Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anytime Minutes?

Conner was going through some of my stuff, and found his school directory. I don't guess he had ever noticed it before, because he was very excited about it. Very excited.

He immediately sat down with it and began reading through it. That's right. He's been basically reading through a phone book. For two days now. He's read it over and over and over again. He's gone through, class by class, asking me if I know each kid or their parents. Even after I told him that outside of his class there were very few kids or parents that I knew. (And then he got mad at me when I didn't know any of them. Go figure!) He's made lists of names. He's studied all the phone numbers and discovered that all of them begin with (817) except for one. I'm a little worried that he may freak some of his friends out when it becomes apparent that he's memoried all of their phone numbers, addresses, and parents' names.

Then he asked for a phone. I got an old cell phone and gave it to him. He's been going through the entire directory, "calling" every single kid. It's hilarious. He actually has little "conversations" with these kids. He tells them how he gets to have candy when his little brother poops in the potty, how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop (and interestingly, one of his friends had just figured it out on his own the day before and come to the same conclusion!), and that he had to go to eat dinner. One of his friends told him that their dog had just eaten their new hamster, and another friend told him that they had just seen their pet chameleon catch a fly. Sometimes the kids couldn't come to the phone, so he just talked to their parents.

And then there were the girls. They were so frustrating because they never answered their phone. And several of the ones that did answer hung up on him as soon as they found out that it was Conner Wells who had called! :)

"Oh, Dad. I've got a lot of phone calls to make still."

Wonder how long we've got until he thinks he "needs" a working cell phone?

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Lee and Michelle said...

What a hoot! I remember that little frustrated Conner face too - classic Conner!

Lydia said...

i'm laughing outloud! that is awesome!! let's hope it's a while before he needs a real one!

Heidi said...

That's hilarious! You never know what will keep kids entertained??

Bonnie said...

Oh, my gracious! That's pretty funny! Love that little guy!

Rachel said...

okay, first i am impressed (and a little envious;) that the school has a directory!

second, he is just down right awesome!!!