Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wacky Space Cowboy

Today was Western Day in Micah's class. The kids were encouraged to wear jeans, belt buckles, cowboy hats, anything Western. They were also allowed to bring some kind of Western-related toy for show-and-tell.

I was excited -- we actually had a cowboy hat and boots that fit Micah! He has some really cool boots that Bubba gave him several months ago. They're Toy Story, with lights on the side. What kid wouldn't love them? I'll tell you what kid. Micah. He tried them on for her, but he has refused to put them on again ever since.

Until today. I thought I wasn't going to be able to talk him into them. But when I finally got him to tell me what it was that he didn't like about them -- believe it or not, the red lights on the sides! -- we came up with a quick fix. I showed him that if he would wear jeans, we could pull the legs down over the boots (I don't blame him for being confused, since that's not the way Joey always wears them!) and no one would ever know the lights were there.

Boots and jeans taken care of, hat wasn't a problem, already decided on a stick horse for the toy...on to the shirt. He absolutely refused to even try on any kind of shirt that one would normally put with a Western outfit. Anything with buttons or a collar was out. We tried and tried, but remembering that this was supposed to be fun, finally gave up.

Finally I pulled out one of Micah's favorite shirts, the one with aliens and outer space stuff all over it, and made it work. Instead of a Western cowboy, ladies and gentlemen, I give you a Space Cowboy...or in honor of the letter "W" to which Western Day was dedicated, we landed on calling him a Wacky Cowboy!

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Heidi said...

The space cowboy works! Too cute!

Gammie said...

Adorable!!! That Micah cracks me up! One thing about it-he knows what he wants or does not want and he sticks to his guns :)

Gammie said...

p.s. you are just to smart! space cowboy...I love it! I wouldn't have thought to do that.

Lee and Michelle said...

OK, I think you've got a fashion diva on your hands. Really? Micah is particular about what he wears. Funny!

Rachel said...

he's a super cute space cowboy!! (and now i have that song in my head;)

Bonnie said...

to infinity and beyond! It all fits with the Wacky Space Cowboy!
His persnickity-ness with dressing sure reminds me of how Lydia was when she was little...and she turned out to have a great fashion eye and has even learned economy with I'm's Micah...he'll definitely have his individual opinion about it all(which is a good thing...)!

Word Verification: "sympacel" (can't help but see the word "space" in it...)