Monday, May 17, 2010

A BooBoo and Yogi Weekend

Several months ago, Yogi got to eat breakfast at school with Conner for Grandparents Day. Several times since then, Conner has asked if they could do that again. So on Friday morning, Yogi and BooBoo got to come eat with him! Then Micah and Joey got to go home with them. It was kind of funny - I had just written a post about all of our recent experiences in nature, and then Mom kept texting me updates on what the boys were doing outside. They played in the treehouse, and there was rock stew in the kitty's water bowl. "I'm cookin'. But it's not weddy (ready) yet."There were swim lessons for roly pollies in the bird bath.And then Micah caught a toad!Joey spent a considerable amount of time loving on Camille, "She's so cute!"I kind of think that BooBoo and Yogi were having more fun than the kids...and that was all before their morning coffee. :)

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Lee and Michelle said...

Everything's more fun at Grandparents house. Cute Post!

Bonnie said...

great fun!