Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Artists

Micah has been really into drawing smiley faces lately. It's come along with his new-found obsession with coloring. He draws big ones and small ones, in circles and in hearts, always with two small dots for eyes, a big curvy smile, never a nose or any extras.

I've tried to walk him through drawing a whole person or an animal, and he's reluctantly done it once or twice. But really, he just hasn't been interested in doing anything more than coloring in coloring books, or drawing smiley faces or the occasional rainbow.

Then yesterday he was sitting at the table drawing, and as I walked by I noticed that his paper had more than a few smiley faces on it. When I took a closer look, I discovered that he had a full-blown person on his paper.Remembering that Conner had been sitting with him earlier, I asked Micah if Conner had helped him. He said yes, which was what I expected. But then he started showing me all the parts Conner had drawn. It turns out that all Conner had drawn were the green raincloud and green raindrops. Micah had drawn everything else!

Excitedly, I asked him to tell me about his drawing. I was glad I had phrased it that way, because it turns out it wasn't a person at all, but a nice monster. "People don't have pinchers on their hands like that, Mom!" :)

When Conner first started drawing, he drew a picture of our family that I have just treasured. I've been anxiously awaiting Micah's drawing abilities to develop so that I could have a family picture from him, too. So I asked, and this is what I got:

Micah is the one on the left with "a fireball for a head, a cool shirt, and cool because I can stand on one leg. Oh, and three eyes." Conner is on the right, "cool because he's got four arms and four eyes." Joey is down at the bottom because "he's just a little guy, Mom." I don't guess Bret or I made it into the portrait, but I still wouldn't trade it for anything!

And while I'm talking about drawing, this is what Conner brought home from school today:I'm guessing the assignment was to write a sentence and draw a picture using the word "with." Jodi and Robert had come over Saturday to play wii with us, and I think somebody was still a little excited. :)

The crazy beard cracks me up, reminds me of a funny story -- Jodi and Robert lived with us one summer when Conner was 2, turning 3. Robert's hair/beard grow pretty fast, and we never knew whether he'd have a full head of hair and a full beard, be completely clean shaven, or some kind of combination.

We had noticed that sometimes Conner called him "Uncle Robert," while other times it was "Mr. Robert." Then one day we realized that "Uncle Robert" went out to shave off his hair, and "Mr. Robert" came back in. Poor Conner thought it was two different guys!

And what about Joey? What's he drawing? Well, this is what he gave me yesterday afternoon:He says it's his brain. :)

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CB said...

Wow! They are all doing a great job! I especially love the brain:) So cute!

Bonnie said...

Wow! I love Micah's absolutely Micah!
(and the chicken feet...very precious!) and where, oh where, did Joey come up with brain!
So glad Robert & Jodi get to spend frequent time with the boys!