Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Eggs!

Micah had a little Easter egg hunt/party at preschool today. He has been SO very excited about this. I think Easter must be his favorite holiday, because he still hasn't stopped talking about last Easter. As all the other holidays have come and gone, it's still been "Easter Bunny" that he's asked about.

So as Easter has begun to draw near again, he's gotten more and more excited. He's been asking how many more days until his party multiple times per day, and has even dreamed about it! Finally, today was the day!
Mrs. Summer and Mrs. Belinda were even sweet enough to let me bring some extra eggs so that Josiah could hunt, too. I was so relieved! Thoughts of wrestling him, trying to make him understand why everyone got eggs except for him had been haunting me. So he found a few eggs, discovered what was inside, and was content. :)It was a fun little morning. Thanks for sharing with us, Micah!

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Bonnie said...

glad you've got your kid's boots cooridinating with his Easter bucket!

Micah is a sweetie to share his day!