Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yogi's Treehouse

A little over a year ago, the first part of last spring, my dad started building a chicken coop. The boys happened to stay with them one weekend just before Dad finished it (before there were chickens living in it!), and got to play in it. They loved it. much that my Dad decided right then and there that he would have to build them their own "chicken coop" to play in.

My dad is so cool. He just built it as he had time, money, and good weather. He let the boys participate if he was working on it while we were there. He even periodically sent us pictures of the progress. I've had a little folder on my computer where I've kept track of the progress...and Dad finished the treehouse just a few weeks ago! So, now that I've taken my sweet time putting the story together...or let's be honest, searching for the first half of my carefully saved and documented pictures!...I'd like to share with you the story of Yogi's Treehouse.

About a month after the original chicken coop experience, last April, Conner got to go with Yogi to Home Depot (better known around here as "The Man Store") to buy the wood. The thing I really love about this picture is that Dad took it on his phone -- an indication that Yogi may have actually been more excited about these plans than even the kids. :)
When they got home, Micah got to "help" unload the wood. (I'm sad that these pictures are blurry. I don't know what happened to them...but blurry pictures refresh memories are better than no pictures at all!) Then a few weeks later, in mid-May I got an email entitled, "Wanted: Detectives." Inside was a picture, could they guess what this was?...and then about a week later, the detectives got a couple more pictures in their inbox. This time they knew what it was! Then a month later, at the end of June we got to try it out for the first time! There was no built-in ladder yet, but when has something like that ever stopped one of my boys?! We didn't get to play on it very long that day... ...but the next time we visited, a month or so later, the Wellsbrothers spent a lot of time up in the treehouse.It looks really high from that angle, doesn't it?!There were still a few kinks to be worked out -- for example, there was one place where the space between the slats were just big enough for Micah to get his head stuck. And oh my goodness, if that crazy melon-headed kid didn't get his head stuck in the same spot about 50 times in the first ten minutes he spent up there! The main goal was for the space to be small enough that no bodies could fit through! :) Yogi did great on that...and then adjusted that one little spot for Micah.

One of their favorite things to do in the treehouse has been to play Magic Treehouse. The Magic Treehouse is a series of books that Conner read last summer, and is re-reading now. In the books, the magic treehouse takes Jack and Annie to fun places all over the world. Well, in our treehouse, Conner is Jack, BooBoo is Annie, and Micah is usually Teddy (their dog). They “go” to fun places all over the world, too. I love this picture. Don’t they look like they’re having fun? If I remember correctly, they were in Hawaii at the time… We played on it just like that for the rest of the summer. And then by fall, Yogi added two ladders and doors. The doors only open to the inside – no accidentally leaning against one and falling out! (Isn’t Dad brilliant? I’m afraid I wouldn’t have thought of something like that until it was too late!)
By then, the weather started getting cold, and Mom and Dad were pretty much swamped with tying up loose ends with MeeMaw’s and GweGwe’s estates. The treehouse stayed that way for the duration of the fall and winter – which was fine. The boys played in it pretty much every time we visited and the weather allowed.

…and then spring returned. And with it good working-outside-weather. The boys got to be there over Spring Break to help Yogi shop for the supplies and add the finishing touch – the swings!
And one more cool thing - some of the wood scraps made perfect blocks. The first time the boys played in the original chicken coop, it was full of them. So Yogi saved them all for us, we've painted them, and now we have some really cool and special wood blocks!

There has only been one little disappointment – the tree it’s under. Early in the process, around the first part of last summer, the wonderfully big and shady tree that the treehouse is under was struck by lightning. It’s leaves quickly withered, (you can see all the brown leaves in the pictures from last summer) but we had hopes of it greening out this spring…but to no avail. The tree didn't make it. So the Treehouse is still wonderful and fun, and it still has a little bit of shade, just not quite as much as we had hoped. Oh well…

I’m so excited the boys have such a cool treehouse. I’m looking forward to all the memories that will be made, and am cherishing the ones we already have. Thank you, thank you, Yogi!!

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Heidi said...

Love it! What a special Yogi!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Wow! I am so sure he just built a treehouse/swingset for them - just like that. I wish I was that good at building things. My boys have beena asking for something like that for years now.

Bonnie said...

The title: Yogi's Treehouse

not so sure it's really Yogi's...don't think he's been up there once!

Thanks for preserving the story for us, Rach. It has been loads of fun...I trust it will continue to be...

and Heidi, he is a special Yogi!