Friday, May 14, 2010

Tadpoles, Woolly Bears, and Dirt - Oh My!!

I've been feeling very close to nature lately. Close to having a bit of an overdose. :) It's been fun, it's been educational, it's been entertaining, it's been dirty, it's been yummy, it's been a bit exhausting...and did I say it's been fun? I'm really enjoying all my little boys and their little-boyish-fascination with all things bugs and dirt and the like.

There were the not ca-piwahs -- which were all over my living room floor for several days.

We've "eaten" honeysuckle.

We shared our home with tadpoles for a couple of days.

We carried around a woolly bear caterpillar awhile.

We fed the catfish at Cabela's.

Earlier this week Mrs. Debbie introduced us to her mulberry tree and the delicious mulberries that were ripening and falling.We've gone out to look for some everyday since.

Micah's been playing in his favorite dirt hole.

We've also discovered that piling dirt on the slide at the park makes you slide faster. It's meant multiple baths each day, extra loads of laundry, and a very dirty bathtub.

One day this week while we were playing at the park, the rock Conner was playing on rolled over, revealing a snake underneath. He screamed, "Snaaaaaaake! Snake, snake, snake!" But he didn't make even a small attempt at running away. And neither did the snake. In fact, we all got there, looked at it, talked about it, and it still didn't move.

By that time I had gotten a good look at the snake, seen that it wasn't aggressive, and had decided that it probably wasn't a poisonous snake. We could put the rock back, steer clear of the area, and everything would be fine, right?

Wrong. There was no steering clear of the area for my curious boys. After seeing Micah's face within inches of the unknown species of snake it became clear that I had to make a choice. Either we would have to leave or the snake would have to leave. So I put the rock back on top of the snake. And jumped on it. And jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped. And by the time I was done I don't guess the snake exactly left, but I wasn't as worried about the boys being so close to it now. Which was good, because now they were fascinated with it for a totally new reason...

Then yesterday Joey and I spent the morning chasing butterflies, watching webworms,and catching ladybugs.

Joey's jar of 10-12 ladybugs ended up watching cartoons with him, coming with us to pick up Micah and then Conner, and everywhere else he went.

Then while we were at Mr. Ron and Mrs. Debbie's swimming pool yesterday, Conner found a lizard. It was drowning and he rescued it. I was pretty sure "Lizzy" wasn't going to make it - she just sat on Conner's hand and let everyone pet her, never even trying to run away.So we put her in the ladybug jar so that she would have something to eat. And later that evening when we opened the jar to let the ladybugs go, Lizzy was running around so much that Conner could hardly catch her. And when he finally did pull her out, she wriggled and squirmed until she eventually got away. She was acting much more like a lizard now. I think Conner truly did save her life. And he's quite proud of himself for it. :)

Micah and Joey are spending today and tonight with my Mom and Dad. I've been getting reports of rock soup in the cats' water bowl, swimming lessons for roly polies, and sweeping rocks out of the dirt.

We've been thoroughly enjoying some of the bounty of my Dad's garden, eating fresh asparagus, broccoli, lettuce, strawberries, and squash to our heart's content. And the tomatoes and other goodies are on the way!

And now Bret's planning to leave on Monday to be gone for a month, going to Oklahoma to help the folks who were in the path of the recent hail and tornadoes up there get some new roofs. This while we're watching the weather daring to hope we'll get some good sized hail a little closer to home, too.

Nature is all around me, in my home, in my kids' hearts, in our tummies, calling my hubby away, paying our bills. It's really a little overwhelming. Thank you Lord, for your marvelous creativity, for your wisdom in making all things work together, for my three wonderful children who remind me how to enjoy it to the fullest. We are oh, so richly blessed!

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Lydia said...

Micah's feet acutally look black!! That's crazy!

Bonnie said...

Beautifully written!

(What's with the word verification??!! "chipbag")