturally, we had to eat lunch at school today.
Thanks, Yogi!!

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Heidi said...

I love being able to make memories like that with my kids. It's stuff like that they will never forget...

Bonnie said...

Yogi--ice cream??? How very out-of-character!!!