Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day this year. We were pretty focused on hanging out with the fam - Bret only had the weekend home with us before he was headed back to Oklahoma this evening. So we...

played at the Splashpads,
...ate hotdogs and had a watergun fight with our neighbors Mr. Ron and Mrs. Debbie,...and made ourselves at home swimming in their pool, where Joey terrorized us all - "I gonna shoot you all day!"
We're so thankful for all those who sacrifice so much so that we can do things like this. Happy Memorial Day!

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Bret Wells said...

woah! Who's the fat guy with a farmer's tan????

Bonnie said...

Conner looks so grown-up sitting in that lawn chair with his legs crossed!
And oh, my, Joey, the terrorizer! That is so out-of-character!
Those splash pads look awesome, by the way, too. I'll look forward to visiting them with you one day.

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~just thought it was funny!